Sunday, January 08, 2012

He will be found guilty, and 2012 must be a refreshing year for Malaysians!

Instead of highlighting on the fate of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, no body cares about justice for Saiful?

I have no doubt in my mind that Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim will be found guilty, after following the court case and the evidence given, and he will be jailed for the crime he was accsued of committing.
For all the hardship and the anguish that he has caused to all of us and the country, I believe we, as a nation, must move forward to compete with the rest of the free world.
This one man has the tenacity to trick, lie and cajole the rest of the world, let alone Malaysia, into believing that he was a victim of a political conspiracy. Well unfortunately while he may have convinced many, but many more that are not as gullible.
Condolences to his family and friends for standing by him as a father, husband and a politician, but the thing to remember is this country has way bigger things to think about than of his fate, and the path he chose to take.
But take it from me, this man is nothing but a scam artist, a snake oil seller, a rain maker, and he is as guilty as sin and he has to be stopped there is no two way about it.


Anonymous said...

Magpie, I think it is about time too!

Ordinary Joe!

Anonymous said...

"But take it from me, this man is nothing but a scam artist, a snake oil seller, a rain maker, and he is as guilty as sin and he has to be stopped there is no two way about it".

He is worse than that - he sells his own race, his own religion and his own country for power and self-enrichment.

Worse, he got his family and friends "too involved" that they have no choice but to conspire with him

Anonymous said...

allah is glory. Anwar is acquitted an hour ago

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:52, even UMNO is filled with snake oil salesmen who have sold out their race by enriching themselves at the expense of the poor.

Anonymous said...

Pariah UMNO dog, he's free now and what tokkok u now!!!

awang samiun said...

God is great!! Annuar found NOT GUILTY

Anonymous said...

SODOMY II In a Twitter post, complainant Saiful says if he does not get justice in this world, he will get it in the next.

I agree with Saifool. He'll definitely get his fair judgement in the next, I mean Saifool the moron.

Anonymous said...

Wake up fat bird. Once you're a moron, you're always a moron.

A big celebration will be organised for the free of Anwar. Thanks Allah for the Saviour of Malaysia.

Vote PR and vote for your own future.

Anonymous said...

The best 2012 present for all Malaysians. Anwar is found not guilty.


Anonymous said...

And the bird stopped barking?


Anonymous said...

A leopard never changes its spot.

Sam I Am said...

Sorry Magpie,

Just because Malaysians will queue at multiplexes for silly sequels like "Scary Movie 4", "Final Destination 5" or "Yet Another Lameass B-Movie 4", doesn't mean they will fall for "Sodomy II"

Anonymous said...

Come On.....Wake UP you IDIOT. The SILENCE is DEAFENING.

Apa hukumnya kepada orang yang bersubahat dengan fitnah dan aib/ What is Allah punishment to those who indulge is slander? You have a roomate in Shitful in HELLLLLLLL!!! BURN!! BURN!! BURN!!

Anonymous said...

Now, for all would be rapists in Malaysia is the time to rape your victims front and back.
Because the wise judge has ruled that the words of the victim is not to be believed without corroboration.
So my advice to all future rape or liwat victims is to just shut up and just bear the consequence. If you make a police report, you being the victim will only be embarrassed and not get any justice.
Your hymen torn? Your butt showing signs of penetration? No corroboration from reliable eye witnesses, sorry the rape cannot be proved beyond reasonable doubt!
So guys have a field day in raping and sodommising. Good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Birdie, are u still there. There is not a word from u since the acquittal of Anwar. Any suggestion? Or u r out of brilliant ideas in so far of this acquittal.

Anonymous said...

haiya butt lovers

anwar is acquitted to prove that Najib did not influence the courts and that Malaysian judiciary is free from political conspiracies

anwar is a character assassinator, a foul-mouthed sodomist, a street hooligan agitator

and he owes so many people millions of apologies

later justice WILL be served, when Saiful goes to appeal courts and offer NEW evidence

like they say butt lovers, those who laugh LAST laugh the BEST

and YOU know that he is the guy in the video with the china doll DESPITE his denials

while the human courts may be ineffective, Saiful's oath is all the evidence that really matters to those with religious conviction

Insyallah ...

Anonymous said...

To put it mildly we need effective leaders.
LEADERS who will take us to greatness and goodness

LADERS who will choose their heroes and take on their best features into their own.

LEADERS who are never cruel.

LEADERS who are not profligate with public funds

LEADERS who are not only wise but also perceived to be wise.

LEADERS who understand that politics is not only about image but also substance.

LEADERS who are caReful of flatters who want contracts.

LEADERS who have close FRIENDS who will tell them as it is without fear of arrest.

LEADERS who consult widely but make the decision on their own.

LEADERS who understand that a nation is a stream like a new born child that can be shaped into anything that we want. Do not wait for it to become a large river which you cannot control even with your state security appratus.

Even with half these qualities we will be on our way to become a developed state in all its forms in the next 20 years.Once you get that the other qualities will come to us as we go along.

Anonymous said...

Wake up you IDIOTIC BIRD!!

And to All would-be Rapists.....yes do find a victim not unlike Shitful....YOU ARE GUARANTEE TO ESCAPE THE GALLOWS....IDIOT! And to would-be "victim" not unlike Shitful...your chance to meet PM and wife for "cup of tea" and Mr. RODA, if you are lucky you can also be on video with the courtesy of "Latuk Trio"!!! Again...IDIOT!!!

Exclaimation Mark.

Anonymous said...

Anon January 10, 2012 10:29 PM

..and he owes so many people millions of apologies...

BUT, the Barisan Najis and its previous administrations of MahaRacism and Bodohwee owe all rakyat billion of apologies. Hope to see them spend their remaining years in jail.

Anonymous said...

Hello Big Bird .... are u

pukimaq said...

Betul sangat la tu. Korang jangan konspirasikan sayang aku tu lagi.

Pasquale said...

"Anonymous said...

Hello Big Bird .... are u

January 11, 2012 6:09 PM"

The thing to remember is Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim was acquited on technicality the judge said the "sex" part was consensual, he did not say Brother Anwar did not do what he was accused of! Plus the fact that I am never speechless!! There is always something to say about many things!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

You are right Pasquale but people who support him just want to hear what they want to hear! Keep up mate!

From Perth with flies!

Anonymous said...

To Perth in Downunder,


Downunder - what do you expect? semuanya terbalik kok!!!!!!!

Keep that F###**G!! fly shut.

Anonymous said...

F U lah fat bird. Lepas means lepas lah. Dun tokkok again for technicality whatsoever lah, moron!

Anonymous said...


Cukup sudaah tega hari tega malam bikin ituu tahlil...ini Bird sudah kebumikan.

Sudaah Mamppus-lahhh (roll your tongue baby!!)

Anonymous said...

Only one comment for person like you


Anonymous said...

TAKES TWO TO TANGO...HODOH!!! Taste of your own medicine???

Just stay dead.

Anonymous said...


anwar butt lovers have one thing in common - depleted brain cells

he's a spent force and remains a wannabe ONLY

but his blind followers conveniently forgot about his zillion lies and billion empty promises and oohh ... his perpetual denials

once the world have digested the FACT that Malaysian courts are free and independent, Saiful will go on to the Court of Appeals

then REAL justice will be served and karpal sinking will once again say to anwar's face, "kau harus bertaubat"


Anonymous said...

sodomy 1 - guilty - jail - released

sodomy 2 - innocent - freedom - appeal - convicted - jail

video cina doll - guilty - jail - no appeal

Anonymous said...

May the Year of Furious Dragon bring doom to BN and tokkok birdie like you, Pasquale!

Anonymous said...

From Karpal closing, its a consensual sex between Anwar and Saiful.Funny things is... Anwar followers act like Karpal didn't said that, as though there were no sex act happen at all.

Judge release Anwar not because there were no sex act happen between the two. But because there are more than one person sperm in Saiful's ass.

Have Anwar lied before? A big YES and the example are many, but why his followers can't see it?

Pasquale said...

"May the Year of Furious Dragon bring doom to BN and tokkok birdie like you, Pasquale! January 14, 2012 1:21 PM"

You have forgotten your legend, Dragon dislike sodomite, Furious Dragin will help BN prosperity, unless you want to see chaos in the country where PKR and PAS will always be controlled by the DAP! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale u are wrong DAP will never controlled Malaysia unless the majority allow it otherwise our chinese head will be chop down by Malay .. so we know what is the risk.
I repeat if ONLY MAJORITY ALLOW IT . Anyway fXXX u Anwar u still a disgusting person,

Anonymous said...

To All Anti-Anwar you seems to know more than 3 years and what's going on in the Mother of all Trials? Just one question? HOW COME YOU ARE NEVER CALL FOR WITNESS DUTY? OR BETTER STILL VOLUNTEER AS WITNESS (UNLIKE PM AND HIS SIDEKICK)? You had a chance to tell the world what you know about Anwar that makes him "unfit" to be the PM of Malaysia...why never talk?? INSTEAD YOU TOKKOCK, TOKKOCK, TOKKOCK ONLY?

From moscow with luuuve

Anonymous said...

Agree with you, Moscovite

We Gotkock and we talk Kock, we have nothing better to do than to spew shit all over this blog. We learn from our Twisted Master brain-infested-syphilis...the Shitywarrior Cell No. 231, Tanjung Ram.

Next-door Neighbor,
Cell No.232 (smelly in here neighbor just farted again, a#*/hole)