Monday, January 16, 2012

Cleanse yourself before you can "clean" the whole country Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim!

Swear on the Holy Koranin a mosque anywhere that this wasn't you and I will give you my support to clean the country as you want it!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim said he is ready to clean the country that he claims to be rotting from corruption and mismanagement, from top to bottom!
Well, my take is, first he has to cleanse himself of all the allegations of sodomy charges and that he did not do it with Saiful, and that he must take an oath on the Holy Koran in a public mosque anywhere in the country and say that he did not do all of the above.
And also he has to take an oath on the Holy Koran to say that he dis not commit sexual intercourse with a prostitute from China.
Guess what if he does all that I, and the entire county, will forgive him and will support him in any of his expected political endeavour, including his desire to become the prime minister of the country.
Until then, you moron, stop lying to the whole world and to Malaysians that you are a very moralistic and pious and capable person to rule the country!
However, do all of the above and I will support you!!!


Anonymous said...

Whenever Anwar is overseas he will belittle the country..What kind of a leader this is??One should not condemm the country overseas..lets fight fair and square here, not washing dirty linen overseas..Our so called Ambassador overseas also dont know how to counter these allegations quickly..thats why for eg. the Indons have a very bad attitude and opinion towards Malaysia...serves them right that we beat them to the SEA games football

Anonymous said...

The reality is that the people supporting him HATES UMNO and until UMNO can improve,Anwar is the best bet for them to topple tha UMNO govt.

Anonymous said...

hear ye hear ye

njah50 said...

If he dares, I too will support him.

Anonymous said...

You are Obbsessive compulsive Moron....

Anwar is your greatest Nightmare and he will eventually mentally send you off to Tanjung Rambutan.

Anonymous said...




Real1Malaysia said...

This is a non-issue, in Islam a Muslim's position is clear, if the accuser could not bring in 4 real witness, we can just treat him as a LIAR.

Nope, the video is not enough!! Irrelevant mind you! It's clear nonsense, full of edits and rubbish!! Ask Steven Spielberg.

Syeikh Yusof Al-Qardawi confirms this in the Koran, in fact he's the ulama who sent a written letter advising Anwar not to take an oath on the Koran.

So should Anwar listen to UMNO Cybertroopers or an Ulama? Hmm.. wonder why this could escape the minds of these jahilliyah troops...

Anonymous said...

Please do not ask him to do it. He just might and we are all doomed.We all know it is him in the video clip and the likelihood of him sodomising saiful is 99 percent.This guy is likely to do anything to become PM.Please do not jeopardize our country.

Anonymous said...

Please do not ask him to do it. He just might and we are all doomed.We all know it is him in the video clip and the likelihood of him sodomising saiful is 99 percent.This guy is likely to do anything to become PM.Please do not jeopardize our country.

Anonymous said...

If given a chance, Anwar can be the greatest PM of Malaysia. I put my bet on him coz I see all morons and tikus in BN in particular UMNO.

Anonymous said...

Now many people who think they have the power are trying to play GOD. Be careful you make become GOD but backwards.

Anonymous said...

Anwar Ibrahim can only be cleanse from the outside, but within himself it's very dirty, filthy, arrogant, corrupt, devilish and all the bad deeds is inside him.

This can be cleanse if he steps down from politic's and seek the ALMIGHTY forgivness sincerely and whole heartedly.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

If Al Juburi Drama King wins the PutraJaya seat...he will change the name to GaylordJaya and create another cross gender section in every political party.
Maybe Mullah Nik Aziz will also like the idea of having a section for cross gender during prayers?
Bet you even Emperor Lim Guan Eng will appoint a DCM 3 from the cross gender community.
And every public trsnportation system will have a cross gender bus. train, LRT, monorail... and Tony Fernandez will have to create another Every Gay can Fly.
Maybe Al Juburi Drama King willeven force the King to accept a new name for Malaysia - MaGaySia!
BEWARE..everytime you pick up soap, could be the next victim from the AlJuburi gang!!!!

Anonymous said...


You dah kena liwat ke??? Cakap macam first hand experience, macam sudah kena aje?

Jangan lupa simpan 48 jam,kalau ngek-ngek jangan basuh, lepas tu gi sembahyang Jumaat dan boleh jumpa PM buat komplain for SODOMY 3!!!

How about that? Sounds familiar?

Malaysia Boleh...Boleh Blah

Anonymous said...

the accuser didnt manage to prove Anwar's wrongdoing, so he cannot be convicted (wheter or not he is really guilty).

but the same thing goeas for those who accuse BN/UMNO wrongdoing. if you say that ALL BN/UMNO MP are guilty, then prove it. :)

Anonymous said...

A woman who was allegedly sexually abused through the years and kept the incest a secret has finally broke her silence.
It took the victim nine years to muster the courage to lodge a police report exposing what her soldier father did to her.
The woman, now aged 20, claimed that her father also locked her up in a room when she was in Year Six and sexually abused her.
She was only given food during those few days and was not allowed to attend school.
The abuse purportedly lasted for five years, beginning when she was in Year Five until she ran away from home.
She also claimed in her Jan 11 report that there had been occasions when her father tied her to the bed and also inserted objects into her private parts.
The woman alleged that she endured a torturous period under the care of her father and claimed she got the courage to lodge the report after four years only because her aunt had assured her that she would not be harmed.
Her relative, who requested anonymity, claimed the victim told him that her father had raped and sexually abused her.
He alleged the woman's mother was aware of the abuse but kept silent because of her husband's fierce character.
The victim had on numerous occasions complained to her mother but her pleas went unheeded.

down fall of Proton said...

Prof Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim said there is no written record of the existence of Malay warriors Hang Tuah or Hang Jebat, and also Hang Li Po, reputed to be the fifth wife of Malacca Sultan Mansor Shah, and even suggested that history textbooks would have to be rewritten.

pukimaq said...

We beautiful homos always cleanse ourselves after indulging in sodomy.

Anonymous said...


are you for real??

the rule of 4 witnesses applies to 3rd parties

NOT to victims lah, bahalol

this is to avoid FITNAH lah, bodoh

go read up intensively and diligently

you have been CONNED big time by the liar and sodomite

Anonymous said...

In many Third World counties they say to fight crime you must get the government to run crimr. Likewise to bring down history you must get the government to write it.

ABU said...

So is One Azizah still keeping the Omega watch? When is she returning it to the rightful owner?


Pasquale said...


The Omega watch is with Bukit Aman for safe keeping!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia is a food heaven.Cheap and tasty.We get teh tarik and all that mee, all kind of mee rojak, mee rebus, mee kuah , mee laksa, mee soup mee maggie also but there is one mee which is Anuars favourite...sodomi.
Look after your asshole this new Year. Plse stay far and away from Anwar if you meet him during his New year rounds. And to you girls too
Kong Si fatt Choy, Xien nien kuia le

Anonymous said...

I have five silimar Omega watches belong to Anwar. You want one ah, moron?

Anonymous said...

BTW, People,
Do you think Police has a case against Anwar in the China-doll tape? Wonder under what "crime" he can be charged? Exhibihionist.....exposing himself in public at Carcosa? For wearing a fake Omega watch? Let's trumph up some pointers for Patail to work on for next episode in Sodomy 3!

IWOR - i wear original Rolex.

Anonymous said...

This Anwar character is very "funny" la. Have anyone done any research on him while he is in the government? His proxies who holds his interest while he is TPM, friends who used him as connection to get contracts in return for kickbacks, money he "parked" overseas, favors, etc? Some claimed UMNO as the "den of thives", was he not a high ranking member of the "den" before? Come on la... Deputy maa...

Not gonna argue about one's sexual preferences or habit.. Personal choice. It's suffice for me to give him my vote if he publically and on his own free will, take the oath on the Quran denying any form of involvement in cronysm, nepotism, taking kickbacks, giving favors to friends, any form of corruption as what he is currently accusing his former peers and colleagues guilty off, including knowledge of such activities during his tenure as Minister and DPM. Do that, he will have the credibility and only then he can preach and champion about cleaning up the government or whatever reforms.

Do that, he gets my vote and fair to say, many more who is atas pagar like me. Until that day comes, DSAI, stop wasting time, stop talking cock and GO FLY KITE!

I'm not moved or impressed with your current tactics and arguments. Childish, macam budak2 baru nak naik. Come on la, you're orang lama meh? I really respect old skool people.. Don't let your generation down.. Please come up with more mind boggling issues.. I may be stupid, but i'm sure not an idiot whom you can bluff.

The Tired Observer

Anonymous said...

"Has anyone done any research on him (Anwar)?" Where have you been??? The whole of the State's machinery is trained on him - The NO.1 threat to BN-Umno. That is why spin after spin is being manufactured by the state's owned media.

It's up to you really to see the wood from the trees???

Are you retired already?

gombakharapan said...

Salam Tuan , harap dapat tuan link kan blog sy ke blog hebat tuan , blog tuan tlh sy link kan ke blog saya

Anonymous said...

anon January 21, 2012 9:52 AM

"The NO.1 threat to BN-Umno."

Nahhh he's the No 1 threat to decent way of life for all Malaysians

just ask azizah, ummi, chandra muzaffar etc

kiasu said...

Anonymous said...
I have five silimar Omega watches belong to Anwar. You want one ah, moron?
January 19, 2012 6:57 PM

Go give one to Wan Azizah. She did'nt have it when reporter asked to show the watch during PC at her house.

Btw, make sure you have the original receipt with original serial no. please. Not the Petaling Street one. You can buy 100 Omegas there, but we only want to see one, the original one kept by Azizah.

Anonymous said...

so azizah, are u going to swear on the Quran?

she should be given "the most pathetic wife" award

and her daughter nurul should be given "the most burdened family member" award for her efforts to maintain a clean family name

Anonymous said...

BN got halal money maa.... to give Awards??? Another thing, this BR1M monies....ada halal ka???

Anon Jan23..9.23AM,

Paku dulang paku serpih...cakap orang kau mangkuk yang lebih!!!

Ummi bedak putih

Anonymous said...

umi badak putih

itu cina doll ada halal ka

itu main belakang ada halal ka

itu thai doll pun ada halal ka

tanya azizah mana itu jam omega, berani angkat sumpah ka

heh heh semua halal baji pkr keluarga songsang

Anonymous said...

This anwar is just news maker ma. Nothing more. No credibility, no integrity, no quality to lead and most of all he got no sincerity. Everything he did were for own and only benefits. Lies and deceit are is strategy while sodomy is his hobby. I don't a hoot of his hobby, he can go fcuk who and what ever arsehole he wants but he must stop his cheating and lying habits. Its just wasting too much of the rakyat resources.

He is the devil in disguise. He bad mouthed the country while he his in indonesia, if he ever become the pm (god forbids), do you think foreign leaders would have faith in him and improve fdi?.

Anonymous said...

Hei "heh-heh" budak2x yang tak cukup pelajaran islam,

Kalau nak tuduh Anwar buat ini buat itu (walau pun didalam blog sekali pun) sila kemukakan 4 orang saksi...kalau tidak kamu disifatkan sebagai memfitnah saudara islam.

Hukumnya.....tanyalah Ustaz?

Amal maaruf nahi mungkar.

Anonymous said...

anon @ January 25, 2012 10:51 PM

tulah, diri sendiri tak cukup pelajaran Islam, nak ajar orang lain pulak

4 saksi tu untuk pehak yang tak terlibat dlm maksiat tersebut

kalau dah jadi mangsa tak perlu saksi, goblok

syarat 4 saksi adalah utk mengelakkan drp fitnah beramai ramai, haprak

percaya sangat dgn si aljub yg terang terang takut sumpah atas Quran

dah sah SALAH lah tu

Anonymous said...


You yang suka mencibai dalam blog ini...orang no. berapa??? kena liwat ke? terlibat ke bang??

Baca baik-baik (tak perlu ulang benda yang dah tahu).....nanti parah...kena hukum....

jadi berhentilah makan daging saudara sendiri.


Anonymous said...

tsk tsk tsk cannibal

tak perlu mencarut - itu tanda orang yang kurang iman

tapi ada hati nak ajar orang lain tentang agama Islam pulak

aiseyman apa nak jadi, hah sekarang ni makan orang pulak tu

perlu 4 saksi tak???

Anonymous said...

Mesti lah makan orang (punya barang) perlu sekurang2nya 4 saksi,

Saksi 1 - ambil order be(rok)
Saksi 2 - hantar order ke be(rok)
Saksi 3 - hantar bill be(rok)
Saksi 4 - ambil duit dari be(rok)

Kau try makan kat warong orang mana2x pun, perlu sekurang2xnya 4 saksi...

Janji bayar, jangan nak makan free aje....melatah tak tentu pasaiii

Warong Orang Makan

Anonymous said...


Jangan lupa baca bismillah terlebih dahulu, OK!

Anonymous said...

macam mana pula skandal bekas KM melaka dengan budak kecil?

Anonymous said...

anon February 02, 2012 10:22 PM

kenapalah ramai manusia tak gunakan akal dan usaha mendapatkan kebenaran dgn membaca risalah yg ada kredibiliti

asyik asyik dengar cerita dongeng dan percaya hasutan orang berkepentingan

cerita fitnah percaya, bukti video dan sumpah atas Quran diremehkan

masa'alah mahluk mahluk dunia