Saturday, December 17, 2011

PAS and DAP started out as a racist fanatical parties and they still are!

A good man but beleive in everything Malay and Islam!

In 1947 Malays of all political affiliation and ideology got together at Gunung Semanggul, in Perak, to discuss Malay unity and how to ensure Malay rights in the country.
The mostly Malay-Muslim religious leaders were against the encroachment 0f non-Malays in the country's economy and this viewed as threat to Malay rights. Read here...
This moderate Malays under Umno, headed by Dato Onn Jaafar found out his party's aims and goals were contrary to Islamic-based Malay religious leaders, so Umno struck on its own.
British administration of Malaya was also wary of fundamentalist Malay religious movement and did a silent "purge" on these Malay religious fanatics.
In 1948 many of these fanatics joined Umno and along the way they could not get along with the more moderate Malays headed by the party founding father Onn Jaafar, so it broke away and formed an Islamic-based party, Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP) and later it was known as PAS.
So the gist here is PAS has always advocated a pure Malay-Muslim country, and has always believe the immigrant Chinese and Indians were a cursed to the country. Umno on the other hand had always believe in One Malaya, as similar to One Malaysia today.
Well, the rest you know is ,a nasty British History, that is another story. Had Onn Jaafar succeeded in absorbing non-Malays into Umno the country would be different today, then again that isalso another history.
The point to remember here is PAS, and now PKR, has always been a racist, Islamic-ethnocentric party that viewed Non-Muslims as heretic and that view is still being held high by the party until today.......but not and never allowed to be expressed in public!!
Like DAP, which is a chauvinist Chinese based Chinese party, it is having an unnatural pact with PAS and PKR, another racist Malay-based party led by a racist better believe this...that will sell their souls to the Devil just to be in power.
Let me draw you very simple scenario: If PAS is in power the Chinese had better think of finding another country to live in, if PKR is in power it will also propagate its Muslim-Malay values and concept.
The choice is for Malaysians to use their common sense!!


Anonymous said...

Cina dah terang terang gunakan apa saja untuk memerintah Tanah Melayu dan mereka akan jadi Agong dan raja raja, tapi Melayu pulak senang di perbodohkan oleh PAS,walaupun pun mereka kadang kadang tahu parti ini racist dan benci Cina dan Keling!

Melayu memang Bodoh!

Anonymous said...

You are only right in the Melayu Bodoh Part...

Bodoh to let Mamaks (like yourself) memperbodohkan mereka..

Anonymous said...

malaysia is classified as a racist country by UN because of UMNO.