Friday, December 30, 2011

Politics of Instigation and Agitation – Anwar at his best!

Anwar Dajjal!

Here we go again. Haven’t we seen this before? This is classic Anwar at work.

Those who are familiar with his style of politics would know he is a master of instigating the public into street protests, frenzy and riots.

This is a man who does not care about anything except himself. Here is a man who spent his political career in Umno, enriching himself and enjoying the powers of a DPM but now project himself as a man of the people.

There are enough video evidence to show how he has mocked and belittled PAS and DAP but now he sleeps with them, convincing them that they will be in Putrajaya but of course, he will be the PM.

This is the former education minister who ordered the crosses to be removed from all Christian mission schools but today, there are plenty of churches who think he is the Messiah who will save them.

He was also the minister who wanted to put non-Chinese speaking headmasters in Chinese schools but the DAP has closed their eyes and ears, preferring to rewrite history, be selective in their memories and see him as their hope.

This the man who talks about morality by claiming all those sex tapes were doctored and that he isn’t the man in these videos.

There are of course enough idiots who believed this evil man.

Anwar talks about accountability and his hatred of corruption but we know that how many cronies he built up and the fortune he has amassed.

Maybe Azmin Ali want to take us on a tour of his garage and see how many Porsches he has.

In the run up to the January 9 court decision, he has been touring the country in his typical pre-emptive strikes to tell his listeners that he has been fixed up.

No, he is not a sodomist, No, he is not an adulterer. Sure, he is an imam muda, just like many brain-washed Pakatan Rakyat idiots would believe.

He has sent SMS, e-mails and flyers to the public instigating them to an uprising on Jan 9.

One does not need to be a psychologist to know what are the hidden messages behind all the posters and leaflets.

He is asking the public to revolt. He does not care about the consequences or public safety.

This portal urges the authorities not to fall into his trap. He wants the police to arrest the protestors and his accomplices – the western media and Malaysiakini – are only too eager to show the world that Malaysia is dictatorial.

Let his men go wild. The police should just stand and watch. Let’s see how far they can go.

Let’s see whether those who support protests and demonstrations would still back him if things goes off tangent.


ABU said...

Yes, let those brainless baboons run helter skelter and burn the town. The police should stay home and let the fools run amok.

But, the judge must base his judgement on facts, not side shows or distractions.

And if the verdict is guilty, the mob should go to Penang and protest in front of the defence lawyer's house for not doing a good job.

And if all else fails,the protesters should organise virgils at the world court.


Anonymous said...

Dear ABU

I agree with you 100%
Don't entertain them
No roadblocks,let them create the jams on their own
Let them run amok like a mad dog
Let the public judge them for what they really are!

Unfortunately ABU,this will not happen as long as we have stupid police officers and equally spineless minister of home affairs!

Anonymous said...

I agree... let the protestors run wild. All the damages done to public property will then need to be calculated and claim from our brader's personal wealth (I'm sure he can afford it).

If there are any accidental death.. the organiser / instigator must be made responsible.

Peace loving Malaysians just stay at home..

Anonymous said...

May be get a court order against the demo. Name the organisers.

The police maybe best to do nothing on that day.Go to mamak shop and rileks. You see if they do anything, there will be attempts to turn it around them just like what they did on the dirty Bersih. Faking sickness lah, fishing for water to be splashed in Tung shinlah, macam macam. Hence better to not do anything and rely on the prohibitive court order against the organisers. Also maybe best not to provide them rioters free nasi beriani food with tents and fans- waste of rakyat's money only.

Then maybe let us see what is the damage, how the rioters(whether
paid or not we do not know) show their true colours.
The reformasi rioters in 1998 were mainly all hooligans, most probably imported from elsewhere or paid.

Then maybe sue the organisers' pants or skirts off. Or maybe get them to the jail hotel, free one also, on taxpayers expense.

Ptarmigan said...

Brilliant Idea.

Let the supporters run wild, while the police stand aside.

Also, check out:-

See the conclusions at the bottom

kerikil said...

Thank God there are people like you who can see through this guy.
It is amazing how many so-called 'intelligent' people out there get conned by this super snake oil salesman. I support a strong opposition. If this guy is supposed to be our next PM, then I'd rather work with the devil you know, BN.

Anonymous said...

most malaysians know the real anwar but there are some who see him as an ATM - dispensing ringgit

for that they will sell their souls

the police should invest in good video camera equipment that can record voices from a distance

let the camera roll and be their self-defence EVIDENCE against these hooligans

who are so cheap and on 1000% discount stock clearance sale, that they endanger themselves for one SICK man who needs to be permanently put away for TAUBAT (in karpal's words)

Anonymous said...


Cookkooes flew the Nest????