Friday, December 30, 2011

Politics of Instigation and Agitation – Anwar at his best!

Anwar Dajjal!

Here we go again. Haven’t we seen this before? This is classic Anwar at work.

Those who are familiar with his style of politics would know he is a master of instigating the public into street protests, frenzy and riots.

This is a man who does not care about anything except himself. Here is a man who spent his political career in Umno, enriching himself and enjoying the powers of a DPM but now project himself as a man of the people.

There are enough video evidence to show how he has mocked and belittled PAS and DAP but now he sleeps with them, convincing them that they will be in Putrajaya but of course, he will be the PM.

This is the former education minister who ordered the crosses to be removed from all Christian mission schools but today, there are plenty of churches who think he is the Messiah who will save them.

He was also the minister who wanted to put non-Chinese speaking headmasters in Chinese schools but the DAP has closed their eyes and ears, preferring to rewrite history, be selective in their memories and see him as their hope.

This the man who talks about morality by claiming all those sex tapes were doctored and that he isn’t the man in these videos.

There are of course enough idiots who believed this evil man.

Anwar talks about accountability and his hatred of corruption but we know that how many cronies he built up and the fortune he has amassed.

Maybe Azmin Ali want to take us on a tour of his garage and see how many Porsches he has.

In the run up to the January 9 court decision, he has been touring the country in his typical pre-emptive strikes to tell his listeners that he has been fixed up.

No, he is not a sodomist, No, he is not an adulterer. Sure, he is an imam muda, just like many brain-washed Pakatan Rakyat idiots would believe.

He has sent SMS, e-mails and flyers to the public instigating them to an uprising on Jan 9.

One does not need to be a psychologist to know what are the hidden messages behind all the posters and leaflets.

He is asking the public to revolt. He does not care about the consequences or public safety.

This portal urges the authorities not to fall into his trap. He wants the police to arrest the protestors and his accomplices – the western media and Malaysiakini – are only too eager to show the world that Malaysia is dictatorial.

Let his men go wild. The police should just stand and watch. Let’s see how far they can go.

Let’s see whether those who support protests and demonstrations would still back him if things goes off tangent.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Malays will be forced to perform for tourists if chauvinist Chinese-DAP comes to power!

The Malays will be performing to tourists like these aboriginal people of Taiwan, who are strongly related to the Malay-Austronesian grouping, if Chinese DAPwere to come to power in Malaysia!

The aboriginal children of Taiwan, they do not look Chinese.

Her ancestors were killed by the Kuomintang!

Similarly, this is how our Malay-Muslim women will look like if PAS comes to power!

"Racist countries are those with intended policy by majority to suppress minority and this is what UMNO has always been an expert in this label. December 28, 2011 9:46 AM"

I started this new posting with a quote above, made by one of the many anonymous people commenting in my blog. In this trying times, comments in cyberspace are most likely made by the "enemies of the state" so to speak.
There are no racist countries in the world, but the majority of the countries in the world do practice ethnocentrism in favour of the majority when running or controlling a country.
Last year I was in Uruguay. I found out the Spanish came to conquer the land and to do that effectively and successfully they had to decimate the entire population of the aboriginal or native people of the land.
Today in this country, you cannot find a single native person not in the city, nor, for that matter, in the entire country. Asked any government official there about this, and they will feel the shame and their interaction with you on the subject will be filled with guilt. But it is too late!
Even in a great country like the USA, if we are open minded and smart enough to accept it, many of the government policies are based on the feelings of the majority of the White Anglo Saxon Protestants (WASP) so their values still dominate that great country.
Well, yes, USA may have a black president now, but being a black president in the turbulent sea of WASPy values, even Obama has admitted being a black president in a white dominated country is a tremendous chore.
Our opposition here, DAP mainly, uses Singapore as a good example of how minority Malays are being treated well. Well, we also feed our captive pets when we feel like it, every two days or three?
Australia mistreats its aboriginal people, but our opposition parties hardly ever condemn this country which once boasted its openly White Policy only on immigration. Well guess what, I was told the open White Policy is now not "practised" anymore.
Do you see minority non-Malays being persecuted in this majority Malay-Muslim society and government? Well if you do, have your head checked, or have an open mind and check the demographic make-up of Kuala Lumpur and all the major towns in Malaysia, and guess what they are all owned and inhabited by the mainly "persecuted and supressed" Chinese population.
So I am not sure how some one can ever surmise that Malaysian majority Malays are suppressing minority Chinese of Indians and others.
So in the end Malaysia, like any other one-race dominated system, can only have policies that are deemed to be seen made only for the majority-centric society, when others are also being looked after.
Unlike when Kuomintang, under Chiang Kai Shek, fled to nearby island of Formosa (now Taiwan) after being kicked out by Communist Mao Tse Tong, Chiang Kai Shek ordered the decimation of the original inhabitants.
The horror of ethnic cleansing inflicted by the Kuomintang on the original inhabitants of this island has long been suppressed. Today these original people of Taiwan, who have a similar linguistic grouping to the Malay group, read here, now live in the mountains and only perform for tourism.
Meanwhile, in this country while we welcomed other races to share our land, they are now bold enough to ask for the rights to also become paramount rulers and the prime minister.
They are also bold enough to want to change the constitution of the country to suit them, the minority! Guess what, I call these people a bunch of Kiasu Ingrate!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Yes, government of the day! Deal with the African problem now...or else!

One day they will do this!

We are not a xenophobic bunch, we allow all kinds to come in this beautiful country to make a living, but lately Africans, bad Africans and many of them, have been getting brazenly bold to locals like me.
The other day in a packed lift two very tall Africans were talking very loudly in a small space were told, by me, that they have to lower their voice down, and guess of them say "what is your problem" very loudly.
And I stood up and said the problem is with you people coming here not respecting the norms and mores of our country. They tried to intimidate me, and like a gorilla I knew they were doing just that to intimidate.
Out of the unexpected, one of them apologised, but I did not let them get off scot free and I insisted what they do here and like a fucking big animals they just walked off.
This happened at Bangsar Village One.
The point is how many of us are daring enough to stand up for what we are! We see big black menacing African we shy away from them, and like any fucking animals they can sense our fear of them, as in a nature of the beast they take that advantage.
Blogger Outsyed the Box has a thing or two to say about these menacing African who came here to this nice country and bully people. Read here.
Meanwhile the government entrusted to look after our interest and safety appears not to be doing anything. We have to have a strong resolve to curb this African menace,and yes unlike the Koreans, Bangladeshis and others, for they are really pissing me off so bad.
So the government of the day please do something to round these people up and deport them before the rakyat takes matter in their own hand and something really bad will happen to them where ever they are if no action is taken.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

PAS and DAP started out as a racist fanatical parties and they still are!

A good man but beleive in everything Malay and Islam!

In 1947 Malays of all political affiliation and ideology got together at Gunung Semanggul, in Perak, to discuss Malay unity and how to ensure Malay rights in the country.
The mostly Malay-Muslim religious leaders were against the encroachment 0f non-Malays in the country's economy and this viewed as threat to Malay rights. Read here...
This moderate Malays under Umno, headed by Dato Onn Jaafar found out his party's aims and goals were contrary to Islamic-based Malay religious leaders, so Umno struck on its own.
British administration of Malaya was also wary of fundamentalist Malay religious movement and did a silent "purge" on these Malay religious fanatics.
In 1948 many of these fanatics joined Umno and along the way they could not get along with the more moderate Malays headed by the party founding father Onn Jaafar, so it broke away and formed an Islamic-based party, Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party (PMIP) and later it was known as PAS.
So the gist here is PAS has always advocated a pure Malay-Muslim country, and has always believe the immigrant Chinese and Indians were a cursed to the country. Umno on the other hand had always believe in One Malaya, as similar to One Malaysia today.
Well, the rest you know is ,a nasty British History, that is another story. Had Onn Jaafar succeeded in absorbing non-Malays into Umno the country would be different today, then again that isalso another history.
The point to remember here is PAS, and now PKR, has always been a racist, Islamic-ethnocentric party that viewed Non-Muslims as heretic and that view is still being held high by the party until today.......but not and never allowed to be expressed in public!!
Like DAP, which is a chauvinist Chinese based Chinese party, it is having an unnatural pact with PAS and PKR, another racist Malay-based party led by a racist better believe this...that will sell their souls to the Devil just to be in power.
Let me draw you very simple scenario: If PAS is in power the Chinese had better think of finding another country to live in, if PKR is in power it will also propagate its Muslim-Malay values and concept.
The choice is for Malaysians to use their common sense!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Here is one for my compatriot Fabian, an award-winning person of many things!

What he could not achieve here he did it so well in Canada! Well done buddy!

Let us help Fabian in his quest to stop that perpetual beastly tradition of "honour killing":-


Vancouver, BC - A new book by award-winning Vancouver newspaper editor Fabian Dawson, Justice for Jassi, documents the brief but inspiring life of Jassi Sidhu - a beautiful young girl from Maple Ridge, BC who was killed by her family for falling in love and marrying a man they did not approve of.
About Justice for Jassi
Jassi Sidhu was only 25 when she sacrificed her life for love. Her family did not approve of the man she married. They hired killers and delivered her an ultimatum: stay with him and die. For Jassi, a life without love was not worth living. Eleven years after her murder, her message still resounds today. Her family, meanwhile, still walks free...
How To Help
- Please sign the petition at: and share it through your facebook and twitter feeds.
- Click on the Faceshare and Tweet links on the and follow from there.
For Jassi, love was her light - help us spread her message.
This may be the only justice she ever receives...
For background coverage on this story
Follow on Twitter: @justice4jassi

Saturday, December 10, 2011

In the interest of the party, BN, and the upcoming general elections, Shahrizat must go!

Shahrizat, do the right thing, just resign!


Then it occurred to me why we have to succumb to opposition dirty tactics in smearing any member of the ruling party, when the sad part is some of us fall for it but the opposition under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is even more full of real scandals and wrong doing.
We must also bear in mind that when Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was in the government he made off with billions of ringgit and tried to make a deal with the World Bank to enslave Malaysia. Also had Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim succeeded in running the country our natural resources would also be in the hand and control of big Multi-National Corporations.
Back to Shahrizat, if she decided to step down she must put in place the Wanita movement properly and effectively so not to scuttle her movement!


"Earlier, Umno supreme council member Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin asked for Shahrizat to resign following the controversy surrounding the NFC, which received a RM250 million soft loan from the government. The company is run by Shahrizat's family, which has denied allegations that the project had failed, or that it had misappropriated money."

In 1985, the Canada Fisheries Minister John Fraser, under the conservative prime minister, Brian Mulroney, was forced to resign over a Tuna-gate controversy.

Fraser was caught closing one eye when allowing a canned tuna factory to process contaminated canned tuna meant for export. Even though he knew about the contaminated canned tuna yet he allowed the factory to sell them, thus damaging the credibility of the government of the day.

According to Wikipedia there were many scandals with the -gate suffix beginning the well known Watergate, see here! So over a public outcry this particular Canadian minister had to go over this Tunagate fiasco.

Back here, Shahrizat Abdul Jalil must go, and a strong resolve from the government and party's leadership is needed to do this. So Najib, just take the bull by the horns and rattle them, and live like a warrior.

Two prominent Umno members of parliament, one a minister, and a former prime minister have expressed their thought over the NFCgate, and that Shahrizat must go and also in view of her name that has been grossly tainted over the controversy surrounding her husband company NFC.

The moral of the story is the government must been seen to be credible and any member of the government that cast doubt over this credibility therefore, he or she, must go at all cost!

Below is one of the many articles on the subject:

PUTRAJAYA (Dec 6, 2011): It is up to the Umno leadership to decide whether Women, Family and Community Development Minister Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil (pix) stays or goes following the controversy surrounding her husband’s National Feedlot Centre.

Federal Territory Umno deputy chairman Datuk Raja Nong Chik Zainal Abidin, who is also Federal Territory Minister, said this after launching the Greater Kuala Lumpur/Klang Valley Tender Alert System (G-TAS) at his ministry today.

Raja Nong Chik said that Umno leadership must seriously look into the controversy that has put the party in bad light.

“The party leadership must decide on her position and it is up to them to decide,” he said.

“In fact, an investigation is ongoing on the matter and we should also wait for it (to be concluded),” he said.

“But the Opposition has raised a lot of issues on this,” he said, adding that Shahrizat’s position as Umno Wanita chief can only be decided by the top brass.

Raja Nong Chik is the latest Umno leader to comment on the issue.

Earlier, Umno supreme council member Datuk Bung Mokhtar Radin asked for Shahrizat to resign following the controversy surrounding the NFC, which received a RM250 million soft loan from the government. The company is run by Shahrizat's family, which has denied allegations that the project had failed, or that it had misappropriated money.

On Monday, Cheras Umno division chairman Datuk Wira Syed Ali Alhabsee said Shahrizat should consider stepping down for the good of the party.

He said Shahrizat should not wait to be told to do so or asked to leave by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Thursday, December 08, 2011

More like Zulkifli should come out and tell the truth!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim and Yusuf Qardawi.

Zulkifli....haunted by his conscience but he came out all right!

Member of Parliament for Kulim-Bandar Baru, Datuk Zulkifli Noordin has admitted lying to the world to save his once much idolised leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim from a sodomy case.

He recently went public admitting he lied to a top Muslim Brotherhood and a renowned Islamic cleric, Yusuf Qardawi that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was maligned by the government in a still an ongoing sodomy case involving Anwar's aide Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Zulkifli said:"Because…we wish to inform (that) it was true we had deceived Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi into believing that Anwar had been slandered.”

He also said, as reported in a blogsite called Benchmark, as Anwar’s lawyer, he had prepared biased questions to elicit the fatwa from Yusuf Al Qardawi in 2009. According to him, he was responsible in preparing the questions, which sided Anwar and hiding the truth about the complainant, Mohd Saiful.

“I was the one who gave the briefing and prepared the questions couched in specific forms to persuade and convince Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi that Anwar had been slandered…that was how it was pictured.

“We completely avoided the truth about the case, (for example) that Saiful was Anwar’s employee…we didn't tell him about Saiful complaining that he had been sodomised.

“We (only) described that there was slander in this sodomy case. When he understood the way we put it, Syeikh Yusuf Qardawi immediately issued the ‘Qazaf’ fatwa,”

Zulkifli, who was one of Anwar’s defence lawyers in the sodomy I trial (1998), also admitted what he did was wrong and sinful because he went to the extent of lying to the "respected cleric" just to save Anwar’s reputation and image.

“Looking back, we find we have committed much sin relating to this matter…to the extent that we even had the audacity to deceive a cleric of such stature in believing that the issue faced by Anwar was one of slander – an issue that needed to be addressed through Qazaf.

In retrospect, it is refreshing to know a person like Zulkifli admitting he was made used of by his "leader" and that he went out an extra mile to defend his him but in the end he realised he was being made use of.

OnceI met Zulkifli in Istanbul Zulkifli an d he said others who have been made use of by Brother Anwar should come forth and repent and exposed the man.

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Umno, a prince and leeches!

Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz, a very bright young man, but must choose his words carefully from now on!

Sometimes we know of a bad situation but are afraid to spell it out, out of fear of being chastised or condemned for being brave enough to tread where no one dares.

At the recent Umno assembly the presidential speech was inspiring, Umno president Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak did not mince his words when explaining the future of Umno and the position of the Malays in the country, and what Umno members are expected to do.

He said, to paraphrase him, Umno members must be truthful when carrying out their missions to uplift the position of the Malays within the country sincerely, and to be a genuine caring leaders but not to be a drag to the party in view of the anticipated General Elections.

One assembly after another an ordinary Malay like me would hear the same Umno rhetoric and semantics during the speeches made at the grand hall at Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), and many of us have to put up with a lot of that same old tirades....same old, same old!

After the assemblies and after a general election many, trust me very many, in the country will be left in a lurch after fiery promises were made to help that did not materialise.

Some, not all, Umno politicians will forever be engaged in active business ventures and raking in millions, and just check around for many of these Umno politicians who are indeed a bunch of leeches living beyond their means, with fancy houses and fancy cars and going on very expensive holidays.

Some even have houses that can make many palaces in the country look like kindergarten. Just go to Damansara Heights and you can see how our Umno politicians live.

So it is to no surprise that some of us mere mortals, including a prince, have come to the conclusion that some of these Umno politicians are a bunch of leeches, sucking the blood of the country's economy without compunction.

I personally know of an Umno division head who is raking one contract after another from a ministry, and he does it without playing by the rules. So if some of us decide to call them a bunch of blood sucking leeches....actually I have to agree with such assertions!

Recently, a columnist with the Star newspaper, Tunku 'Abidin Muhriz, who is also member of the Negri Sembilan royalty dare to say it as it is. Read the first column he wrote alluding to some Umno members as being blood sucking leeches, here!

Describing his jaunt in a jungle with the Volunteer Force, he alluded to a leech that fell on his neck trying to suck his blood, to be some of the Umno delegates that are akin to these bloodsucking creature.

Tunku 'Abidin is just expressing some of us Malays have known all along. He did not say anything new and what we have already known. Unfortunately for him his choice of words have offended some of the "demi-Gods" within Umno.

But seriously, I believe Najib is trying to do everything within in his limited power to curb bad practices within Umno, and also from the ruling coalition. I believe if this country has to move forward with Malays as the backbone of the country, we do need to get rid of the leeches that have stuck on to the sacred body of Umno, sucking the blood...almost dry.

If we alluded further, leeches can be easily gotten rid of just by applying many remedies and one of the most effective remedy is salt.

To the prime minister, remember this little piece of wisdom that says "certain measures are beyond good manners" so for you sir you have to use all means to get rid of these nagging and wriggly problems for Umno and Malays to move forward!

BTW since the column by Tunku 'Abidin, he has since apologised over his remarks made, read here! I hope he has learned a lesson when alluding to any sensitive subjects such as Umno.
I know like any other Malaysians, he meant well when he wrote his column . And I know this young man is full of the zest for life, but he needs to be careful of his choice of words. Especially so when his father is the ruler of the state.

From now on we do not want his comments on his column be be exploited by the opposition and for this Tunku 'Abidin must be aware all the time.

Daulat Tuanku!