Friday, September 30, 2011

"Undilah" public service announcement smells a rat!


Let me cut to the chase, I have never considered Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah to be a potential Malay leader with enormous caliber or charisma as in the same category as Tunku, Tun Razak, or Tun Mahathir or Dato' Seri Najib, or even Tun Hussein.
In my mind eyes I simply could not visualise Tengku Razaleigh as a potential Malay leader to be entrusted in looking after my people (Malaysians that is, make no mistake here) and to look after my country (speaking on my behalf that is)!
I have never gotten a satisfying answer from him when he was a finance minister during the BMF scandal where billions of ringgit of Malaysian money that got ripped off in Hongkong.
A Bank Bumiputra auditor by the name of Jalil Ibrahim, was sent to Hongkong to investigate he was found murdered in a banana grove near Tau Pu Kau, in the New Territory in Hongkong then. I was there and I prayed for his soul hoping to set it free.
I also remember interviewing the late Jalil's wife and she told me then that two things she would teach her children, one, to hate the Malays and two, to hate Bank Bumiputra! I would not blame her for that for I could feel thepain that she had to go through with the brutal death if her husband.
As journalist then we were told not to ask too probing a question on the BMF fiasco, big fiasco indeed, when Tengku Razaleigh was the finance minister. Read here on the BMF fiasco if you wish!
What prompted me to dig out the past?! Well, it started when I saw Tengku Razaleigh was in a YouTube in a purported Public Service Announcement video but undoubtedly produced by the opposition, about trying to garner votes from the young.
He was featured saying that there are a lot of problem in this country and that he assumed everyone knows what these problems! He said new voters are needed to change the situation.
Then the video features many opposition members, known corporate figure and one very unpopular Chinese deputy minister of education from the BN component party, a badly brought up rabid Chinese rapper and two very fat and ugly Malay comedians. And unfortunately my two favorite people -- good friends Tony Fernandez and Yasmin Yusuf-- were also featured!
I have for once have to agree to an also a much less popular minister by the name of Rais Yatim who was quoted as saying the video was taken off the air because it allegedly portrays Malaysia a a country with too many problems. "My Ministry does not accept the video. It is not appropriate to be shown."
Kesimpulan nya Tengku Razaleigh, which country in the world that is actually free problems.
But, for a seasoned politician like Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah, he should have known better not to be a pawn to the opposition!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Malays deserve to be in what state of shit being they are in now!

The Malays will be driven out of their country just like this! And no neighbouring countries will take them as boat people, if they escape from the Chinese by boats!!

What do the Malays expect if they allow the non-Malays -- Chinese, Indian and others -- to successful insulting, bullying and cajoling them into being a village idiot, because they can?!
Make no mistake that the non-Malays will not stop in their quest to wrest power from the Malays and thus far they have succeeded.
Take a look at Singapore, Penang and Selangor, (Perak almost) the non-Malays are in power and when they did the first thing they do is to change anything that will entrench their position and to make sure that the power that they have just wrested from the stupid Melayu stays.
Remember the old adage: united we stand divided we fall! The Malays are totally disunited!! They have fallen and unless they get up very quickly, they are doomed.
I have no idea on how to make the Melayus/Malays understand the serious predicament that they are in, which is very bad. If the Chinese take control of this country I can guarantee that they will be much worse than the Bintang Tiga was, already is where in Penang the Malays and bumiputras there are already been disenfranchise and alienated! Wake up Morons!
Very bad that you find a Chinese leader going around the world bad-mouthing the Malay kingdom, rules and government, and an Indian leader who wanted the flag of Malaysia to be changed with a rocket to be incorporated on his new version Federal flag, and a young rapper going viral throughout the Internet swearing and cursing at anything Malays??!!
And here we have the Malay community being manipulated by people like sex-maniac BABI and sarong clad morons like Nik Aziz and Hadi Awang and when we have Umno leaders making money for their own happiness only?! And all of these have to stop.
Umno leaders, and Cabinet ministers have to repent and think that when they have been elected to manage the country that is what they must do nothing else.
I have yet to understand why Ummo leaders and ministers like Shaziman, Nazri, and many more of these so called Malays "leaders" without caliber are being entrusted to look after the well being of the Malays, Malaysians and the country?? When they should be sacked many times over!!?
If anyone is bothered over what I have just said you all can go to hell, after all we the Malays are already in one!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Give those born after independence a bumiputra status....!

You can defy the odds and you can do it sir and we will support you!

The future: Make it meaningful for them!

May be I am getting old and senile, but I am all for it!!
Now that ISA and other draconian laws have been repealed the prime minister must do more. Now that we have a brave prime minister who dares to be brave and he should be more bold by making those born after Malaysia's independent day a bumiputra.
Actually, the debate about giving a bumiputra status for Malaysians born after independent day is well received.
This DAP chap, Manoharan, may be an ar#eh*le but a posting I made about his comment in 2009 was well received in my blogsite. Read here!
He said: "I want to meet the prime minister to propose that we accord Bumiputra status to all Malaysians born here after August 31, 1957 to dismantle racial barrier."
Well the bad news is Mano you cannot and are not qualified to see the PM for being an ars..ole but your suggestion must be seriously considered.
As for your assertion bro that the Jalur Gemilang should be change to a flag that resemble a flag of your temple of your choice, and for that you should be strung up upside downlike Mussolini on his last days of fascism in Rome!!
Back to bumi status for all Malaysians born after independence, with due respect my prime minister, this suggestion should at least be debated constructively.
As ars..h.le Mano also said the Malay provision in our constitution will not be touched but giving bumiputra status to those post-independence Malaysia but it is a sure and a one positive step towards your OneMalaysia concept!

Salaam One Malaysia!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Damned if you do, and damned if you dont!

For Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak, it is a case of damned if you and damned if you don't! But someone has to do it.
I am talking about scrapping the two Acts--ISA and Banishment-- deemed draconian and previous prime ministers have considered these acts as a bane to their offices.
However, these two acts serve the purpose that is to make the country safe from elements constantly trying to overthrow the government of the day and disrupt and to tear our unique social fabrics.
ISA and the Banishment Acts will be replaced by other acts that will serve the purpose of keeping our country together, when passed these two acts will be in the same line as the US Patriot Act and the British and Singapore version of the ISA and rest assured when enacted these acts will behave more the carte blanche ISA!
So draconian is that I could not imagined I would be restricted to live in a small district like Machang, for example, and I would not be allowed to step out of the perimeter for say five years, and if did my sentence will be doubled?
I would prefer the proverbial US justice system of wearing an electronic ankle bracelet and this way we track down the "animals" where ever they would be roaming!

Friday, September 16, 2011

It is a beautiful day for all...and bye bye to ISA!

Najib delivering his message.

Thursday, September 15th 2011, a day that I will have no difficulty to remember! I woke up to a truly a glorious morning when the sky was blue, the clouds were snow white and the air was fresh, where you can see all the details of the leaves of the many Raintrees near my place!
That day was the first day of greatness after so many days of haze and pollutants and depression, the days where I did not fancy waking up and knowing I have to breathe foul air of Kuala Lumpur.
That evening at his Malaysia Day message to the nation, Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak stunned everyone, I am very sure including his detractors, that among other things future Malaysia would do away with the Internal Security Act (ISA), that draconian piece of legislation that has been a bane to our existence. An act that was designed to curb enemies of the states from destroying the fabrics of our society.
Who would think it but never underestimate the thinking power of Najib, who has been described by his detractors with many superlatives!
Just as the message was over, I received a message asking whether it was true, even his cabinet ministers, especially the Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein, only knew five minutes before Najib delivered his message!? Then I told the message sender that he might be a confirmed moron!!
The journey to discuss the dissolution of the two acts, ISA and the Banishment Act, especially started more than two years ago. Among the discussions that Najib had with his closest and trusted aides were the scrapping of these two acts.
Sorry to burst your bubble, Opposition, the announcement was not made because of your pressure, please give us a break. Already an opposition member made an announcement that Najib plagiarised the announcement that was supposed to be made by the opposition...frankly I am tired of their rhetoric.
Make no mistake, but Najib is committed to making political transformation in the country and not pressured by any quarters especially the opposition, to do so!
Hei! For whatever its worth, should be a lot, merry and many Happy Malaysia Day to everyone!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Racist Namewee!!...What happens to this little Chinese boy!

A Malay looking little Chinese racist from Muar!

I would love to make a racist video attacking any stereotype Chinese character that I can think of, like the way they shoveled their chopsticks into their mouth when they eat, or when they hock and spit to the ground.
When after over 50 years of independence and some still cannot even speak the national language sigh! What can I say, but I will and can never do all of the above, for the sake of sensitivity, in view of our multi-racial setting etc!
Then along came this little Chinese racist named Wee Meng Chee or otherwise known as Namewee, from Muar, who once said in public that the muslim calls for prayers were like cock crowing...he equates and belittles a religious practices without compunction.
No I do not think the Prime Minister Najib Razak will ever see him at any event, even at the risk of losing Chinese votes from Muar.
A racist like this little Chinese boy is what makes a Lim Guan Eng of Lim KIt Siang of the future, a racist shit like this one must be isolated like isolating a bad gene to save the rest of the body!
May shit be on you little Chinese boy from Muar, who looks like a Malay BTW, for what happened to you when you were young only you know, but tell me again why you do not look Chinese?

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kalau zaman dahulu kala orang Melayu senang dibodohkan ....zaman sekarang pun sama jugak!

Kampung Melayu zaman dahukala kat Tahjung Tokong, Pulau Pinang, dan orang Melayu kat sana sekarang pun sama!

Orang Melayu ini ada berbanyak bentuk, ada yang serupa berok macam Mat Sabu, dan ada serupa muka orang jual minyak atar saperti Saudara Anwar Bin Ibrahim (SABI).
Mereka berdua ni melambangkan atau mengambarkan betapa sengit nya kedudukan Bangsa Melayu yang menyokong pemimpin yang serba sadikit nya yang memang tidak lengkap.
Mat Sabu menipu mengatakan kan Polis Melayu yang mati di Bukit Kepong tu bukan berhkidmat untuk Bangsa Melayu tetapi untuk Bangsa Orang Puteh, Mat Sabu tak ambil kira sensitiviti perasaan keturunan mangsa Bukit Kepong yang dibunuh oleh China Bintang Tiga.
Sekarang pulak banyak orang orang Melayu yang bodoh, makna nya mereka yang tak berkemampuan berfikir kerana otak dah bengap, yang percaya pulak pada Mat Sabu!
Kemudian keluar pulak video sek SABI, dan pakar pakar tertentu telah mengsahkan kan video seks tu video tulin yang bukan video tipu, maseh banyak orang Melayu yang masih percaya SABI ini sa orang yang warak dan alim.
Kesimpulan nya mereka berdua ini sebagai contoh, sudah di beli oleh keturunan Bintang Tiga, bagi menghuru harakan Bangsa Melayu yang masih mahu dan membiarkan diri mereka di perbodohkan lagi!
Memang lah bangsa Melayu ini bangsa yang malang! Saya harap bangsa Melayu akan bangun dan celik kan mata bahawasa nya jika mereka tidak, negeri ini akan di perintah oleh keturun China Bintang Tiga dan jika Melayu tidak memerintah lagi, sebagai contoh nya, Masjid Negara akan menjadi pusat parti DAP dan menara Masjid Negara akan di cat merah menjadi bentuk Roket!

Melayu hai Melayu bangun lah dari tidur mu dan lepas itu kurang kan makan belacan, cincalok dan budu ye!

Saturday, September 03, 2011

On Najib... Malaysiakini again reporting with malice intended!

Like everyone else he also deserves a downtime!

Penang descendant of Bintang Tiga Lim Guan Eng was, or still is, in China during Merdeka Day, he had no reason to go there except to make a point that he is indeed a descendant of the bloody Bintang Tiga!! He went to China to tell his big boss that the Chinese succeeded taking another Malay state in Malaysia!


Only the descendants of the murderous Bintang Tiga at Malaysiakini can come out with another damaging story insinuating the prime minister of this country is irresponsible leaving the country on Merdeka Day. To begin with the National Day on August 31st was off, since the whole country was on leave due to Hari Raya.
The National Day for is year has been pushed forward to Sept 16th, to be celebrated together with Merdeka Day. Seriously the is no problem here, except some descendants of the notorious murderous Bintang Tiga at Malaysiakini decided to make an issue out of PM leaving the country -- for a knee treatment!
According to an officer with the Prime Minister Office, Prime Minister Dato' Sri Najib Razak had to go to Perth, Australia, to seek intensive therapy treatment for his knee that was operated upon recently.
"The intensive therapy will improve the condition of his operated knee. The PM is taking a short break but will be back in time to celebrate our National Day on Sept 16, and there is nothing sinister, irresponsible nor is there anything wrong in seeking a treatment so that the prime minister can ease his nagging knee problem," said the officer.
The officer added that it was an opportune time for him to go for the treatment since there was no official Merdeka Day celebration on August 31st.
So Malaysiakini, or rather Stephen Gan my friend, just apologise and tell your reader that you story was full of malice intended. For the record Perth has got a good program in sports medicine. Give the man a break!! He is also entitled for a downtime especially to recover from an operation!!

Friday, September 02, 2011

The Chinese Bintang Tiga did try to seize control of Malaya!

Yes Chauvinist-Chinese via the Kuomintang Party have been trying to control this neck of the woods since time immemorial. A book "The Kuomintang Movement In British Malaya 1912-1949". Probably a good book to read and probably have some information on how the Chinese planned and tried to seize control of Malaya!
Chin Peng wanted to be the Supreme Leader of Malaya, a pipe dream indeed!

Wonder how many Malays they have killed!

The bloody and outrageous history involving the majority-Chinese chauvinist-cum-racist led Bintang Tiga group (in real fact they were the Kuomintang stragglers that were left behind to do their bidding) were intentionally or unintentionally left blurred to Malaysians.
Especially to the chagrin of the Malays who seek the truth on why there are still so many chauvinist Malaysian-Chinese subscribing to an equally chauvinist anti-Malay party pretending to be a liberal one.
The darkest period, darker than the Japanese occupation it was said, was when the Japanese had surrendered and the British were late in coming to fill in the 14 days vacuum. It took British Military Administration 14 days, and for 14 days the Bintang Tiga, which disguised themselves as the Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, or Malayan Communist Party (CPM)led by Chin Peng and his anti-British and anti-Malay marauders, went on rampage killing thousands of Malays.
My own uncle was placed in a gunny sack and hung and about ready to be skewered with sharp bamboo shaft and not until my late mother had to sell some land to pay for his life.
The Bintang Tiga Chinese officer who dragged my uncle into the gunny sack to be killed was his old child hood friend from the same village, so go figure on this one, eh!
Meanwhile, the Bintang Tiga wanted to take over the country to destroy the monarchy by killing them, and to take over but were not successful, thank God!.
The late Sultan of Pahang was saved in a nick of time from being ambushed by the Bintang Tiga, and the Bintang Tiga also went into the Istana Seri Menanti looking for the father of the present ruler to be executed.
When the British came to resume power the Malays were prevented from taking revenge against the Bintang Tiga stragglers who have innocently assimilated into the rest of the Chinese population on Ipoh, Batu Pahat, in Grik and just pick any Chinese town and rest assured the murderous Bintang Tiga members were there, trying to go legit.
Today, as far as I am concerned, the Bintang Tiga has taken a different form they have regroup and they have managed to form a country down south, and controled Penang where, like how the Malays were told when Bintang Tiga was in power for 14 days that they cannot pray loudly.
Meanwhile the Malays led by power-hungry Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who is doing anything and everything in his power to stupid-fy the Malays and fragmenting the Malays, and while the ugly looking sarong clad PAS leaders who think they are Arabs, are trying to convince the Malays that they are in fact Arabs.
In the final analysis, the onus is on the Malays themselves to decide and to understand why they must be united and to be still supporting Umno, or they have no chance in hell to call this country their own again ever!