Thursday, August 25, 2011

Reconciliation, for whatever its worth, can be achieved!

A blogger goes under the name fikiranpagi sent me a note saying he wanted to comment on my "troika" story but Google stopped it because it was too long, so for what ever it is worth I followed him and decided to print what he originally wanted to comment, so here it is below!:-



Aktivis politik tegar. Suka memerhati dan meneliti gelagat ahli politik dan para penyokong kuat mereka.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

BARKING MAGPIE: A dangerous Troika in the making

Dear BarkingMagpie, I wanted to post these as comments in your blog. Google stopped me saying that it was too lengthy. Thus I decided to post it in my blog. I know of you casually, but I admire your courage, dedication and sense of loyalty. Keep up the good work.
BN ship is sinking, so it seems. Choice available for UMNO leaders- stay and drown with Najib or jump ship. Who knows you may be appointed Captain of the new ship.Some even asked. Why jump ship? Just change the Capt. Those are political talks. For Najib and Muhyuddin, you can choose to listen to all those talks or you can choose to ignore them. Most important, you are now airborne. Not much fuel left to turn back. Just stay on course. Dont have to listen to gossip of your air crews. However, Najib must admit his error of making the right judgement at the wrong time. He abandoned the Malay Brand that has been UMNO's pillar of strength. He fell to the advise of his adviser by opting for the new 1Malaysia Brand. Malays are disillusioned. They wont believe what Najib promised them anymore. They know Muhyuddin's promise for Malay Agenda to remain intact are just empty talk because as DPM, theres nothing much he could do to stop the 1Malaysia Agenda of Najib. Remember Tun Razak? He was the champion of Malay Agenda . Yet he is loved by all races because he is also the champion of justice and fairness to the non Malay. I know its difficult for Najib to reverse the loss of faith amongst Malays on his leadership but it can be done. It must be done because already people are saying, yang dikejar tak dapat di kendong berciciran. Undi Cina dan India tak dapat, Undi Melayu Hilang. It can be done without losing Chinese and Indian support. Just remember to be firm, strong, decisive but balanced. Now its not the question of Najib is wrong and Muhyuddin is right or vice versa. Its a question of looking at the bigger picture. We are looking at BN and PR as two bullet trains about to crash head on. We Malaysian must ponder for a moment. Do we go for GE13 and allow the two trains to collide ? or do we forge a NATIONAL RECONCILIATION FORMULA to save our country. Its not about saving Najib's leadership though RECONCILIATION PLAN could mean allowing Najib to take charge of Malaysia for another 5 or 10 years for the Plan to materialise. I know how we could make it work, I have the team to make it work. But, as always, Najib has abandoned old advisers (of which I could claim to be one of them). He is surrounded by new advisers. I know some of his closest advisers. Of what they said about him when Najib was DPM. Now, to my surprise, they came running back to him and are currently entrusted with strategic roles for Najib. I also knew what his Adviser based at UMNO Hq said to his friend before that adviser decided to turn back to Najib. Unfortunately, sad to say, these are the people who are rewarded whilst genuine others are sidelined (me included). Its hard to conclude without talking about Rosmah. I like her and admire her for her dedication and passion to see her husband succeed. Unfortunately many misunderstood her genuine intention and desire to be of service to the husband and to the country. But for that, many are jealous of her high profile. In fairness to Rosmah, please Google "the changing role of first lady" and you will find that Rosalynn Carter revolutionised American Politics and change the role of First Ladies. They no longer confined their role as persons who decide on what menu to serve or who sits where during State Dinner BUT First Lady do shoulder national responsibility by championing specific National Policies. If we genuinely want Malaysia to be politically mature , we should all encourage the wife of our PM to champion National Agenda and give her all our support. Read about Rosalynn Carter, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama and you will note how involved are First Ladies of America, the Mature Democracy in the world- in policy making or advocacy. Give Rosmah what ever title that you prefer First Lady or what ever, but I had rather have Rosmah emulating Rosalynn Carter or Hillary Clinton in assuming the role of Trendsetting First Lady rather than having her meeting friends and doing the usual gossips, karaoke and pocho-pocho. Well there are lots of fitnah against Rosmah, but to me those are signs of forces who fear her potent role as Trendsetting First Lady. Nevertheless these forces have to be managed to minimise their impacts. Remember , its unfortunate that lies and deceits sell very well ( Someone told me I was victim of poison pen letter . I did not know about it until recently .I underestimated its impact and chose to ignore it by not clarifying the issue with my ex boss who did not bother to ask me about it ) As for you Barking Magpie. I know you, I like you and I like what you are doing. Its the way we should serve our boss - with sincerity, dedication and loyalty. Keep up the good work.Worry not about Muhyuddin - what matters most is for Najib to make sure that the rakyat and every one is behind Najib to give Najib thumbs up for his leadership. Reflect on what Mahathir did when UMNO was banned , he nearly lost his Prime Ministership and UMNO war lords were about to turn their back against him. What he did was to make sure all NGOs, CSOs were in full support of him when they all visited him at Seri Perdana. He went to the grassroots and reach out for the rakyat. Overnight, all the "shaky UMNO warlords " returned in full force to pledge their undivided support for him. Have no fear when the Rakyat is With you - that was what I told Mat Taib when he faced political turmoil following his secret marriage. Najib, is blessed with good look and charisma though he may like do some workout to look slimmer like Obama. He will have the appeal to bring all the rakyat together to support him for what he could do to transform the country. It can be done, I know how to make it happen. NATIONAL RECONCILIATION PLAN (Mandela did that and he is now a living legend) Nevertheless, I hope his advisors would reflect and reengineer the way they do their work. It has to be Business Unusual for Najib. All the very best.


Saturday, August 20, 2011

A dangerous Troika, to get rid of Najib, is in the making??!


Ku Li

Makhlok Perosak!

According to Google, troika is a general meaning of the Russian word troika is three of a kind, a collection of three or simply the number three.
So let me cut to the chase all right, lately there has been a lot of write ups, innuendos, allusion and sadly rumours stating that Muhyiddin Yassin -- and Tengku Razaleigh and may be Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (thus the Troika) -- is ganging up against Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak for the top post!
Now then, there are rumours and there are rumours, but when it first came out we just scoffed it off as just an opposition ploy to draw a wedge between the PM and his Deputy, but today that rumours is taking a life of its own.
I managed to convey a message to the DPM through his close associate and my friend, whom I have known for over 30 years starting in Canada, that why is that a certain officer associated with the DPM has been known to go around maligning the PM and his wife.
I added if such malicious rumours spread by this certain officer associated with the DPM still persist then I have to believe the rumours to be sanctioned by the DPM about his boss.
The Troika, so it appears, to to ensure the prime minister fumbled and the "ball" be grabbed by his deputy with the help Ku Li or, as far fetched as it may seems, by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, I still cannot imagine in my mind how this will be done!
As a coveted trophy that anyone, including Ku Li and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, wants it is not impossible that the PM's deputy is trying his round about ways to discredit his boss.
If not, then Muhyiddin Yassin must do something real to ensure that he is one hundred percent behind Najib Tun Razak and Umno or the Malays can kiss their power of running the country good bye.
The Malays does not need anymore schism as it is now, with the rumours of a coup detat by Najib's deputy. So Muhyiddn please stand up in public and clarify, or sack your officer responsible in churning such rumours on your boss that you appear to be giving the green light to be spread around!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Frankly speaking we should not have evolved! Better off being a monkey or an ape!!?

Why? I would imagine there would be less destruction, be it mental or physical!
If evolution had stopped at us being a monkey or ape or orang utan, there would not have been the two wars, holocaust, nuclear bombs, chemical bombs, Hitler, Mussolini, Berlusconni, craving for fossil fuel, pornography, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, teen age pregnancies, paedophile, racism, Lim Guan Eng (and his father), Karpal and his children, gas guzzling Hummer, or yeah Arnold Schwarzenegger, bad karaoke singers, fake boobs, eeerr.....what else, CNN, BBC, Rupert Murdoch, David Cameron, John McCain, no Pippa Middleton (and she is not even attractive), err no me.
If evolution had stopped at us being monkey and ape, the war would have been a typical war, where we would chase each other clubbing one or two then eat the meat, like chimps and bonobos do now.
No riots in England, where people went on a rampage looting (someone actually got raped but nobody wants to focus on that), no famine in Africa, and no fake eggs! No ineffective Political Secretaries, no inept Press Secretaries...oh God the list can still go on!
No organised religions, where each will try to convince each other of how good one religion is!
No Chinese person hocking or spitting in a waste bins at every casino in the world where there are Chinese person gambling (now do not, repeat do not, go around calling me a racist, since only Chinese do this according to many casino managers.)
No crude and smelly Indians, and no ill-mannered and ingrate Malays who like to pretend they are Arabs, and no fake single malt in the market where many people drink and died!
No Paris Hilton, no the Khardasian sisters....or Donald Trump and his fox-head, oh so many if we had not evolved!
The point IS, I do not see any real point except what would have happened if we had not evolved! That's all??!! Happy Fasting and Happy gout season!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Let us soar high once again and to be proud of our national carrier!

Well Datuk Sri Tony Fernandes if MAS cannot do it please take over and make us proud again!
The headline of my posting is about AirAsia to take over MAS (its a done deal, might as well)!
I am writing this in a hotel room at Lester Pearson International airport, in Toronto.
You know as you go along in life you interact and meet many interesting people and as you get older you look back and be happy to acknowledge to yourself that you have had a good fortune of knowing this guy or that person.
I was introduced to Datuk Seri Tony by my good friend Datuk Rocky Bru and since then I have the opportunity of interacting with a man who dares win and to think big and made it through life and at the same time made Malaysia aviation industry a known player again...well not quite just yet to me! You have to have full control of MAS, if this airline is sliding to substandard condition!!
On a personal note I want to thank AirAsia for giving me a chance to visit places such as Menado, in Sulawesi, and Balik Papan in Indonesia, and Bali on a good and reasonably cheap fare. Prior to AirAsia I could only imagined and dreamt of such faraway places. MAS was not interested to such places as a destinations.
At Toronto airport, I was looking at the names of all the international airlines that fly to Canada: Names such as Singapore airlines, Eva Air, Etihad, Emirates for example were on the board, but Malaysia Airlines was not on the list.
Sometime I wonder why is it that our national carrier, that once upon a time compete with Singapore Airline, Jal, Qantas and many more famous brands, is now a pathetic airline as far as I am concerned. Is this a reflection of of how we managed our country's national assets??
Tony, please take over MAS and make it a member the Star Alliance, that exclusive airlines fraternity. Singapore is a member!! So why, to my mind, that MAS was allowed to slide into the same status as Air Mexicana, Vietnam Airline when we could have improved ours into an airline that the whole world will know.
As for people criticising you Tony, well you know what they say: Criticism is a form of envy!
You have done well for yourself, our aviation industry and you keep on going, just take over anything within the industry and improve it at your own pace!
I bet you MAS did not even think of Parit Buntar as you do, eh! I like that!
Cheers Tan Sri! You have my support as a Malaysian citizen!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What are we waiting for about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!! A leader of our own lawless minority!!!

This smirk has to be wiped out once and for all!

News update!

British Prime Minister David Cameron told his parliament that Britain's lawless minority needs to be checked and dealt with severely, and the police supports his statement. Those responsible, said Cameron, must be made answerable!! Meanwhile in Malaysia, the government is still being coerced, bullied, cajoled and blackmailed into submission by our own lawless minority led by BABI. We, the silent majority, cannot take it any longer, something must be done!

We chased after terrorists and enemies of the state like Chin Peng and his gang, and many others! Why couldn't the government go after one man who has caused countless damage to the country, to the government and dividing Malaysians into serious and dangerous racial divide, that this country has ever experienced since My 13!
Is it because we are afraid because this man is protected or perceived to be protected by the super power? Personally I don't think they give a damn!!
But why are we so afraid from a man who organized demonstrations against the government of the day causing millions of ringgit in income from petty traders and causing investors shying away from Malaysia and still showing that smirk saying "I can do what I can" and "catch me if you can?"
Yes we are talking about Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!!
As a citizen of this country I do not feel safe when he is around inflicting mayhem to the society and country and I am also afraid this present government is not brave enough to tackle this problem!
Personally speaking I am angry and fed up!
I want this man to be charged and sentenced for good.
In London Prime Minister David Cameron is bend on catching those involved in organizing the riots that caused a lost of lives and properties and the police there made a pledge when caught these perpetrators will be dealt with severely!
I wish we can say the same! But we a re afraid!!

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

First it was Lady's Choice now its Starbucks, what's next!?

First it was Lady's Choice! And it wasn't true?!

Now it's Starbucks? Come on!

We do know how powerful Internet can be as a tool nowadays, so we have said many times to remind us to be responsible in what we write, right!? Well, wrong!
I saw a site that says Starbucks, an alleged Jewish owned chained and I don't understand why the writer had to mention that is so as a fact I don't know, that the coffee sold at this popular coffee chain is laced with pork product.
This may be enough for Muslims in the country to panic or to not patronise this international coffee chain.
I dread to think that there is an agenda behind this sudden anti-Starbucks campaign, for I love Starbucks coffee especially the long black in a mug, I always ordered that at Bangsar Village One.
I just hope that there was no malice intended by the blogsite in particular when feeding us with such information.
On serious note, we have to stop this anti-Jewish stance,it is not helping Malaysia. BTW Starbucks is doing so well in the Gulf states in the middle-east and I have no idea what is the agenda behind this what appears to be a sudden anti-Starbucks campaign!
I still remember many years ago how Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) ordered a campaign against a product called Lady's Choice (owned by Unilever if am not mistaken) saying the jelly jam used pork product. The product was later given a clean bill of health after some checking!
Later on we found out that BABI was angry with this particular company for not complying with his request! The request was a donation of a large sum of money in which Lady's Choice said Nyet, it means no!
For the sake of reducing our state of paranoia, especially during this fasting month, I hope the site that alleges Starbucks is a Jewish-owned company is feeding pork to Muslims in this country to double check its information!