Saturday, January 21, 2012

Survey says Pakatan Rakyat will not govern the country come general elections!!

Sin Chew, a page 12 lead, today says a survey by UM Centre of Democracy and Elections has found that 18 percent of the respondents believed Pakatan (Rakyat) would come to power, while 43 percent (2,599 people) said BN could win, and 39 percent couldn't confirm the winner. Read more here!


Anonymous said...

Survey conclusion not conclusive,

One possible conclusion of the Survey is that 2 out of 5 (presumably) Malaysians surveyed (totally more than 1000) are NOT convinced with the current BN Government and therefore WOULD NOT confirm OF BN's victory in the next GE.

Never mind do another survey when after Chop Goh Mei.

Happy CNY

Anonymous said...

many a time such surveys are meant to influence outcomes

so if they want an increased votes for party A, the survey will record results that say party A is unpopular

so voters will give sympathy votes

Anonymous said...

Sin Chew Daily is more credible than the Utusan Malaysia. Even though I am Malay I stop reading Utusan Malaysia but only the Chinese papers. I send my 7 kids to Chinese school, they too will learn to read Chinese papers and would not touch Utusan Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Hapry CNY,

Thanks for the observation. When add to the 18 per cent from the survey, we have 57 per cent that WOULD NOT CONFIRM of BN victory....can this be translated logically to a PKR victory?


Charles F Moreira said...

This survey is about feelings as to which party will win - i.e. highly subjective, rather than voting preferences which would be more objective.

Anyway, the general feeling from my own chats with people, of both opposition and incumbent persuation is that the BN will retain power, though some say with a smaller margin and others say with a bigger margin.

So the results of this survey isn't exactly new.

Anonymous said...

yeah.....the underdog theme for sympathy votes may be in play here.

Anonymous said...

I done my survey ... actually 60% of Malaysian doesnt either party to win.

Anonymous said...

how come all these surveys never include me huh???

Anonymous said...

The strategy of PKR is to gain control of many more State Assemblies as possible and narrow the majority of BN in parliament to cuple of seats in the next elections. The stage will then be set to take over in GE14.Not good to come in on unlucky GE13.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:32PM

Is important for Malaysian to crash BN in the coming GE, with a change in government we can at least start from clean again, BN is too corrupt and we can't continue our corrupt way of life, even Allah SWT knows.

Anonymous said...

heh heh

with the opposition in charge - the "corrupt" way of life gets corrupter

the desperados are putting false hopes in the pr combo of circus characters

kiasu said...

Pakatan will only accept surveys that favour them. Otherwise, you'll hear all the usual rumblings.

Likewise, everytime there are accusations against BN leaders, they will blindly believe but when accusations are against Pakatan leaders, they will demand for proof. When it was prooven beyond doubt, they will say the video was just a "besi".

They are sheer hypocrites.

Anonymous said...


anwar freed - judiciary is independent and great

anwar convicted - UMNO conspiracy lah, corrupted lah, kangaroo lah

a whole bunch of hypocrites

Anonymous said...

One must admit.Anwar acquittal was a divine intervention!Days before Anwar judgment, Allah had taken Ariffin Jaka's life. Just to remind Zainal Abideen not to play-play with God.

Anonymous said...

Go ask Mahathir and he will tell you BN wil lose in this coming GE.

Mahathir the Mother of All Racism as labelled by Nazri Aziz is so afraid to see BN loses and that he keeps on pressurring Ah Jib Gor to postpone the GE to a later date until more "jobs" are done to win back Chinese votes.

I'm a Chinese and I'll not be cheated again this time. I'll vote for anyone except BN.

Yap Ah Loy

Anonymous said...

Yap yap

Go ahead and vote lah whoever you like but remember the chinese is only a minority group.

If all the chinese unite under DAP, then you will receive the backlash.

I would advise you to vote PAS candidates in. But don't be surprised if you cannot have pig farms, no beer, no gambling, no red lights, no, no, no...

If you vote Keadilan, the only justice will go to anwar's family and friends - you will see cronyism and nepotism and gayism like never before.

So go ahead and vote, while you can still enjoy exercising your democratic rights under BN's rule.