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Politics in Malaysia: Najib in overdrive!

(Article on Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak and Malaysia by The Economisi)


The Economist

Early elections are a possibility

Jan 20th 2011 | KUALA LUMPUR | from PRINT EDITION

IT IS rare when a few days pass without the prime minister, Najib Razak, announcing new and sometimes not so new projects under his vaunted Economic Transformation Programme (ETP). Last week saw 19 of them, from building a new “World-Class Data Centre Hub” to the creation of the Talent Corporation, “tasked to strategise and implement initiatives” to fill millions of supposed new jobs. Few areas of life are spared and acronyms and abbreviations proliferate. Thus a Wellness City is planned, and seven types of “high-demand” herbs will be cultivated under the aegis of the ECER, which, for those who have not kept up, is an NKEA in the ETP, the whole to be overseen by PEMANDU. You can, inevitably, follow it all on Twitter.

Mr Najib says the ETP is starting the year “with a bang by switching into overdrive”, part of a wider modernisation to win the Malaysian economy rich-world status by 2020. Yet the rush also looks part of a very different strategy: to win a general election which the prime minister may call this year, perhaps as early as in the spring, despite not having to go to the polls until 2013.

It reflects Mr Najib’s political weaknesses as much as his strengths. He did not win his mandate as prime minister at the polls. Rather, he owes his position to an internal coup within the ruling party, the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), that saw him take over from his former boss, Abdullah Badawi, in April 2009. Mr Badawi was blamed by party bigwigs for the big losses that UMNO suffered at the general election in 2008. The party, the biggest in a coalition called Barisan Nasional (BN), retained power, but for the first time since independence in 1957 the BN lost its two-thirds majority in Parliament. Although the government could now hang on for another two years, Mr Najib seems to want his own mandate from the electorate before then, if only to face down many in his own party who are hostile to the direction in which he wants to go.

UMNO was founded to protect the interests of Malays and other indigenous peoples, who make up about two-thirds of the population, against those, mainly Chinese and Indian, who arrived under British rule in the 19th and 20th centuries. At independence these people were given citizenship, but in exchange Malays were granted special “privileges” to protect their political power and assure a larger share of the country’s wealth. These days, many argue that all the quotas and affirmative-action programmes to help the Malays are now not only obsolete, but counter-productive. Maintaining quotas for Malays in some universities, for instance, drives the brightest ethnic Chinese abroad. Often they do not come back, and the economy suffers from the loss of their entrepreneurial skills—they make neighbouring Singapore even richer instead.

Mr Najib broadly agrees. At the heart of his ETP is a pledge to introduce a more meritocratic society. Being a cautious politician, however, he hedges his message with promises not to abolish all the rights of the bumiputra (“sons of the soil”), as his core Malay constituency is called.

Nonetheless, for some in his party and the government bureaucracy (staffed largely by ethnic Malays), he is still going too fast, or even in the wrong direction. Wan Saiful, head of the Institute for Democracy and Economic Affairs, points out that the new policy is being promoted mainly by bodies, including the ETP, which have been set up within the prime minister’s office rather than in the relevant ministries. It is a sign, he says, that the cabinet is not buying into Mr Najib’s ideas. Further, Mr Najib has to contend with a ginger group, Perkasa, that claims to defend Malay rights within UMNO.

The next election, says one of Mr Najib’s former advisers, will thus be presidential in character. It will be a test of Mr Najib’s ability to assert his agenda within his own party and government as much as a fight against the opposition, a coalition led by Anwar Ibrahim’s People’s Justice Party.

The prime minister’s men are tracking the polls carefully, and are encouraged by recent by-election victories. Mr Najib will have to win big to convince the sceptics, at the very least restoring the BN’s two-thirds majority. Should he do that, he will be able to sweep out the UMNO old guard. Only then will it be clear what a previously unassuming technocrat with modernising ideas can do to transform his country

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hillary Clinton, Najib Razak and Anwar Ibrahim: The Top U.S. Diplomat Comes Around on Malaysia

By Rachel Motte
(writing for The New Ledger)

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced to reporters on Friday that she had an “excellent meeting” with Malaysian Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin at the State Department. When she told Muhyiddin that Malaysia is “a model nation” that might serve as an example to other developing nations, she underscored a very recent — and revealing — shift in American official perception of that country and its government.

Clinton’s last meeting with Malaysian officials late last year, conveyed substantively less enthusiasm for the Southeast Asian nation, at least in the eyes of veteran Malaysia watchers. Although she spoke enthusiastically about the future of U.S.-Malaysia engagement, her carefully choreographed telephone conversation with opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim sent a message that America’s sympathies were not entirely with the elected government of Prime Minister Najib Razak.

How things have changed in just four months!

Now, the Secretary of State’s tone is markedly different — and far more positive toward the Malaysian leadership. She told Muhyiddin that Malaysia stands as an important example to other nations because it is “democratic, effectively governed, and economically sound.”

Clinton implicitly acknowledged that Malaysian democracy has come a long way under the current government — and, barring a change in leadership, that it will continue to improve. This, combined with Malaysia’s strong financial outlook and its role as a model for Islamic democracy, makes the nation an attractive partner for the United States. Clinton and Muhyiddin went on to discuss the development of a Peace Corps program that would enable Malaysian teachers and schoolchildren to learn English from visiting American students — an initiative Prime Minister Najib suggested to President Obama during their meeting at the ASEAN Summit in New York City last autumn — and agreed that such a program would benefit both nations. They also discussed the signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a multilateral free trade agreement which Muhyiddin expects will be completed by the end of the year.

Favorable words from the U.S. Secretary of State can go a long way toward boosting one’s political standing in Malaysia. So it is good to see Hillary Clinton finally realizing who are the good guys and the bad guys in Malaysia.

When Anwar Ibrahim was a recipient of favorable rhetoric from Hillary Clinton, his supporters were quick to capitalize on the attention. Though Clinton cancelled a face-to-face meeting with Anwar at the last minute during her Malaysian tour this past autumn, opting instead to speak with him by phone, she stated then that the U.S. would continue to advocate for him with Malaysian officials.

Anwar’s amply documented anti-Semitic rhetoric and ties to shady organizations that are linked to the Muslim Brotherhood and have been investigated by US authorities for alleged terror-finance ties to Al Qaeda, made this a truly puzzling admission.

So what happened to change Clinton’s mind about him? In a word, the American Secretary of State seems to have now found out just who Anwar is.

Anwar’s own statements make it obvious that, were he to become Prime Minister, we should expect him to continue to encourage the resurgent anti-Semitism he has already led in Malaysia for narrow, cynical, and opportunistic reasons. An Anwar-led administration would likely mark the end of Malaysia’s relatively stable religious diversity, and the end of Malaysia’s status as the “model nation” Clinton praised. In fact the truth is that if Anwar ever came to power, it could create a positively dangerous situation – for Malaysia.

By contrast, American policymakers have found an increasing amount to like in the policies of Prime Minister Najib. His call for a “Global Movement of Moderates” at the US-ASEAN summit in New York City last fall was well received in D.C. Najib’s level of public commitment to religious moderation is not always easy to find in the Muslim world, and this puts him in a unique position to benefit both the U.S. and other Muslim-majority nations. As Muhyiddin pointed out,

“Our role is much appreciated because it can help meet our aspirations and theirs… Although Malaysia is a small country, we can see that the message from the Prime Minister (for closer relations) has reached the American administration and this can help in the development of our country.”

Anwar, on the other hand, is an Islamist of the most dangerous sort. His long-time involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood through its American front organization, the International Institute of Islamic Thought, the Herndon, Virginia organization that since 2002 has been investigated by the FBI, IRS and US intelligence agencies for alleged financial assistance to Al Qaeda, now gives smart U.S. policymakers increasing pause. So too do his other terror finance ties and his relationship with the radical Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, the Islamist cleric who was a major voice in the past decade to speak openly in favor of suicide bombing.

Hillary Clinton has now begun to understand the real face of Anwar Ibrahim, and the real ally the world of moderates has in Najib Razak.

Clinton’s meeting last week with Muhyiddin and his colleagues signaled a new support for Malaysia’s current administration and its policies. It also signified a newfound wariness of Malaysia’s opposition leader. This is now crystal clear.

Observers of Malaysia and its relationship with the United States may be heartened that the Secretary of State is turning away from past attempts at even-handedness between two unequal sides — and toward a perception of Malaysia that is refreshingly reality-based.

On Malaysia, Hillary Clinton seems to be coming around, to the truth.

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Not only he is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is also a member of the Free Mason!

Ottawa Masonic Centre, 2140 Walkley Road, Ottawa, Canada (Phone number:

In this new world of a sophisticated digital technology there is nothing that you can really hide from the world. I just found out that our Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is also a member of one of the world most secretive organisations, the Free Mason!
Civil Service Masonic Lodge No. 148

Regular meetings: 7:30 pm second Tuesday of the month, except June, July & August

Worshipful Master: W.Bro. Anwar Ibrahim, e-mail
Secretary: V.W.Bro. Ronald G. Dixon, 613-737-3582, e-mail Read more here if you still worship this man!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim and the Muslim Brotherhood: A Picture Worth a Thousand Words!

By Malaysia Watcher (Used without Permission)

Anwar Ibrahim is a far cry from the “voice of democracy” he’d like you think he is. Nor is he the “moderate” Muslim he has persuaded some in America to see him as, with friends like Al Gore and Paul Wolfowitz. In fact, if a picture is worth a thousand words, take a look at the ones we have here: they harken back twenty years, and show Anwar in the company of a man branded by many counter-terrorism experts as a one-time inspiration to Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda!

That man is Yusuf al-Qaradawi.

Qaradawi, whom the American Jewish Committee has called “a radical Muslim Brotherhood Ideologue” with “xenophobic and anti-Semitic views”, has been linked to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden through the Bank Al-Taqwa, where he is a principal shareholder and former Sharia advisor . His decades-long leadership role (he has twice been offered a chairmanship and admits that the Brotherhood considers him “their Mufti”) within the Muslim Brotherhood may also indicate a further link to Al Qaeda, as the Brotherhood served as a springboard for Al Qaeda devotees like Ayman Al-Zawahiri and Khalid Sheik Mohammed.

The Brotherhood, also known as the Ikwhan, was founded in Egypt in 1928 by an Egyptian schoolteacher named Hassan al-Banna, whom Qaradawi cites as a key figure in his own religious and intellectual development. Dedicated to the supremacy of Islam and Sharia law, the Brotherhood’s motto from its earliest day is chilling to Western ears: “Allah our objective; the Quran our constitution; the Prophet our leader; Jihad our way; and death for the sake of Allah the highest of our aspirations.”

The Brotherhood was banned in Egypt decades ago, but going underground, and being forced to create and engage front groups did not slow its evolution. Today the Brotherhood comprises a global network of Islamist extremists that has spawned such groups as al-Jihad and al-Gama’at al-Islamiyya in Egypt, Hamas, and mujahideen groups in Afghanistan. Though the Brotherhood often claims to be made up of moderates, it is in reality one of the largest, most influential anti-Semitic, Islamist terrorist groups in the world. Qaradawi now serves as the organization’s spiritual leader, issuing fatwas that legitimize and encourage the most controversial Brotherhood methods and ideas, including suicide bombing, the death penalty for homosexuality, and the rightness of the Holocaust.

Qaradawi tries to masquerade as a moderate Muslim, but his outspoken views mark him as the most dangerous kind of radical;and here he is with Anwar Ibrahim, another so-called moderate:

But this is not the only evidence that Malaysia’s Opposition Leader is no moderate Muslim. In fact Anwar seems positively proud of his association with Qaradawi. As recently as 2005, his website featured a picture of him with Yusuf al-Qaradawi, one of the most important leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood and in many ways its spiritual father. (The photo has since been removed, Anwar having apparently realized how unwise it was to display it.) No moderate Muslim would want to display such a picture, as Qaradawi represents the very Islamist ideology that real moderates eschew. Yet just two years ago Qaradawi was named as a part of the “board and executive members” for Anwar’s International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). Since 2002, U.S. authorities have investigated the IIIT repeatedly on suspicions of money laundering and terror financing. The picture of the two men together may no longer be found on Anwar’s website, but his commitment to a brand of radical Islam that is directly opposed to democracy remains unchanged.

Qaradawi, who has supported Anwar throughout his controversial career, has been banned from entering the United States since 1999. Like Anwar, he claims to represent a moderate form of Islam, but his public record shows otherwise. In August 2005, Qaradawi’s European Council for Fatwa and Research was reported to have used the notoriously anti-Semitic forgery, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, for theological purposes. Qaradawi has also declared that all Muslims are duty-bound to support Hezbollah; and he has stated that “The abduction and killing of Americans in Iraq is a [religious] obligation.”

Anwar not only associates with Qaradawi, but supports his radical pro-jihad, anti-democratic doctrines. Yet, he stresses the opposite when he visits Washington, D.C., and strangely enough Anwar is not only welcome but, in some corners, admired in the United States. Qaradawi has been banned from the U.S., but his influence will continue to filter in as long as moderate pretenders like Anwar are granted unquestioning access to American media and policy makers.

Remember we mentioned the photo of Anwar and Qaradawi that used to be on Anwar’s website? And remember that it was too radioactive for Anwar to keep it there? Well, he may want the world to forget that he’s an ideological scion of the Muslim Brotherhood’s guiding intellect: but that doesn’t change the fact that he is. And it doesn’t change the fact that many photographs of the two together exist.

Whenever Anwar Ibrahim claims to be a moderate, democratic Islamic leader, these images are the first things he must explain. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

Friday, January 07, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim has always been an integral part of that shadowy international Muslim Brotherhood!

A very dangerous man to world peace, his favourite reading is Hitler's Mein Kampf!

By Seth Mandel of the Blitz, 5th Jan, 2011

The continued fall of Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim—and the role it's playing in the unraveling of Malaysia's democratic politic—has been back in the news since Anwar was suspended from parliament.

But what often goes unmentioned is the American role in all this, and how our State Department continues to publicly cheerlead for a man who is an agent of Saudi Wahhabism, a prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and an agitator of a Thai region that became a breeding ground for recruits to the Iraqi insurgency.

In the 1990s, Anwar was deputy prime minister and finance minister to Mahathir bin Mohamad, Anwar's mentor. When Anwar began challenging Mahathir's policies and then his leadership, Anwar was arrested and jailed for corruption and then sodomy.

But by that time, Anwar had sufficiently impressed high-ranking members of the Clinton administration, such as Madeleine Albright, Defense Secretary William Cohen, and most significantly, Al Gore. They came to his defense, and catapulted him to international acclaim as a persecuted "moderate Muslim" who was tormented and imprisoned for trying to bring freedom to the Muslim world.

The problem here is twofold: Anwar retains that fame, to the detriment of his party and Malaysian politics, and more importantly, it isn't true. In its investigation of Soliman Biheiri, the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement discovered that Anwar was a trustee of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY). WAMY was founded by the Saudis as one of two major organizations, going back to the 1960s, tasked with spreading Wahhabi Islam. If that weren't reason enough for concern, WAMY was infiltrated by al-Qaeda and held a working relationship with Hamas.

WAMY was also linked to the Muslim Brotherhood through its activities with a Brotherhood think tank in Virginia called the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT). The IIIT has published a book calling for violence against Israel and has been under investigation for ties to terrorist groups since 2002. Anwar—trumpeted by Gore as "one of the most enlightened and visionary political leaders in Asia"—is a co-founder of the IIIT. ( Read more here on what Claire Berlinski has to say about the Muslim Brotherhood in which Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is still an intergral part of)

Meanwhile, as the American governing and intellectual class took to Anwar's defense after his arrest, so did thousands of Thai Muslims. According to The Nation (Thailand), 3,000 Muslim youth rallied for Anwar in Pattani. Gatherings for Anwar in Yala and Satun recorded a turnout of about 5,000.

Dr. Pirayos Rahimura told the paper, "We have to accept that there is a deep bond between Anwar and the young Muslims here. He is highly respected."

More than respected, Anwar has cultivated a reputation as a patron of the heavily Muslim southern provinces of Thailand, especially through the Young Muslim Association of Thailand. In 2001, that association led a boycott of American products to protest the U.S.-led military mission in Afghanistan. In 2003, Muslim organizations of those provinces spearheaded a drive to recruit Muslims to fight for the insurgency in Iraq.

None of this dampened the left's enthusiasm for Anwar, who is again on trial for sodomy. On Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's swing through Asia, she announced she would be meeting face-to-face with Anwar. At the last moment, that meeting was canceled, so Clinton used a press conference with her Malaysian counterpart to press the Malaysian government publicly on Anwar's behalf.

One of the most troubling aspects of this is the deleterious effect Anwar's celebrity has had on Malaysia's politics. Members of Anwar's People's Justice Party (PKR) have begun wondering whether Anwar's fame is the only reason he is still the nominal head of the party. And his self-involved leadership—which has been tearing the party apart—is laying the groundwork for early elections and a landslide victory for the ruling party, which is looking to regain what it lost in the 2008 elections.

Prime Minister Najib Razak, of the ruling Barisan Nasional, "told some 2,300 cheering delegates at a coalition convention that elections will be held 'soon' and that the political juggernaut which has ruled for more than half a century would not be unseated," according to AFP.

It's a setback for multiparty rule in Malaysia, but not nearly the most outrageous feature of our support for a man like Anwar Ibrahim.

Sunday, January 02, 2011

Tiger Woods (and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim): The Rise and Fall of a Billion Dollar Brand!

Director of CBC's The Passionate Eye, Jacques Peretti, interviewing Hollywood madam Michelle Braun, who admitted on record to supplying Tiger with high class and expensive call girl!

Malaysian most normal and perfect couple!?

The world was led to believe these two were a perfect couple!

There is this uncanny resemblance to a recent Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) investigative program called The Passionate Eye, read here, in which the private story of Tiger Wood and how his sex-ploits were exposed, and that the story of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, and his private life.
It appears Tiger Woods the celebrity, a billion dollar brand name, is apparently not the same as the "other" Tiger who would prowled sleazy joints, greasy diners and high class brothels looking for a women who would have sex with him.
In that program, CBC interviewed a journalist from the National Enquirer, and found out the tabloid had the story of Tiger's philandering life way before his "famous" accident, but was dictated by Tiger's powerful publicity outfit to kill the story! The Enquirer agreed the story be "killed" if it agrees to a quid pro quo where Tiger would appear on the front page of the Enquirer sister's magazine.
Two things here, one Tiger Woods life as a billion dollar brand man is carefully dictated and crafted by his very powerful publicity company. Two, come what may, Tiger's name and reputation must be protected at all cost in view of billions being invested in his name by big companies.
Like our Brother Anwar, he can also be called a billion dollar man, when he was in power and when he is now not in power. Somehow his life is also being carefully dictated, guarded, and crafted by a group of "powerful' people that came complete with their own personal agenda.
For Brother Anwar's persona, we Malaysians then knew him only as a suave politician and government official that, looking back, can lie to us through his teeth without us realising it. He was a seductive politician that can charmed even the most venomous king cobra to submission.
Like Tiger Woods, golfers around the world idolise and adulate him. Now we all know that like Brother Anwar Ibrahim, he is in fact a dud of a human being and that very dark side of the both of them made me squirm with disgust.
Don't get me wrong here, I have nothing against these two if they just your ordinary Joe Blow,who cares! But both portray themselves as a squeaky clean normal human being when they are fraught with lies and abnormal deviant behaviors!
I used to love watching Tiger and idolised him as a golfer, but now whenever I see him all I can see is that waitress at the sleazy diner he had sex with, and a pole dancer woman who was with him for three years and had one miscarriage and an abortion with Tiger's child.
CBC announced that it will continue with another story when the time is right, about Tiger Woods' love child!
If you ask me personally I believe his career as a golfer is not all that interesting anymore, and that Brother Anwar had better come out clean for you really cannot run away from it forever, for eventually the law will get you.