Sunday, July 31, 2011

Selamat Berpuasa di Bulan Ramadan!

And all they want is a real shelter, bit of care, food and water!

And he is crawling the last fore-steps to nowhere!

To all of us, I just hope we can find it in our hearts to correct the wrongs that they we have done and to repent magnanimously, and to not allow our country to burn! We have so much and yet we want more! Others are not so fortunate!!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Blonde, Nordic, white, beardless, turbanless Christian fanatic who massacred the innocents: Or "Must Read: A letter to the Norwegian prime minister!"

Picture of a right-wing extremist Christian zealot and a fanatic, Anders Behring Breivik, an evil man who massacred 90 innocent youth with a fully automatic rifle: Notice that he is a turban-less, beard-less, and a Nordic type who also produced a massive home made bomb that blew up a government building in Oslo!

Aerial view of a beautiful island near Oslo where over 90 innocent lives were lost taken by an evil right-wing Christian wacko!

Spate of extreme acts of terrorism by extreme right-wing religious fundamentalism - be it Muslim or Christian or Hindu etc- must be treated swiftly and checked without fear or favour.
Recent massacre and bombing in Oslo by a blonde, white right-wing Norwegian Christian fundamentalist fanatic is just to show that rightist and an extreme fundamentalism shows no colour!
I implore our government to deal with the rising voices of religious fundamentalism in Malaysia since these group of thinking will and cannot not talk to the people at the roundtable but they just want to shoot them.
I enclosed a letter written by a terrorism expert who wrote a letter to the Prim Minister of Norway that the tragedy in Oslo is a lesson for every one to do everything in their power to stop these extremist right wing religious fundamentalist at all cost.
Malaysian Government listen up, no more dilly-dallying on the issue just throw the Christian or Muslim or Hindu extremist in the dungeon and to do it now!!

Here is the excerpt of the letter sent to the prime minister of Norway, read and digest:-

"A Letter to the Norwegian Government following the Oslo Terrorist Attacks written by one Richard Jackson, an American, who claimed to be an expert on terrorism."

Dear Prime Minister Stoltenberg,

I heard your press conference and I can appreciate that you want to react cautiously to the latest terrorist outrage by Christian fundamentalists. I respect that you do not want to compromise your country’s values and way of life. It is admirable that you want to treat this horrible act as a crime, and try as best as you can to maintain an open, free society. And I understand that you do not want to spread unnecessary alarm among your citizens.

However, my concern is that you do not recognize the supreme danger you – and indeed, the whole world – are now facing. Right-wing Christian fundamentalists have declared war on your society, your entire way of life. Their intentions, and the capability they have shown in this attack, clearly demonstrate that they seriously threaten your very democracy, perhaps even civilization itself. They are probably linked to Christians all around the world in an international network of terror. In other words, there is no doubt that they pose a clear and present danger, a supreme emergency to the state, to which the only reasonable response is a total war on their evil ideology. You must prepare yourself for a long, difficult struggle, a struggle which will not end until every single right wing extremist, all the evildoers who hate your society and its values, have been killed or captured. It will not be easy, and you must be prepared to make real sacrifices in lives and resources to achieve this victory. Read more here!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Najib has established himself as a true international statesman!

Najib and the Pope, a good meeting which led to a better diplomatic relations between the Vatican and Malaysia!

Prime Minister Dato' Seri Najib Tun Razzak produced another major success for Malaysia’s global image, and for inter-faith dialogue, this week when he established formal diplomatic ties between Kuala Lumpur and the Holy See.

During a meeting with His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in Rome yesterday, Prime Minister Najib publicly reaffirmed his Government’s commitment to freedom of religion and stated that his goal is to promote international bonds of friendship between Malaysia and the Vatican. The formal agreement now gives the country’s nearly-3 million Roman Catholics and Christians an additional voice inside Malaysia.

This agreement has been years in the making and it is proof positive that the Prime Minister and his government are serious about religious diversity and protecting religious minorities. The Prime Minister clearly made the case to the Holy See that his majority-Muslim country is committed to respecting and protecting its religious minorities since the Vatican’s main criteria for agreeing diplomatic relations is the promotion and protection of interfaith dialogue within a country, and the absence of religious persecution.

It is also a vindication of the Prime Minister’s willingness to expend personal energy and political capital to tackle Malaysia’s toughest issues—which is why it has been warmly welcomed by Malaysia’s non-governmental commentators and the international community more broadly. Read more here!

Meanwhile Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's prediction of forming the next government has been described as a mere flights of fancy!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

KuLi for PM, again??!!...Give me a bweak, eh!

Dawn of a new era yes, but not at the expense of breaking Malay unity!

Syed Akbar’s blog headline should have read “Ku Li for PM, again??!!” With lots of question and exclamation marks! I’ll get back to that later.

I have always enjoyed reading the Outsyed The Box(OTB) columns which are always funny, witty and like Russell Peters jokes, full of deep and well entrenched meaning. You will laugh at it and later on you will start thinking, “What a profound “joke” that was.” I have made it a routine every morning to switch on Russell Peters YouTube, and then to OTB, with my cup of coffee before I face the day (Gordon Lightfoot!)

I read OTB with so much consternation on mentioning that Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, or KuLI, is said to still harbor thoughts of becoming a prime minister. Well, as they say, it is good to dream of something, but then that dream must be a realistic one. Lest we forget it was KuLi who mangled and skinned and mutilated Umno when he lost to Tun Mahathir Mohamad, by forming Semangat 46 (S46).

We were lead to believe that Mahathir had cheated at the leadership convention by stuffing party elections ballot boxes to ensure his winning as Umno president. For a party president who “cheated at ballot boxes” Mahathir brought Malaysia to the world stage and made our country to what it is today.

When he lost the party elections, like a spoil brat, I was told he was and still is, he threw a tantrum and convinced other Umno leaders like Rais Yatim, Shabery Cheek and many more Umno stalwarts to join S46.

I don’t know, but I am from a generation who grew up with only two Malay political parties – Umno and PMIP, later called PAS. My late father was an Umno member, together with the late Tan Sri Samad Idris, but later joined PMIP when he thought Umno had strayed from its original path of what he believed in.

At that point in time if you were unhappy you just quit and joined the other party and the Malay voters will still be intact. It did not matter if you were Umno or PMIP (Pas now).

My late father was a good friend of Dato Mohamad Asri Muda, the most illustrious leader of the PMIP. I still remember when Asri came to our house in Kampung Baru, together with Burhanuddin Helmy, Lebai Majid from Seri Menanti and they chatted and laughed until the wee hours of the morning.

I also remember when our convoy of many cars on the way to attend a funeral of another PMIP stalwart Dr Dzulkifli died in a car crash and my father was driving a Borgward, when we stopped by the roadside near Kuantan for a pit stop. My late father, Asri Muda and few PMIP members and some Umno stalwarts stood by the road side to pee. The point is here, I believe, neither Umno nor PMIP (which is Pas now) consciously tried to break the Malay unity. You know the saying right; a united race is the one that laughs, and pees together!

Back to KuLi; his obsession to become the prime minister is beyond funny, it’s hilarious. Like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), he wanted so badly to become a prime minister that he was willing to sell his soul to the Chinese opposition party, or to the Devil.

Already the Malay unity had been traditionally split up between Umno and Pas, but surely the Malays can see that they are being further eroded by parvenu Malay organizations and parties such as Pakatan Rakyat, Pas, Kita, Perkasa and now Amanah to be lead by KuLi?

If only the Malays are truly united and aware and realise where they are heading for right now? But as it is, they are expressing that typical Malay amok syndrome of cutting off your nose to spite your face, then regretting it later on when it was too late.

The only vehicle for the Malays to be a master in their own home and to determine their future is by giving full support for Umno which needs to be reformed. Yes, I agree that changes are needed within Umno. To do this, people like KuLi must be sincere and not clamour for that coveted leadership post. They must help the existing leadership to ensure Malays will be still relevant from now until forever.

As it is now, the way I see it, Umno as it is can never be truly invincible with still people within the party, some holding cabinet posts, who are still not sincere and committed to the leadership of Najib Tun Razak.

Monday, July 11, 2011

He feigned injury again? For the umpteenth time!??

I have seen this movie before and this man deserves a Bollywood best acting award!

BABI and his bodyguard smeared with probably fake blood,I am sure of it, and seeking international sympathy!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) was quoted in the Kingdom of Bahrain tabloid Daily Tribune saying: "They shot directly at us. I could hardly breathe and stand up at the time." Well where else would a riot police shoot at to disperse unruly demonstrators? The answer is: directly at them!
However, BABI gave the impression the police is brutal, the impression he wants to give to the world to discredit our police force!!
This tabloid also said BABI told this tabloid from a hospital bed, where the he was kept overnight and was on a pain killers.
Well all I can say is this man is the greatest actor and an accomplished drama king of all time from Malaysia.. His pathetic [picture showing him in hospital bed,I am sure, is being distributed around the world and thus place Malaysia in a bad light once again.
He has feigned injury on various occasions and even accused the Malaysian government of being out to murder him by staging an accident, and that the government might inject HIV-positive tainted blood in his body, while he was in custody so he will die a miserable death.
But he lives on to inflict injury to Malaysia to the rest of the world!
Well, some may believe him some may not but the point is for how long are we going to endure this one man crusade to destroy multi-racial Malaysia, and what is the government going to do with him.
This acknowledged racist (he does not like Indians) must be stopped, and to stop this Malaysians must come to their senses, or we are doomed!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

I am MALAYsian! Nothing can change that!

The Malays are the most accommodating people on earth, to a point of stupidity!

I have always been a happy MALAYsian living in this country for most part of my life sharing it with others like Malaysians of Chinese descent, Malaysians of Indian descent and other Malaysians.
If you are born in this land called Malaysia you are officially and distinguishably a Malaysian and no one can tell you otherwise, and you, we, have to live by the system set up and agreed upon by our modern founding fathers.
Worth to remember that the Malay sultanate and the first Malay governance which governed this country since time immemorial have openly embrace others who came to settle here and decided to make this once called the Federation of Malaya, or Persekutuan Tanah Melayu, to be their home.
To make the non-Malaysians to be feeling more at home and more comfortable the system also decided to chance the name of the country to Malaysia, so every one now it happy or so it appears.
So today there are group or groups of the malcontent descendants or the original non-Malay Malayans or Malaysians that are bent to destroy what has been agreed upon by our forefathers.
This I, and many others, cannot just sit back idly watched a few descendant of the original inhabitants of this land now called MALAYsia try to shred this country apart.
For I am MALAYsian and I will be forced to do what ever I have in my power to stop this madness and those who feel the same way must do the same! Read more here!

Friday, July 01, 2011

Malays are easily taken in by simple Chinese lies and chicanery!

Lee Kuan Yew campaigning in Malay areas wearing songkok and the Malays were flattered then it was too late!!! Guess what the DAP is doing the same!!

When Lee Kuan Yew was campaigning to take over Singapore from the Malay he went about campaigning in Malay areas even wearing songkok, a Malay hat!
Malays in Singapore at that time was so taken in by Lee's smile plus his songkok. Lee Kuan Yew even succeeded in convincing the Malay politicians from various Malay political spectrum in Singapore - from the far left to far right and the centrist - to support him for, they did, and you know the rest of the story.
Lee Kuan Yew and his PAP won. Guess what, all of his staunch Malay supporters were left in a lurch and later when they complaint Lee Kuan Yew jailed and exiled them.
You see, PAP like the DAP (actually they are one and the same) have only one goal in mind to make Singapore and now the Malay peninsula a Chinese dominated country.
Like PAP, the DAP is using desperate politician like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and paedophile Nik Ajis of Kelantan, and serial polygamist Hadi Awang to help it win that goal.
The sad part is the Malays led by BABI, as I have said above, are easily taken in by sweet talk and lies and chicanery of the Chinese-led opposition party.
Unless the Malays are united they will risk living under Chinese rule ala Singapore.
As for BABI he does give a damn about anything else for this man is fighting to be a prime minister in which he is not qualified to be be and failing that he will do anything to convince his family that he is not a sodomite!
Either way he is dangerous and ought to be put away! You know the saying: "They shoot horses, don't they!"