Saturday, January 14, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is in favour of abolishment of, what he considers, "cruel" and an "antiquated" sodomy law!

What do we expect from a nutter!

In an interview with the BBC on the 12th Jan, 2012, Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was asked whether he supports pro-gay groups calling for, among other things, the getting rid of what was considered as an antiquated sodomy law of the country.
He said, in his heavy Arab-accented accent, that he is i n favour of the call by this pro-gay group to abolish such law and reiterated that such a law could not be used against innocent people being accused committing sodomy.
First of all this man is a nutter, he implies the system uses the "antiquated sodomy law" to persecute him, but the fact of the matter is this so called "antiquated law" was used to prosecute him because he was accused of committing such act.
No law created deems antiquated, other wise there will be chaos. A certain law may look unnecessary but I am sure there is a reason for it to be created.
Such a stupid law, for example, is that it is illegal, in one state in the US, to jump from a moving plane without a parachute, is it really such a stupid law?! Well it was described that a person jumping from a moving plane as illegal because he/she might fall over a property on another human being so the law was made to protect those on the ground. (The last time I hear the law is still in te book of this state, as stupid as it may looks, it is there for a reason.)
In the case of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim I am not a bit surprised if he is a bit off-kilter lately!
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Anonymous said...

You r wrong I m right, I m right You r a shithead;

Who said this?? "I have no doubt in my mind that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will be found guilty, after following the court case and the evidence given, and he will be jailed for the crime he was accsued of committing." Pray tell...what happened to your "I have no doubt after following the court case and evidence given..."????

The fact is you SCREWED BIG TIME.Did you also, this time "have no doubt and followed this ancient antiquated law" like the case earlier? The fact is the only law that prevails is God's law...and as for being out-of-kelter....afraid the four fingers is ON YOUUUUU!!!

Two fingers to you (know what i mean?), right....

Anonymous said...

Magpie, how stupid are you really? At least try to spin effectively ? Oh well, typical of you lot..

Anonymous said...

Pasquale I am sure for most of your detractors are gay, like the two commenters above, they sound so girlish and gay-ish!


Anonymous said...

I watch the video twice. I can see clearly that he stammered when trying to answer the questions about the court that free him and sodomy law. He quickly con up some words and turn into his usual bla bla bla about reform, democracy or his so what ever right. What a pity. Also look carefully in his face. You can see a clear insincerity in his face, as though the heart is not in sync with what his speech.

Anonymous said...

I think he want to mention all law before Queen England law. This means that all religion law is antiquated, but he need to take care of his PR PAS friend.

Anonymous said...

Yes we are gay, happy and enjoy life to the fullest. Any problem with that,Ned-the-Numskull?

And as for our video addict re-runs, I can also see how insincere and bias your writing is as though there is nothing else better to do than watching reruns of Anwar's tape!! Bet you also have a special measuring tape to measure his anu!!!

Wake-UP you IDIOTS!!

ABU said...

The judge feared for his life and delivered the 2 minute oral judgement on technical grounds.

So now, DNA cannot be adduced in court? What a load of shit. Ancient bodies dug out from thousand year old graves still retain their DNA, so what does this tell people like Donplaypukee?

The irony is, after almost 3 years of nonsensical defence and evidence in camera, not a shred of evedence was found? Look at the load of rubbish put up by the defence team. Any fool could see that except idiots like donplaypukee types.

The judge either erred, was paid by donplay pukee or has a mental problem.

Anuar Bullshitting Us (ABU)

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a dying country with debts. Annur is the saviour and I support him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Man...

Gay Gay Gay... Let's all be Gay..

Anonymous said...

ABU....that DNA came from the "perfect state" of the bone (i suspect)...and not from a manufactured "air mani" placed in Shitful dubur parked for 48 hours!!!

Yes the Judge feared for his life alright AND HIS CONSCIENCE...and so should YOU (IF YOU HAVE ANY)and all of us...the Judge b4 this had only recently passed away (AN OMEN?.


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hey people

remember the appeals court?

yo anwar will be resident of bamboo river

ABU said...

Hey DPP,

How do you manufacture 'air mani'? Do you have the know how? If so prove it. Otherwise stfu. You will look smarter that way.

If you talk about omens, what about the liwat's lead lawyer in Sodomy One? And what about the first lawyer in Sodomy 2 who fell sick to near death and withdrew from the case?

So, please stfu.


Anonymous said...

Hei hei hei ASH,

Whether you plant it ka, you engineered it ka, manufacture it ka, it doesn't really matter. The learned Judge knows best. Itu sample tidak boleh pakai....tidak matching problem...sudah digunapakai....whatever whatever whatever...You the Investigating Officer in this want to dispute with the Judge ka? What's your problem now the Judge is were there when it saw the actually held the torchlight...or what?...stfu..FUUUU.

For the Omen...tembak saje...Man proposes God disposes...

Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust...jadi ABUUUUUUUUUUUU la Luuuuuu.


Anonymous said...


you wanna expound your learned theory on why anwar was the most shocked defendant upon hearing the verdict

he EXPECTED guilty, coz he is, dearie

human courts are fallible, but we know Saiful is CREDIBLE

Anonymous said...

Sure you were there....holding the torchlight that's why you were come no witness duty???

Why worry about how Anwar feels...he had been stripped naked and "kicked" in the face? ....and you are still looking for the answer huh???

Go stand in a CIRCLE and find a CORNER to piss. (read again).

Kacang putih.

Anonymous said...

kacang putih

anwar voluntarily stripped himself naked lah - you did not watch the video meh??

his sagging tummy and chest and err his ... was clear for all to see

Anonymous said...

Anon Jan.25, 12.40AM (playing with the soap at this time)

HOW not to see...all over TV3, but Anwar said his tummy was not boroi like yours!!

So how was it, d china-doll? I understand she didn't fancy much of yours....and claimed she only got paid with a fake Omega watch you bought from Petaling Street!

Did you like seeing yourself in it?....mayb you can try Bollywood next time... but i doubt they will hire you...tak ada class!


Anonymous said...

kp kp

just reread what you have written in reply - obvious you have substandard IQ

what is your line of argument huh?

rambling like a retard, nothing intellectually stimulating

what makes you assume I'm a male homo sapien

go upgrade your education and come back to debate effectively


Anonymous said...

what makes you assume I'm a male homo sapien??

"Balls or bullocks!!!"

said the Queen, "if i have them i would be King!".

And you are no Queeeeennn babay.

Anonymous said...

hhmmm kp

lots of spelling errors - a definite sign of insufficient education

perhaps an intellectual wannabe just like the pm-in-waiting

heh heh jangan marah ya

Anonymous said...

Hello Anon 2.23PM "insufficient education" (google in BM - kurang ajar)

Nampaknya lawak bodoh u tak menjadi lah! (google english - "It seems joke stupid you not make it lah")


Anonymous said...


Apa nak jadi, kita berdebat serious ni bukan nak lawak.

Macam mana awak boleh anggap lawak ni, salah channel kot!

Aisehman, kalau dah bengap apa nak buat. Sampai google translation pulak.

hee hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hee,hee,hee the clown,

Definitely wrong should be in the circus....

...running around in circles and looking for a corner to wee-wee!!!

And we are closing down the circus and you!! Vamoose.

Ringmaster - hasta la vista babay!!!

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo babay or baboon ooii

at least earning one's keep as a clown is HALAL, bahlol

instead of "hasutan" and "fitnah" and "hasrat dengki" of your moronic gang

Pssst, in case you don't understand those words in inverted commas, well you can always GOOGLE

yeeehaaahh, hee hee

Anonymous said...

Hyena the clown is back!!

Now google -

1) "has utan" - got jungle (where the hyena lives and shit)
2) "fit nah" - pus (nanah) yang sehat
3) "has rat dengki" - ada tikus dapat denggue!!!

diatas itu adalah terjemahan dari bahasa ibonda clown.

Penolong Mahagurucincin (picking my nose for your benefit)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear

Such a terrible tangled mess and degradation of 2 beautiful languages.

It should be made a crime for anyone to destroy the grammar of any language.

Pity the fool who thinks it's clever to juxtapose 2 distinct grammars for "fun".

pathetic ...

Anonymous said...

The fact that this "man" wants to abolish such "antiquated" laws really deepens the fact that he actually did bugger up Saiful....And if he thinks this law is obsolete, then lets all agree to legalize pedophilia too while we're at it.

He's truly a well buggered up person.