Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim even uses the US for his dark and somewhat evil purposes...with a bit of help from the Muslim Brotherhood!

BABI with Qardawi, a very prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood!

Mallot, an honourary member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and his handler!

Other esteemed members of the Muslim Brotherhood!

The name Muslim Brotherhood to some of the ignoramus may sound very attractive, but then there is more to it then meets the eyes. Read Seth Mandel here for some comprehensive insight on what Muslim Brotherhood really is all about!
For those who are spellbound by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's (BABI) suave and charismatic ways may think that he is a friend of the United States of America please read on BABI and his connection with the Georgetown University, please read Claire Berlinski here for more understanding on the subject.
And the present US administration must beware and to think more than twice before embracing BABI, thinking that he is the archetypical of a perfect moderate Muslim. Read Benjamin Domenech here!
But here in Malaysia, for a very short history lesson to the ignoramus, Muslim Brotherhood has been responsible in destroying legitimate governments in the past and today and in the Middle east, responsible in planing and assassinating many heads of states including, such as Egypt's Anwar Sadat, and members of the Arab royalty.
Overthrown governments by the Muslim Brotherhood in the middle east were replaced by much worse dictators, like in Iran, Yemen, Egypt, and Tunisia, Algeria to name a few!
Muslim Brotherhood seems to hate the west but their members and leaders, like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim like to wear expensive Armani suit and have expensive taste! In Malaysia, Muslim Brotherhood under the guise of Abim, International Islamic Youth Movement are all sponsored by Muslim Brotherhood's money. Here in Malaysia they are trying to Arabised the Malays, and want the Muslim women here to be covered from head to toes, and pretty soon women will not be allowed to vote, in spite of woman being the majority in this country!
Those are some of the reasons why we, the real moderate Muslims must be weary of Muslim Brotherhood and why they must be checked!
BTW the non-Malays should stop the idea of supporting a Malay-based opposition parties they are being set up with Muslim Brotherhood's money! So there!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Birds of a feather......flock together!

Malott demonstrating wearin g a KKK garb!

A good friend of you know who!

A friend said when John R Malott speaks rest assured Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is in trouble.

I had the misfortune of interacting with this racist foul-mouth Malott when he was a US ambassador to Malaysia in the late nineties. He bashed and slashed at the then prime minister Tun Mahathir, and his hatred for the Malaysian government was and still is evident. Many at the US embassy people then did not like him, basically he was not a nice person.

He was part of the then US administration that was sent to Malaysia to assist BABI in turning Malaysia into the 54th states of the USA. Sex offender Al Gore was sent to insult Malaysian leadership at an Apec meeting in KL, while BABI was smirking thinking he would be the next US-sponsored prime minister of Malaysia. Well, it didn't happen!

You see we have just found out Malott is also a member of the racist organisation called the Ku Klux Klan and together with BABI, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, they are out to spread more lies and chaos.

Being married to a Japanese was just a big cover for his racist tendency, said an American friend once.

Well, we cannot be fooled and we have picture of Malott demonstrating on the street of the USA wearing the KKK garb. Hey Malaysians wake up and reject those who spread lies for their own evil reasons! Reject the likes of Malott and BABI...and have a healthy stress free living!


1) Rachel Motte of the New Ledger wrote a good piece on Malott's credibility gap, click here to read more...!!!!

2) Or click Malaysia Focus here on the same subject!

3)Or Azmi Anshar's hard hitting commentary on John Malott misguided sense of loyalty toward Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

4) Or here ,what Jebat says!

5) Or Here, to enjoy Big Dog incisive view on Malott and BABI!

Saturday, February 05, 2011

A poem about BABI everyone must read!

For you idiots out there who still support this man..just take a moment to study this facial expression!!

(I took the liberty in reproducing this poem, sent as a comment on my blogsite by some one named Pak Hak, which is very telling about a very bdangerous politician consumed by his obsession to destroy the system and a country called Malaysia)


God Sent Anwar Ibrahim To Malaysia
(Anwar Ibrahim – Anugerah Tuhan Kepada Malaysia)

By Pak Hak

At this juncture of our beloved country’s history,
God tested our people with His creature called Anwar bin Ibrahim,
He causes havoc and animosity in this once peace-loving country,
Just because all he dream about day and night is power and fame .

He’s a chameleon whose ends justify the means.
So he changes colour so often at his whims and fancy,
He would not blink an eye to cheat or to lie,
To him power and glory is his life’s aim and philosophy.

Using people to meet his aspiration is another of his trait,
So friends and supporters of Anwar Ibrahim beware,
‘Cause when he finds your “sell-by date” is long expired,
He won’t hesitate to toss you away like some old underwear!

He spent seventeen long years in the government,
From Minister of Youth, Education to Finance and PM’s Deputy,
Ask any Malaysian if they can remember what he did or achieve,
The answer is blank as he spent most office time plotting against his adversary.

His academic qualification is only a degree in Malay Studies,
But then he was made in charge of the economy,
So he swallowed IMF prescription lock stock and barrel,
Raised interest rate, shorten NPL and almost bankrupt the country.

You will be mesmerized when you hear his speech,
He’s gifted with great skill in public speaking and oratory,
In the class of Sukarno, Chairman Mao, Hitler and Mussolini,
The masses will listen to them and even forgot they are hungry!

Friends, countrymen this man can only talk but cannot work,
Al l he does is fire your emotion with hatred, finger-pointing and accusation,
Our beloved land of Malaysia is too precious to be made a pawn,
Can we trust this man to lead the nation and the future of our children?

[Anda semua diberi izin untuk menciplak atau mencitakrompak puisi ini]

February 03, 2011 4:21 PM


Thursday, February 03, 2011

BABI! Your convincing lying capability does not work anymore on Malaysians!

Had not for his abnormal sex life, Anwar'splan was so meticulous, from day one, that he almost succeeded in turning Malaysia into another Arab state and he the first pseudo-Arab to be the head of state! We must constantly thank Tun Mahathir for this!

A strong "futile" attempt was made by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and his cohort to claim CNN report on BABI's activity vis a vis with the Muslim Brotherhood was a made up story, well the truth of the matter is CNN got its info from the Saudi authority itself.

In his trade mark lying capability BABI once again tried to fool Malaysians that he was again maligned by the Malaysian government or in fact suddenly he wants Malaysians to believe the whole world has been bought over, including the CNN and the Saudi government, by Najib to lie for him (Najib)!. Read Big Dog here.. and Hantulaut here! And scroll down here!
And Tony Yew's Can you see it! Here!

As a Malay adage goes "pandai pandai tupai melompat......", or crudely translated "now matter how agile and adept the squirrel may be from jumping from one branch of the tree to another, ah, and surely one day it will slip and fall to the ground hard!!!", or something like that.

Now the whole world knows BABI is, and still is, a strong member of the Muslim Brotherhood, and a closet anti-American, anti-Jews, anti-Umno, anti-establishment, anti-monarchy, anti-Malay and possibly, deep inside his heart, an anti-female, as much as he is hoping Malaysia would turn the way of Tunisia, Egypt and other failed countries in the middle-east right now, unfortunately for him this is not going to happen! Why? Because Malaysia is far from being a failed society unlike Egypt, where millions are living way below the poverty line!!

Overheard a conversation at the Concorde Hotel coffee house : "Don't worry Anwar can say anything to the Malays they will believe him!" In reference to CNN and its reports of his involvement with terrorist group! BABI....I don't think so...not anymore!

Please read