Saturday, December 03, 2011

Umno, a prince and leeches!

Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz, a very bright young man, but must choose his words carefully from now on!

Sometimes we know of a bad situation but are afraid to spell it out, out of fear of being chastised or condemned for being brave enough to tread where no one dares.

At the recent Umno assembly the presidential speech was inspiring, Umno president Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak did not mince his words when explaining the future of Umno and the position of the Malays in the country, and what Umno members are expected to do.

He said, to paraphrase him, Umno members must be truthful when carrying out their missions to uplift the position of the Malays within the country sincerely, and to be a genuine caring leaders but not to be a drag to the party in view of the anticipated General Elections.

One assembly after another an ordinary Malay like me would hear the same Umno rhetoric and semantics during the speeches made at the grand hall at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), and many of us have to put up with a lot of that same old tirades....same old, same old!

After the assemblies and after a general election many, trust me very many, in the country will be left in a lurch after fiery promises were made to help that did not materialise.

Some, not all, Umno politicians will forever be engaged in active business ventures and raking in millions, and just check around for many of these Umno politicians who are indeed a bunch of leeches living beyond their means, with fancy houses and fancy cars and going on very expensive holidays.

Some even have houses that can make many palaces in the country look like kindergarten. Just go to Damansara Heights and you can see how our Umno politicians live.

So it is to no surprise that some of us mere mortals, including a prince, have come to the conclusion that some of these Umno politicians are a bunch of leeches, sucking the blood of the country's economy without compunction.

I personally know of an Umno division head who is raking one contract after another from a ministry, and he does it without playing by the rules. So if some of us decide to call them a bunch of blood sucking leeches....actually I have to agree with such assertions!

Recently, a columnist with the Star newspaper, Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz, who is also member of the Negri Sembilan royalty dare to say it as it is. Read the first column he wrote alluding to some Umno members as being blood sucking leeches, here!

Describing his jaunt in a jungle with the Volunteer Force, he alluded to a leech that fell on his neck trying to suck his blood, to be some of the Umno delegates that are akin to these bloodsucking creature.

Tunku 'Abidin is just expressing some of us Malays have known all along. He did not say anything new and what we have already known. Unfortunately for him his choice of words have offended some of the "demi-Gods" within Umno.

But seriously, I believe Najib is trying to do everything within in his limited power to curb bad practices within Umno, and also from the ruling coalition. I believe if this country has to move forward with Malays as the backbone of the country, we do need to get rid of the leeches that have stuck on to the sacred body of Umno, sucking the blood...almost dry.

If we alluded further, leeches can be easily gotten rid of just by applying many remedies and one of the most effective remedy is salt.

To the prime minister, remember this little piece of wisdom that says "certain measures are beyond good manners" so for you sir you have to use all means to get rid of these nagging and wriggly problems for Umno and Malays to move forward!

BTW since the column by Tunku 'Abidin, he has since apologised over his remarks made, read here! I hope he has learned a lesson when alluding to any sensitive subjects such as Umno.
I know like any other Malaysians, he meant well when he wrote his column . And I know this young man is full of the zest for life, but he needs to be careful of his choice of words. Especially so when his father is the ruler of the state.

From now on we do not want his comments on his column be be exploited by the opposition and for this Tunku 'Abidin must be aware all the time.

Daulat Tuanku!


Anonymous said...

All royalties are leeches

Anonymous said...

Barking Magpie ...

A good post. You dumped even more salt onto the creepy cralies didn't you? tsk, tsk Anyway, good on you. The "leeches" deserve it.

"Demi-gods," did you call them? Come on, I would like to correct you here. They think they are the god of the Most High. It has to be the over the top over-the-top. The ultimate ultimate. Beyond reproach ever!

Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz's piece is excellent (wink, wink: he writes almost as well as you do :wink,wink)and I personally don't see any malice nor falsehood in his prose. In fact, he 'said' what he 'said' in the most gentlemanly demeanor as any real Englishman/Canadian can be. The truth anyway is always hard to swallow for the waywards and would lash out in pain as though chill padis had been stuck up their you know where and where the sun don't sun. Reminds me of a beautiful Malay saying: Siapa makan chilli, siapa rasa pedas. And as you'd have noticed I earlier alluded to this kind of people stupid enough to 'eat' chilli through the wrong orifice!

Do me a favour when you next meet his highness, he didn't have to apologise for something that's so blatantly true. And most bloggers I know of had done it a gazillion times worse and they get away with it! To me somehow I feel he over did it somewhat, too. I really felt bad for his highness. Thank you.

- A Malaysian -

Anonymous said...

Dear Maggie,

Tunku Abidin is driven around in a Jaguar with yellow number plates. Could I have yellow plates for my car too? Its better than a Jaguar.

Just curious - why is the yellow plate reserved for the likes of the Tunku only? And for how long?

Or is this a taboo subject - a case of questioning the 'first among equals' or 'primus inter pares'?

Does that differ greatly from the UMNOputra-ism that the Tunku dislikes so much?

The Royal upkeep is maintained by public funds. The people have gladly accepted to do this. The rakyat pay for the privilege of hosting their Royals. The only thing the rakyat derive from doing this is a collective satisfaction - also known as 'budaya'.

This is a peculiarity. Can the Tengku comment on this as well?

In his column, the Tunku never seems to tire about mentioning his Royal roots. The 'think tank' and consulting outfit that he helms has many doors open to it as if by magic. The yellow car number plate as well as the titled soliloquy certainly helps open these doors.

Will the Tunku undertake an experiment? Can he follow the proletarian example of the Gautama Buddha? You know give up all your titles, yellow car number plates, the public purse and venture into the land as an equal?

Try to make a living without the props.

Kinder hearted UMNO boys will immediately advice him against such a quest - against giving up any of his privileges. They know how hard life can be for the Malays in general and the UMNO boys in particular without the Malay privileges, ie without the public purse at their disposal.

It is possible that if you peel away the facades from both the Tunku and the UMNOputras whom he derides so much - a very alien creature will indeed emerge - a Siamese Twin.

sans mala, sans 'les majeste'

Anonymous said...

Interesting comment by anon 4.31. I doubt whether the royal prince has ever experienced the hardships faced by the majority of the Malays in the kampongs. Even his so-called 'apologies' does not appear like an apology. The Malays by nature are very respectful of the royalties as an institution and so the royal prince must also show mutual respect to the lowly rakyat and not just simply write without thinking much about hurting feeling of others, such as categorising some people as leeches. Other people may also write and cite examples of people from royal familes who are likewise.

Anonymous said...

I read and re read the said article. Can someone highlight the offensive parts.

Anonymous said...

"I read and re read the said article. Can someone highlight the offensive parts."

May be youj should only read Bahasa Melayu, sir!

Just a Guy!

Anonymous said...

Tunku Abidin, please go to Google Images and search 'Sultan of Johor cars'.

Anonymous said...


Ask this tunku how his partner in IDEAS can become a director of a GLC at 29, if he is not a special sec. to an UMNO MB.?

Tunku Bangku

Anonymous said...

Tungku Abidin has opened the doors. We can now also call the royals what a member of the royalty has called us lowly Malays, late apology notwithstanding.

He has enjoyed the perks of being a royal and will continue to do so - a life of privelage from cradle to grave. If some of us are leeches, so is he and his bretheren. Amin.

Anonymous said...

lets be practical, there has been and will be leeches for any form of govt in any part of the world at any time, be it in the opposition of incumbent govt.

So long the leeches do not steal outright from the citizen. What they do is get contracts and then sub out to the many sub cons. so long that they perform, why not.

just like in a case of having a neighbour whom never works but drives luxury cars and branded accessories, one would be tempted to be envious and silently accuse them of illegal activities. Nevertheless its their problem or fortunes.

in any case the leeches are contributing to the ah kow luxury car companies, ah kin sub cons and the economy as a whole

Anonymous said...

Saudara Barking MAgpie
Izin saya masuk blog anda.

Saya amat sokong pendapat pendapat Sdra2 semua bersabit dengan kepandaian insan dari kaum kerabat di raja .
Saperti mana kita bolih andaikan dia bayang kan diri dengan mirip prince of wales dan anak nya yang satu hari akan naik tahkta england.
Sebab dia belajor di England maka buat andaian ada banyak persamaan(dari sudut pangkat next in line) dengan anak prince charles.

Kecik2 dah berangan nak jadi Yam Tuan dan satu hari akan naik giliran YDPA dlll, Jalan duta punye Istana 1 billion , dah pasang a beady eagle on it,unless ada orang berjaya menjadi Presiden Republik.

STAR beri dia tempat untuk bercakap Inggeris sebab:

1.Star sudah beli comprehensive insurance untuk sesiapa yang ada pengaruh serta kuasa juga sesiapa di ramal ada pengaruh dan ada kuasa.
Maklum lah dia kan dari kaum practical dan pragmatic.
muali dengan Pulau Pinang ,Damansara Utama MCA Inter Faith MM Rantings azmi shah T Fernandez Istana I city SP sri setia 1Malaysia Najib MUFC Ketua Pemuda Accim Dong Zhong Doa Zong.

2.Orang orang saperti tuan punya Star yang practical dan pragmatic pandang jauh lebih jauh jauh atas sebab satu hari Presiden Ideas akan naik tahkta dua kali.

kalu macam kita tulis kat blog ke buat column ke, ada edit mode dan boleh semak ejaan.
Pada dia dah okay ejaan leech tuh.
Malang nya umpama lupa asal usul nya sendiri sebab manusia yang hadzir mengunjung diPWTC tempoh hari terdiri 99 % orang Melayu.

Saya tanya Apa sebab yang hang ni pandang rendah kat orang Melayu?

Masuk Pati Politik lah, senang kita semua buat kan,jangan berselindung belakang liberalisme dan pangkat istana.

Kalau nak kesamarataan turun pandang campur dengan rakyat biasa lah.

Minta maaf mainan pati politik.

Saya rasa hang ni Presiden sudah morl view sangat lah, anda tak ade peluang langsung lah kalau masuk pati politik.
Klau UNESCO Ke UN Ke AU EU Asean Ke OPEC, bolih ada standart.

Mujor lah STAR kasi jalan atas sebab beli insurance. comprehensive.

Kalau daripada mintak maaf, terus letak jawatan presiden ngo buat sendiri syiok sendiri minum teh earl grey makan sanwic kangkong....
arjuna waspada
changkat lobak.

Anonymous said...

Oucccchhh , this what i call if spat straight up in to the air guess where your spit go !!!!!.
Bla bla all this talk with royalty and putra juz wasting time cause this wont changes anything at all if Umno lost there will be PKR putra or PAS putra their will still Sultan in this country .. so like me non bumi juz focus on daily life all this barking wont change a thing if we have any slight chances to conquer this country , guess what will happen, we will face genocide and race cleansing .

Anonymous said...

the rich kid only know to bitching ... as for the star newspaper nothing to shout off the hypocrite about freedom of speech same like Pkr'shit of tian chua who will smash anyone head who questions him , or Lim family of DAP who talk about freedom in same time they're no freedom in themself, whoever critic them absolutely will get punishments , if this kind of people get into power .. what we can see is this kind of shit peoples will hunts anyone like animals , they will become the emperor of shit

Anonymous said...


He was absolutely right....

No need for him to apologise as most UMNO Members know the overwhelming number of leeching Members.

Leeches are like that..they suck your blood and then leave and Vote for opposition.

He should be strong enough to put up with criticism against his comments.

Daulat Tuanku