Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Anwar Ibrahim’s Western Public Relations Effort Failing?

You can only fool some of the people some of the time but......... as the saying goes!

In the West, we tend to ignore the Muslim countries of Southeast Asia too often in favor of the more rambunctious Middle East; whether this is because we are concentrating our limited energies on the larger problem spot, or ignoring places where things are going well, is probably a function of one’s particular outlook on life. Regardless of the source of this disregard, it is an error as great as choosing to ignore the safe streets in city planning in favor of the bullet-ridden ones. The good things don’t last without some tending of their own.

That leads to Malaysia, a moderate Muslim country with strong trade ties to the United States, that we too often ignore along with its other, moderate neighbors in favor of a pointless bombing campaign in Libya and other adventures in futility. Malaysia has done well for itself, holding fast to a moderate strain of Islam while continuing to grow energetically. It is not heaven on earth, but it is better than most Muslim nations, with religious minorities freely practicing their faith, and calls for extremism loudly and roundly denounced by most Malaysians. It is in and from this fertile ground that Malaysia’s current prime minister, Najib Razak, boldly decried the practice of suicide bombing, eschewing the usual Islam-means-peace pablum for a concrete denunciation of murder and suicide, explicitly calling them contrary to Islam and a mark of barbarism.

This is especially significant because English is the lingua franca of Malaysia, and so Najib’s Oxford speech was reported and understood at home. He cannot — and to his credit, does not — play the all-too-common game of tell-the-non-Muslims-what-they-want-to-hear, revert-to-death-to-the-Jews-death-to-America at home.

His political opposite cannot say the same.

I’m on the record having a low opinion of Anwar Ibrahim, but that’s only because he’s a virulent anti-Semite with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood who formed an opposition coalition in his country by recruiting a political party best known for calling for volunteers to fight with the Taliban against the United States. So, you know, little things. But what’s worse is how he has played the nasty demagogue at home, then played the good democrat in the West; and what’s worse than that is how the Western policy establishment has historically tolerated this.

This is one of those critically easy policy rules: If someone is blathering about the Jews being the source of the world’s problems, or, more particularly, his own, he is a very bad man, a nutter, or both. You don’t need to be a failed painter with a nasty little mustache, a figurehead president with alleged (and hastily denied!) Jewish ancestry, or a former military juntaist whom we have unaccountably not snuffed as he has gone on to destroy one of the most vibrant and productive economies in Latin America for this to be so. You can be an opposition leader trying to wrest control of your country’s parliamentary system from someone you casually describe as being controlled by the Jews.

Indeed, given his ready trafficking in old anti-Semitic (and anti-Christian) tropes, it is a wonder the extent to which Anwar has retained so much of the goodwill he managed to rack up in the late Nineties. People whom many of us (I include myself) have respected for years tend to shock us by excusing away Anwar’s disturbing tells. Probably the best, single example of this I’ve seen has been Jackson Diehl excusing the anti-Semitism as an unfortunately necessary means of political survival (while giving Anwar an on-the-record opportunity to explain away his minutes-long rant as the result of a slip of the tongue), and giving Paul Wolfowitz, who really should know better, a chance to provide Anwar some same-themed cover. That neither man would tolerate this sort of doublespeak out of, say, a Saudi prince is a telling indictment of their willingness to suspend their disbelief at inconvenient times.

Diehl and Wolfowitz are hardly alone. For years — since at least 2008, when Anwar first explained his failure to win a national election as the result of the American Jewish Lobby doing … something — Western policymakers and opinion makers have given the man a free pass, ignoring each round of particularly vicious anti-Semitism as it occurs. Anwar has helpfully made himself available without pause or cessation, ready to say one thing to any Western voice that would listen, and another at home; he has been his own best press agent.

A strange thing seems to have happened of late, though. Anwar is on trial for forced sodomy (mistakenly described by Diehl and others who should know better as consensual sodomy), and the judge presiding over the case has allowed it to go forward. In a matter of days, Anwar will have to present his defense, and will doubtless explain again to Western ears that he is a beleaguered democrat facing a political charge (something the Washington Post seems inclined to believe credulously), and tell audiences at home that this is because of the Jews, the Israeli special ops, and/or the Americans.

But as yet, there is no groundswell of spontaneous opinion writing in his defense. There is no remarkable wave of excuses and dire warnings about democracy in Malaysia. There is, instead, silence.

I would submit this is the result of two, critical factors.

First, Anwar’s political touch is turning out to make a lot more lead than gold. Most recently, he has taken to excusing away his inability to move the needle in local elections, in the process doing critical damage to his coalition’s efforts in advance of the upcoming national elections by insulting a vital, potential ally. He compounded this by accusing the people of Sarawak — where he carefully hid his ties with radical Islam during the local elections, to no avail — of racism for failing to support his ticket, a charge that is not merely not helpful, but has the added bonus of being based on a complete misunderstanding of the facts on the ground.

The Western press likes winners and canny underdogs. It’s not quite so hot on fools who cannot keep their feet from their mouths.

The second, critical element here is the Obama Administration’s approach to Malaysia. I have been a not-infrequent critic of the Obama Administration’s foreign policy — confused, overt deference to the genocidal People’s Republic of China, and a willingness to snub the world’s most populous democracy are not actually achievements of which Americans should be proud — but this is one area in which the Administration seems to have caught on more quickly than its outside supporters and critics. Not only is the Secretary of State praising Najib’s call for religious moderation, but the Administration as a whole is treating Anwar as a matter of secondary importance.

And as we learned during the 2008 Presidential campaign, the media are nothing if not sensitive to the directions open and implicit of this President.

The next few months will be interesting to watch. Anwar’s trial will conclude with a verdict of some kind, and Malaysia will move toward its next national election. In the face of dual pressure, it would seem reasonable to assume that Anwar will step up his availability and his lobbying of the Administration to build support either for his appeal (if convicted) or his election efforts (regardless of the trial’s outcome).

Whether his one-man public relations campaign yields the same willingness to ignore rank anti-Semitism and tolerance of Islamist lunacy will rest on the Administration’s willingness to stand by its prior positions (an open question) and whether Anwar continues to inject his foot into his mouth when blood libels are not leaving it.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Dominique Strauss Kahn and Anwar Ibrahim: Two Men Who Hate the Development of DNA Testing!

One of the powerful sexual predators of the world!
They must be stopped!

We’ve all had one of those days. You know, where you get into work late and tell your boss it was because traffic was awful, not noting that he was right behind you the whole way into work. Or where you tell your wife you raced right home from the office, only to have her inform you that the bar called because you left your wallet there.

Or the kind in which you tell the police that you never touched that chambermaid, or if you did, it was consensual, and then your DNA turns up on her dress. Such is a day in the life of Dominique Strauss Kahn, a man whom the great and the good defend even to the point of parody, as his continued fall from grace continues its slide into the mud. (The man did himself no favors with his behavior as he was trying to leave New York after the alleged assault.) His defense lawyers have settled on the proposition that their best angle of attack is that a random, attractive chambermaid was so overcome with the sexagenarian’s flabby looks that she allowed him to sodomize her, and then told the police it was rape. The DNA evidence, we are assured, will be used as proof of a consensual encounter, presumably on the theory that rapists tidy up after themselves after they finish. Read further here!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Stunning Hypocrisy of Making Excuses for Accused Rapists

Seth Mandel
by Seth Mandel
Posted on May 19 2011 6:04 pm
Seth Mandel is the former managing editor of four New Jersey-based newspapers, where he won awards for his coverage of the Middle East and Russia. He has appeared on Shalom TV's current affairs roundtable. He is currently based in Washington, D.C. Twitter: @SethAMandel.

In the wake of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s arrest for sexual assault (he is now former IMF chief), DSK and his friends have offered numerous defenses on his behalf—most of which have been ridiculed, and rightly so.

Here are a few of the best of them, all rejected immediately by the American public.

There’s the pretrial conviction complaint:

Well, clearly, the entire system is flawed. I mean, you have a case, a prosecution, that doesn’t care about the rules of justice… And makes it near impossible to defend ourselves. I mean, it’s basically, like convicting us today.

Questioning why we take the victim’s word for what happened:

But what was shocking is the fact that [the judge] chose to come up with a decision of prima facie, to come up with virtually a judgment, confirming and strengthening the entire case of the prosecution; credibility of the witness, all the ingredients have been supported.

And, of course, the political conspiracy:

Well, I’m not surprised by the decision of the judge, because I understand the system. This is a trumped up charge, politically motivated, there’s no basis in fact and law.

I’m sorry—my mistake. Those were all quotes from another high-powered opposition candidate charged with sexual assault. This guy—unlike DSK—has been fortunate enough to have the Western elite buy his story wholesale. It’s Malaysia’s Anwar Ibrahim, a media darling.

Anwar is currently on trial for sexual assault—for forcing himself on an aide. Of course the presumption of innocence until proven guilty is an important pillar of justice, and should not be discarded. Anwar’s accusers should have to prove their case, especially because Anwar is the opposition leader and he was once jailed on trumped-up charges for political reasons. But Anwar’s argument has not been that he is innocent so much as he doesn’t think there should be a trial at all—that he should be taken at his word, and that the public should assume all charges against him are political in nature. That is, to be sure, incompatible with our conception of a fair trial.

Furthermore, if there is reason for skepticism of Anwar’s accusers, there is also reason not to take Anwar at his word. Anwar professes the values of freedom and democracy, but how does that square with his decades-long involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood, or his sinister anti-Semitism—strong enough that B’nai B’rith urged American officials to cut ties with him?

Anwar’s defenders, like Paul Wolfowitz and Al Gore (“the timing of these new charges carries the strong odor of political manipulation”) as well as Joe Klein (“He is a wise, decent and courageous man”) sound an awful lot like DSK’s defenders Ben Stein (“Can anyone tell me any economists who have been convicted of violent sex crimes?”) and Bernard-Henri Levy (“the Strauss-Kahn I know… bears no resemblance to this monster, this caveman, this insatiable and malevolent beast now being described nearly everywhere”).

The point is not that DSK deserves the Anwar treatment, or vice versa. It’s that Anwar doesn’t deserve the Anwar treatment. And certainly Anwar’s accuser has earned the right to make his accusation without the international community putting him on trial in the court of public opinion.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Unfolding Sagas of Dominique Strauss-Kahn and Anwar Ibrahim: A Study in Parallels

Strauss-Kahn, (At least he is not as vain as to dye his silver hair black, but still something must have permeated into his skull then to this brain to do what he did)

Anwar Ibrahim (He dyed his hair black big time and the toxin from hair dye have been proven to find its way into the skull then to the brain, hair dye is a serious issue now in the west, and when will we ever learn)

I noted before that Dominique Strauss-Kahn — disgraced former International Monetary Fund head and accused rapist — is aping an unfortunate aspect of the life of Anwar Ibrahim, as both are over-60 money managers who allegedly have a hard time keeping their genitalia out of places in which they are not welcome. The last three days have brought more revelations to the fore that only serve to heighten those parallels.

First and foremost, the charges against Strauss-Kahn now more closely mirror those against Anwar: Instead of ordinary rape, it is now forced sodomy of his victim, a maid at the hotel at which he was staying. That the man’s accuser may have HIV may explain Strauss-Kahn’s stay in the infectious disease ward at Riker’s Island, and his current status on suicide watch. (That he was denied bail on the strength of French protection of another sex offender, Roman Polanski, has to be gnawing at him in a uniquely French way.) While this does nothing to change the heinousness of the alleged crime nor to change the essence of the charge, the increased strength of the parallel is disturbing.

Both men have also resorted to pleading in the alternative. Anwar has denied the charges against him, and suggests that the entire affair is a government plot. Strauss-Kahn has done one better, first asserting that he had an alibi and that the entire encounter never happened, and now claiming that the entire encounter was consensual.

Anwar, of course, lacks Strauss-Kahn’s ability to switch his story to consent, because although he is basically being tried for forced sodomy, consensual sodomy is illegal in Malaysia. Instead, in another parallel, he and Strauss-Kahn have apparently both hit on what they clearly believe will save them from their current plights: A puff-campaign by surrogates abroad.

In Strauss-Kahn’s case, a veritable university full of economists and French politicians has lined up to excuse the man or his actions or both, as if being an economist with a nice job title exculpates a man from allegations of brutal rape.

In Anwar’s case, his private stable of mouthpieces has begun to collapse, most notably in the defection of blogger Raja Petra, whose public break with Anwar served as notice that Anwar’s incompetence and duplicity were finally taking a toll. Nevertheless, Anwar still has legions willing to excuse him of any act, including a former Vice President and Paul Wolfowitz, a former State Department official (who has himself had trouble associated with keeping his pants on). Please read more here!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Moderate Islam Off Our Doorstep: Malaysia’s Prime Minister Looks to Calm the Winds of Radicalism!

Najib speaking at Oxford recently

(PS the title of this posting is meant especially for the western readers and written by a foreigner)


While our prime minister is trying to make a better world and speaking vigorously and strongly, recently at Oxford, England, against religious fanaticism, radicalism and opted for the real Islamic path of moderation and expressed abhorrence over un-Islamic acts such as being a suicide bombers, meanwhile our local Malay daily, Berita Harian or from now on should be aptly or dubbed officially as Berita Hairan, in English it means Strange News, extolled the virtues of Osama Bin Ladin on Page Two of that daily today Wednesday 10th, 2011, my question is WTF were the editors thinking, to quote a commenter Lock! Ahmad Talib or Zainul and Mior Kamarul the group editor of BH, tidor ke! Always remember this: Hitler, Pol Pot and Stalin were also soft spoken and "nice" people!

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Posted by Christopher Badeaux (Profile)

Monday, May 16th at 7:22PM EDT

The Prime Minister of a majority-Muslim country, a strong U.S. ally, and one of the foremost voices for moderate Islam on Earth — real, serious Islam, the kind to which President Bush referred when he spoke of a “religion of peace” — gave a speech at Oxford today. It was a serious speech, a speech that grappled with real problems, and a speech that did not deny the violence done in Islam’s name, even while demanding that religious violence end.

It was, of course, basically a non-news event here.Read the original text here!

This is a shame, and a burgeoningly tragic one at that. Najib Razak, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, has been on a more or less singular crusade to convince the Muslim world — and the West — that there is a path for moderate Islam in the world, that Islam does not equal terror, and that the taking of a life is contrary to Islam and civilization. His speech at Oxford was of a piece with that.

In the holy Quran, Allah SWT expounds that, the very reason He creates human beings into distinct nations and tribes is as a blessing so that humanity may embrace and celebrate their diversity. When then, did Islam and extremism become synonymous? When then, did perpetrators of hate and terror hijack the religion of peace and compassion? How did acts of extremism by a few minorities of Muslims come to be seen as a reflection of Islam and its followers? Such vile misrepresentations are a source of great anguish to me and to the vast majority of Muslims.

When four young men headed south from Yorkshire one morning in July, six years ago, maybe they thought the home-made bombs they carried in their backpacks made them “real Muslims”. Maybe they thought that by blowing themselves up, they were acting in accordance with the will of Allah, that they were following the teachings of the Quran. How wrong they were.

I would like to emphatically state that those who strap explosives on their bodies and blow themselves up are not martyrs. They do not represent Islam. Unknowingly, they are misguided into committing a grievous sin. So too, all those who preach hate and stoke the fire of intolerance in leading to this most blasphemous act, they too are as guilty as the perpetrators. Our heart goes out to their victims who are innocent, defenceless civilians going about their daily life. Islam never condones such a vile act. Neither is it part of the teachings of Islam.

In fact, Islam abhors suicide; as stated clearly in the Holy Quran, Chapter 2 verse 195 which reads: “do not throw yourselves with your own hands into destruction”. Therefore, suicide is impermissible under any circumstances. Life in Islam is a sacred trust from the Almighty whose fate shall be determined by His will alone.

The salient point here is not whether we agree with the prime minister’s theological assertions, but rather we can appreciate the extraordinary effort he is making here, and the importance for the United States of his efforts. Malaysia is a country to which Americans do not often pay attention, even as its rapid development, moderate strain of Islam, and tradition of religious pluralism provide an example America should be holding up to the rest of the Muslim world. This is an oversight we need to rectify, as a quiet, international revolution is underway there, and the elected prime minister is leading it.

Indeed, it is worth noting that this is not the first time this prime minister has trod this ground. In Turkey earlier this year, he made the same points in an interview — that “[anyone] who wants to be part of the political process should adopt values that are compatible with democracy … It’s not just about having a vote and choosing your leaders; it’s also part of imparting the right values for democracy to work, because there are failed democracies as well.” While the revolutions in the Arab world have caught so much of our attention for their mix of moderation and radicalism, a quiet revolution has been underway in Southeast Asia, a revolution that will likely mean more to the future of the West and Islam than the more exciting rounds of violence and upheaval we have witnessed these last few months.

Najib Razak’s speech is one of those events that the Western press will largely ignore, and when it bothers to notice, it will treat as a mere footnote, because no one is being blown up, no riots are happening, and no one is being openly threatened with death. Those very qualities are what make this so remarkable. As we continue to fight our long, twilight struggle against terrorism, we would be well-advised to treat seriously this prime minister’s determination to show the world, Muslim and non-Muslim, that Islam can mean peace, and harmony, and tolerance.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's good friend, the IMF chief charged with attempted rape!

Arnold Schwarzenegger with his real look, the Predator!

Repent ye sinner!

Dominique Strauss-Kahn
Monsieur your power and position does not include trying to molest a honest chambermaid trying to make a honest living!

Mr Strauss-Kahn was removed from an Air France plane 10 minutes before it was to take off for Paris. (Reuters : Ueslei Marcelino )

(Guess what! It's like a freaky sex-craved fraternity!! This guy Strauss Kahn, Wolfowitz, Wolfowitz's Iranian girlfriend Sahiha Riza, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim are all good friends, and you think you know it all, eh!)


Meanwhile former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with one of his staffer while he was in office, he admitted to that fact and did the manly thing admitting his affair, he has since separated from his wife Maria Shriver, a wife of over 20 years. Arnold apologised to his wife, his children and those close to him for betraying them! Read more here!

Prosecutors have charged International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn with a criminal sexual act, attempted rape and unlawful imprisonment in the alleged sexual assault of a hotel maid in New York City, police said.

Strauss-Kahn, a key player in the world's response to the 2007-09 financial meltdown and in Europe's ongoing debt crisis, was removed from an Air France plane 10 minutes before it was to take off for Paris from John F Kennedy International Airport, New York police spokesman Paul Browne said.

A lawyer representing Strauss-Kahn, Benjamin Brafman, told Reuters in an email that the IMF chief "will plead not guilty." Mr Brafman made no further comment.

A 32-year-old maid filed a sexual assault complaint after fleeing the hotel suite at the Sofitel in Times Square where the alleged incident occurred, Mr Browne said.

Strauss-Kahn, 62, who has been considered a possible Socialist Party candidate in the French presidential election in April and May 2012, left the hotel after the incident, the police spokesman said.

The woman, who has not been named, "was brought by EMS (emergency medical services) to the Roosevelt Hospital, where she was treated for minor injuries," Mr Browne said.

Mr Browne said Strauss-Kahn does not have diplomatic immunity.

Impact on IMF

Strauss-Kahn was on his way to Europe for a meeting on Sunday with German chancellor Angela Merkel to discuss the European debt crisis and then was to attend a euro zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels on Monday.

The allegation will be a major worldwide embarrassment to the IMF, which has authorised billions of dollars in lending programs to troubled countries and has played a major role in the euro zone debt crisis.

It follows the announcement on Thursday the IMF's No. 2 official, John Lipsky, plans to step down in August when his term ends.

The IMF managing director has yet to say whether he will run for president, although French opinion polls put him as a clear winner over conservative incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy if the two faced off in an election.

Strauss-Kahn took over the International Monetary Fund in November 2007 for a five-year term scheduled to end next year.

Before that, he was a French finance minister, member of the French National Assembly and a professor of economics at the Institut d'Etudes Politiques de Paris.

The IMF declined to comment and IMF board officials told Reuters they had not been informed officially of the incident.

Since taking over the IMF, he has won plaudits for putting the fund, the world's main overseer of the global economic system, at the centre of global efforts to cope with the financial meltdown of 2007-09.

Strauss-Kahn introduced sweeping changes at the global institution to ensure that countries swamped by the financial collapse had access to emergency loans.

He was pivotal in brokering a bailout program for Iceland, Hungary, Greece, Ireland, and recently Portugal.

He has also overseen internal changes that have given emerging market countries, such as China, India and Brazil, greater voting power in the institution, and weighed into thornier issues by urging China to allow its currency to rise in value in a dispute with the United States.

Based in Washington at the IMF's headquarters, Strauss-Kahn has continued to spend a lot of time in France, fanning speculation he was considering re-entering politics as a presidential candidate.

Mr Lipsky's planned departure and now Strauss-Kahn's detention raises questions about a possible leadership vacuum should the IMF chief be charged by US authorities or face possible discipline by the IMF board.

- Reuters

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim’s Crackup Continues!!

Hey Mo! You decide for yourselves!

Christopher Badeaux

In some ways, vile anti-Semite and cowardly woman-abuser though he is, you have to feel sorry for Anwar Ibrahim. Well, you’d have to if he didn’t truck with Jew-hating Muslim extremists and use adoring political crowds as opportunities to take shots at his political opponent’s wife. But a more sympathetic man than Anwar would be a perfect tragic figure: A man who reaches his limits just shy of his goals; a man who can never quite reach the top; a man whose past crimes become less important than his present successes, which are themselves ultimately failures.

Anwar Ibrahim is a Sisyphus who never reaches the middle of the slope.

Anwar’s most famous, present achievement is to craft a dysfunctional opposition coalition composed of his own vanity party, Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR); the socialist-left/secularist Democratic Action Party (DAP); and the sh’ria-obsessed Parti Islam Semalaysi (PAS). Just the descriptions of those parties makes clear that their unifying plank is desperation, a determination to finally win a national election against the hated Barisan Nasional, the governing coalition whose primary achievements are rapid economic progress and continued democratization. In other words, Anwar’s merry little band of schizophrenics must convince Malaysians that democracy and increasing standards of living are bad things, and that a group of socialists, Islamists, and rich poseurs will somehow form a government together, maintain that government, and keep the democratic and economic development going full-tilt.

Unsurprisingly, Malaysians show no sign of accepting this argument.

Anwar’s second great achievement is to convince the world at large — if not Malaysians yet — that his conviction for corruption (upheld on appeal), much-documented association with the Muslim Brotherhood, and apparent proclivity for finding himself denying wide-ranging sexual adventures, are not remotely reflective of the sort of head of government he would be, if he could convince his countrymen to elect a government composed of Islamic extremists, far-left socialists, and general malcontents. While the U.S. foreign policy establishment is finally coming to grips with Anwar’s real nature, his constant self-promotion and the general laziness of a large number of foreign reporters and foreign ministries have aided his disproportionately favorable image.

Both of these achievements will be for even less than the nothing they currently are if Anwar is unable to better, during the upcoming national elections, his just-shy-of-the-goal electoral result from the 2008, when the wind was at his back and the electorate was in a mood for national change. Three-and-change years later, Anwar is showing the stripes that led to his corruption conviction years ago, and reminding the world why Malaysians have not yet shown any inclination to hand the reins of power to a man who seems to spend a lot of time making amateur porn videos.

Anwar’s latest stumble — stumbles seem to come more rapidly for the man these days — lies in calling Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak a “pandi kutti,” a Tamil term for a piglet, to a group of Indian Malaysians. The Prime Minister was not, of course, present; Anwar’s stock in trade these days is to belittle his political opponents (and their wives) before adoring crowds, displaying the sort of raw political courage that has led to nearly a month of silence on the allegations that he was, according to long-time new media backer Raja Petra, possibly the man behind a series of preposterous allegations against the Prime Minister (detailed here). So, quite aside from the sheer heroism Anwar displayed and the statesmanlike pose he has adopted (calling one’s opponent an animal is no more acceptable in Malaysia than in any other civilized country), he elected to call a devout Muslim a pig.

Smart opposition leaders with the wind at their back take pointed jabs at their opponents. Elitists with coalitions doomed to failure by their very nature and no chance of success resort to name-calling. The difference is subtle in print, but obvious in practice: Suggesting that one’s opponent is asleep at the wheel, confused, incompetent, corrupt: These are all on the table. Name-calling is a way of indicating that one’s primary schooling was not an unrivaled success. Naturally, the Prime Minister is unfazed, but when his putative opponent has been reduced to calling him a poopy-head, it would seem reasonable to treat Anwar as a nuisance rather than a danger.

Anwar’s world is not only crumbling on the political front, where his coalition is starting to crumble and his own party shedding supporters, and his former attack-dog blogger has implicated him in a major controversy. He is dealing with yet another sodomy trial, one looking progressively worse for him over time. Indeed, “worse all the time” is an understatement, as authorities have positively identified Anwar’s DNA from the samples collected at the scene. No matter what we in the West think of making sodomy a crime, the man who would be prime minister should be the first to obey his nation’s laws, and the first to righteously demand exoneration if he was innocent, offering his own DNA to test against the sample, thundering for justice from the heavens.

Instead, Malaysians get more rallies about the prime minister’s wife.

An honest assessment of the opposition in Malaysia shows that they have no real chance in the upcoming elections, and that even if they somehow succeeded in getting past the post, they would neither make Anwar Ibrahim prime minister nor last as a governing coalition for very long. An honest assessment of Anwar’s life shows a man who has striven, sought, found, not yielded, and ultimately, will never win. His desperation is clearly overwhelming him.

Were he a man of even average moral decency, we should ache with his tragedy. It is a pity that at the last, amid a storm of name calling and gutter politics of his own making, he cannot even succeed in being of average moral decency.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Rule of Law ...kinda like that unwritten British Constitution!

Let us not allow this to happen again!

Align Centre
In the true spirit of our founding fathers this country must not be allowed to be ruled by chauvinist Chinese again!

It is kind of like an unwritten British constitution that here in Malaysia, lucky or unlucky, we have a written constitution, but unfortunately, that it is now opened for abuse, especially by the Chinese-based opposition party!.
From what I have gathered, it is a conventional wisdom in this country that the official religion is Islam since the majority of the population that are Malays who professed Islam as their religion.
In this country, if we did not have a unwritten constitution, still the Malay kings and sultans are a clear testimony that the land that was once called Federation of Malaya, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, is indeed ruled by Malay majority.
In England even though there is no written Constitution but the British Rule of Law dictates that the Prime Minister of that country cannot be a Negro, Chinese, Pakistani, or Indian originally from
India! Or, by the same token the King cannot be a person of a Chinese, or Indian or Pakistani descent!
We can go on and on saying that it was not stipulated in our "written" constitution that the Prime Minister, his deputy or the King need not necessarily be of the Malay-Muslin descent, that Chinese or Indian or Sikh or anything other than a Malay-Muslim can also be holding that posts?
However, it has been clearly been stipulated that in this country the Malays were and are willing to share with the others, have to be be clearly a country to be governed by that unwritten laws and conventional wisdom that the official religion is Islam and the Prime Minister and his deputy are of the Malay-Muslim descent, and that the King and sultans cannot be a teochew, fuchow, malayali or tamil or dll, other than that what has already been widely agreed and accepted by clear a convention. Unless any one is ready for another racial riot! Read here!
Unless a certain group or groups are willing to destroy that very succinctly em-placed norms and convention and social mores of this country! Or unless if anyone is willing to accept the consequence of the aftermath of the chaos or perhaps an unnecessary blood bath for having such a thought of such disgraced human folly, then lets do this and get it over with!!! Read here for more on British Constitution!

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Muslim Brotherhood mourns the death of Osama!

Ding Dong the wicked witch is dead (sorry Jen to use your phrase)

Birds of a feather flock together! Qaradawi of the Muslim Brotherhood and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

Really, the bad news is, did it occur to everyone that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim never really condemns the 9/11 attacks on New York about 10 years ago where about 3,000 people died? And yet he was proclaimed by neo-conservative stiff like Wolfowitz, Al Gore and Cohen as friend of the United States of America?

The good news for pro-life citizens of the world is that Osama Bin Laden, the chief architect of the 9/11, is now dead killed in Abbottabad, in Pakistan, by the US combined forces.

We do know now that Osama was THE main patron of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) and a close friend of another prominent MB Egyptian Yusuf al Qaradawi. Qaradawi as we now know is also a close friend and associate of Brother Anwar!!! So Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is saddened by Osama's death..read here on what he is really made out of!!
MB in Egypt is now referring and calling Osama a saint and it this is not a moderate group as they have claimed themselves to be...read here!

As said by Prime Minister Najib Razak that violence begets violence and that is why the leader of Al Qaeda is now dead.

He said while it took the US ten years to track and hunt down Osama, they did it because "when you use violence to kill civilians, the side that feels victimised will retaliate" no matter how long it will take.

It is as though Najib is saying that the same applies to those who spread lies and mayhem in this country will be dealt with accordingly, no matter how long it will take!

P/S. All these while NATO and the US forces have been fighting and occupying a wrong country to get rid of extremism and Osama. They should have invaded Pakistan instead of Afghanistan! I was in Afghanistan in the late sixties and I found the people of Afghanistan were peace loving and friendly, unlike the belligerent Pakistanis at that time!