Thursday, January 05, 2012

DAP + SAPP + PAP = Overseas Chinese Domination!

Overseas Chinese afraid, be very afraid!

"Don 't wait too long...there is a Chinese saying that the longer the night the more dreams you will have." said SAPP president Yong Teck Lee, on why Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin must leave Umno now and to join hand with him.

Lee Kuan Yew, and his PAP, was successful in taking over Singapore with the help of few Malays that were working against Umno then, The financial backing for the putsch by the PAP, now DAP in Malaysia, and SAPP in Sabah to take over the region is massive.
The influential Overseas Chinese grouping throughout the world headed by giants from Malaysia, Taiwan, US, Canada, Australia and Singapore is ever ready to finance any political take over of any country in the region. This will include buying few "bought-able" weak and frustrated Malays, for example, to further their cause.
While two or three weak and frustrated Malays may not make a change or a dent, but it is sad to see how they have betrayed their rights only for a few millions ringgit!
However, majority of the indigenous population of both Peninsular and East Malaysia are not all that oblivious to this impending fact and threat,
This column is not about racism but rather about the reality of Real Politics! This is about politics of domination, the weak versus strong, and stupid versus brilliant and to cut to the chase, in the case of Peninsular Malaysia, it is about the Malay dominated system against organised Chinese factions ever ready to take over the country.
While the fragmented Malays were and still are squabbling amongst themselves, Penang has been taken over by the progressive Chinese factor represented by the DAP, and Perak was almost lost to the DAP, Selangor has been overtaken by DAP dominated Chinese, and Kedah to the fundamentalist Islamic party PAS, etc.
Sad to say though, in spite of the agents of the Overseas Chinese attempts to dominate the region's rich natural resources the indigenous Malays still allow themselves to be duped.


Anonymous said...

wonder the kind of substance that makes up your grey matter...wonder wondering me

Pasquale said...

My grey matter is strictly made out of a proud Malay-Minangkabau substance living in my country called Malaysia, do not wonder further no more bro!

Anonymous said...

You are just paranoid.

Anonymous said...

First it was the Jews, then it is was Illuminatis, then it was Communists, then Christians and now the Overseas Chinese.

When is it going to be Martians, next?

Fear Factor Observer

Tanduk Dua said...

I agreed with you bro. These Chinese have secret big plan to control this region concurrently with jewish plan for world domination. They are in fact very close ally with Israel & working hand in hand to ensure the near future political landscape within their control. These people are too materialistic, worldly pursue and will claim eventually everything are theirs.

Pasquale said...

Just because you are paranoid doesn't mean there is no one out to get you!! Yes I am paranoid with so many un-Malaysian Chinese around me!!!

Anonymous said...

Some Malaysian non-Malays are not happy with what hey have in this blessed country, now they want more just what happened in my country (Fiji) the Indians now believe we, Fijian indigenous, are stupid and want to rule the country no way!

Nini Mara!

Anonymous said...


You are not paranoid, you are realistic.

Ignore those anti-BM, let them say whatever they like.

The chinese have many chinatowns and clans all over the world - proof of their close-knitted communities.

They value their own kind FIRST and above all else.

If you are in the know of their methods of business dealings, the non-chinese have no space at all.

That is why they NEVER trust governance by non-chinese. They will strive to be and remain in power whenever and wherever they can.

Don't get distracted by those 'vested-interest' detractors.

I personally think you are sharp and well-informed.

Keep blogging ...

Anonymous said...

I tunggulah comen belum di lulus olih Tuan Hakim.

Anonymous said...

The fall of your Party BN is not because of Chinese but because of the leaders that corrupted and screw up the citizen money , dont blame chinese for everything look into the mirror and judge urself.
A finger pointed to a person three finger pointed back to u , but in ur case the middle finger are a salute for your moronic statement given the intelligent that u learned through out your life.
Fed up fed up ..... u need Xanax, Aprozolam and Prozas

Anonymous said...

Please look at our demographic distribution where the Chinese were mainly urban dwellers and if the chinese /parties were to win all their seats it would only represent 20% of the total seats.So what's all this hullabaloo about?.Maybe someone might say that some Chinese might contest in the Malay majority areas and win...please bear in mind that historically only BN allows this to happen.

Anonymous said...

So you confirm that the malays are stupid where as the Chinese are brilliant. So you mean to say the Malays have small brains and low IQ. You should start looking at why the Malays are stupid, until you solve your stupidity only than you can take on the brilliant Chinese.

Wonder why God make the Chinese brilliant and the Malays stupid.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:18

please, no bad words. if you think indian in fiji are intelligent enough, then why dont they go back to india to help vanishing corruption and poverty in their homecountry?

usabukata said...

Lord Of The Rim by Sterling Seagrave

Anonymous said...

I appeal to uouyou to allow my comments

Anonymous said...

Good bye to your blog

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, you say the Malays are stupid.
I have been studying the history of Chinese and Malays and discover that the reason why Malays are stupid is because Malays have been committing incest for years and they do not have clear family record so ended up a lot of marriage is between the same family or relatives. When you have close blood marriage the offspring usually are stupid. Chinese have family name to follow and they don't inter-marriage between the same family line. If you don't believe me that ask your sons if he knows who is his great granduncle's grandson and 100% he will not know.

Anonymous said...

anon @ January 08, 2012 12:20 AM

this chap is clearly a retard coz he is so basic he failed to realise that there are many mentally retarded chinese in this world

and among the greedy cheats, none can beat the chinese - remember the melamine-tainted milk, the high lead toys, the mercury mushrooms, the gutter cooking oil...

how low can any race go???

Anonymous said...

anon@January 06, 2012 10:40 PM

"Wonder why God make the Chinese brilliant and the Malays stupid"

yeah you might want to remain in a state of denial but the truth is that Malays are too nice and the chinese are greedy and cheats

with newly surfaced awareness, the Malays will take back what is theirs

Kedai 1M etc, will eliminate middlemen income who are mainly the chinese shops and retailers

The bulk of consumers will not need to "support" these chinese businesses

and then the world will see how "brilliant" these chinese are

The Bumis can also check up on all food and snacks produced by chinese companies to confirm if the ingredients are truly HALAL

otherwise these chinese entrepreneurs will quietly include inferior ingredients as well as forbidden ones for quick profit

track all of them coz they have been making FAST bucks selling such products to bumis

Anonymous said...

anon@January 06, 2012 8:52 pm says "The fall of your Party BN is not because of Chinese but because of the leaders that corrupted and screw up the citizen money"

my oh my has BN fallen?? - is this chap a fortune-teller??

the richest people in Malaysia are the chinese - these must be the ones who "corrupted and screw up the citizen money"

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, thanks for putting such a good article. without your kindest contribution, many of the non-malays still hope and dream for Barisan Najis to make life a better one but yet rakyat money is being openly robbed daylight. Malaysia under corrupted BN is under distress now and running dogs like you are coming out everywhere and start barking and instigate religious and racist issues. Many chinese and indian are now turning away from BN and running dogs like you are one of the main contributors as vote puller for Opposition Front. Many conscience Malays are now proud members of DAP and moron like you is still totally in dark.

Ipoh Mali

Anonymous said...

anon@january 9 1.40am

To your reply i am not a fortune teller but a retarded chinese like me can see the fall of BN in the nearest future....

Chinese become rich because we know how to handle our own finances and grow the capital that we have and we are hardworking and delivered anything that we promised . Majority chinese are trustworthy in business but in your case minority of malay are a trustworthy business people but most of them screw up their own life and others.

If u sitting ur ass in office u wouldnt know cause u are mid low income group so u think the world is colourful is not is a dog eat dog world

Anonymous said...

ipoh mali

"Many conscience Malays are now proud members of DAP and moron like you is still totally in dark"

"conscience Malays"?? ooohh you mean "conscientious Malays" are now proud members of DAP ...

naahhh!! they are reject items not relevant to UMNO and good riddance to bad rubbish

DAP = dump and pollution

Anonymous said...

anon@January 09, 2012 9:26 PM

hahahaha so you admit you're retarded...

Anonymous said...

Why are you people so fixated on race alone? People succeed through hard work and sweat so what does it matter what race anyone is? We reap what we sow so what'sthe problem here? Open your eyes and minds and observe what's happening globally. What about the orang putih who are trying to control just about anything and anybody? Are they not a threat too?

Anonymous said...

anon @ January 12, 2012 12:06 PM

orang putih have long given up their control rights to the bumis

the chinese in Malaysia wants to become the new colonial masters

but thankfully there are now abundant KR1M, KI1M dan lain lain

Anonymous said...

It is sad to see one of my Malaysian brothers made such a statement against another group of people. We are lacking behind in social integration if compared to other countries, in other countries like Germany, UK, USA etc, stating a race is a taboo, people are proud of their country regardless of their ethnicity. By the way, why do we always have to categorise ourselves? We are all Malaysian with the same vision that is building a better country and living a better life, FULL STOP!

There is no conspiracy for living a better life and developing a better set of policies.

I have been living and working in a foreign country and has been treated like anyone here, I pay taxes, I have medical assurance, I can apply for local funds & scholarships, I even can study for free. I would very much like to see Malaysia achieve such level one day and I am willing to devote myself to make it happen! And I consider my race as MALAYSIAN!

All I am thinking about is how to develop the country, how can i contribute in the magnificent development, how can we increase the living standard, how can we transform our economic situation, how can we lower the crime rate by offering opportunities, how can we increase our intellectual level, HOW CAN WE LIVE A BETTER LIFE!

No blaming each other, no condemning, no complaining, no arguing. START WORKING ON AND HEADING TOWARDS OUR VISION!

At the end of the day, we all live under the same roof (Malaysia).BE UNITE BROTHERS AND SISTERS, we want to make a better Malaysia but not seperate it into pieces.