Friday, January 27, 2012

Water, water everywhere in Negri Sembilan but yet.......!?

Supply your state dulu jang, preferably my village, before you decided to sell water to other states!

We in Seri Menanti were made to believe we have water shortages, but yet the MB Mohamad Hassan announced the state is supplying millions of litres of treated water to a neighbouring state, so what kind of crap is this!

I am from Seri Menanti, Negri Sembilan, and I have a small property there that I like very much that we go back almost every weekend.
We also go back every Hari Raya, every Chinese New Year in fact every national holiday that we have we will go back.
The problem is with my kampong, we always have water rationing. The water will come either in the early morning for only some hours, or when are are asleep. Just imagine the people coming back during festive seasons having to endure to washing with wet towel to wash their faces and armpit from the bucket, and so on.
I am lucky that I have a tubular well that I spent money to have one built, trust me the rest of my kampung people will be cursing under their breath at the government for the water woes!
Then to my consternation I read in the paper my state of Negri Sembilan is going to supply treated water to Selangor, and this means we have a lot of water right? Damn right we have!
But how come the kampung people is being treated like a child clients, is it because they are easily bullied? Hey, you idiots running the state, they are not that stupid because they are already thinking of getting rid of the present government!
Between 38 and 56 million litres of water is being supplied to Selangor, I would think the state government had better start thinking of constantly supplying water to the many villages in that state, especially in my area, or do not expect the rakyat to be friendly to you!
Remember Rakyat di Dahulukan? Or is it just a slogan?!


Hantu Laut said...

Pasquale,good of you, we should not support the government blindly, where and when they are wrong we should not afraid to whack them Don't be like the opposition supporters completely blinded by lies and the untruths and think that the one and only man, who can save this country from ruin is Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

Honestly bro, even the whole country should not have water shortage...duhhh!!!
Part of the problems is our water management and distribution system. Orang yang buat maintenance pun problem jugak kat area N.Sembilan ni. Dulu Seremban selalu tak de air, tapi kalau komplen kuat-kuat sampai ada yang kena buang, baru la ok sekarang ni. Biasa le orang kerja gomen/half gomen, tak kira la gomen mana pun memerintah, sama je bro, bersidai kat kantin memang favorite dari buat kerja...keh kehkeh....

Anonymous said...

Now you talking,

If Negeri Sembilan, Johor falls into the Pakatan hands this PRU13...not only will we get adequate water....the first 20cc will be free.

Meanwhile, bath together save water!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:47, i heard that Kelantan also have water shortage. how? They get 20cc free also ka?

Barisan is bad, but i dont see Pakatan is better.

Anonymous said...

Johor water up until Malacca was managed by Singapore and everyone knows the water supply was top quality with no problem. Very soon Johor will have problem with the water supply.... believe me!

Anonymous said...

in kelantan pr is in power more then 20 years still the water condition is worst then NS.

Anonymous said...

Kelantan and Tok Guru Aziz waiting for the return of the Oil Royalty money "stolen" by the Federal government.... give better hand-outs to the rakyat, not only just free water....,

simpan duit banyak2x apa hal? belajar ribu2x gi shopping ke Australia....memalukan

I think the water in Kelantan is cleaner...takde dengar kes sampai orang tak mandi berminggu2x pun???

Water is life

Anonymous said...

federal government already give Rm 600 millions to Kelantan state government to settle the water problem in that state, still there is no clean water. I live in kelantan for 20 years and if somebody try to deny there is a water problem in Kelantan he is a liar. This a fact not some slander about spending money in Australia.

Anonymous said...

Cant anyone get Yang Dipertuan Negeri Sembilan to raise this matter to his doofus, dysfunctional MB? There's of course plenty of water but poor maintenance and lack off water supply infrastructure upgrades could be a caused of water shortages.

Penny Pound Foolish

Anonymous said...

the problem is the mosquito they don't do their job (due to obey to PR), so kill the mosquito.

moral of the story don't burn your mosquito net, later on your be regret if can't sleep well. :))

Tok Guru of Kuantan said...

This is the problem of Malaysia not recognizing talent, so many talent and more able people are not given the opportunity and so a good example is how a talent person like Olivia Lum who run a successful water company called Hyflux. Why did Singapore who runs the Johor water for years never had problems with water? The answers are all for you to see but UMNO fellows are always blind.....

Olivia Lum was adopted at birth, and never knew her parents; she was brought up by a woman she called her grandmother. When Lum was only three, her grandmother gambled away her savings; they lost the house in which they were living, and moved to a leaky shack without running water. She came to Singapore at the age of 15 and enrolled at the Tiong Bahru Secondary School, where she supported herself through tutoring and sales jobs. She went on to study at Hwa Chong Junior College and graduated in 1986 with an Honours degree in chemistry from the Faculty of Science of the National University of Singapore.
Lum started corporate life as a chemist with Glaxo Pharmaceutical. After working for three years at Glaxo, she left in 1989 at the age of 28 to start up Hydrochem, the precursor to Hyflux, with just SG$20,000 of capital, which she raised by selling her condominium and car. She hired three employees at the start; Lum herself rode around on a motorcycle selling her company's water filters and treatment chemicals. By January 2001, Hyflux had become the first water treatment company to be listed on SESDAQ, and was upgraded to the Singapore Exchange's Mainboard in April 2003.[citation needed] By 2005, she had a net worth of over US$240 million, which earned her a place as the only woman on Forbes' "Southeast Asia Rich List". As of 2007, Hyflux was worth SG$1 billion and employed more than 800 people.
Lum holds several positions in public service. She is a board member of SPRING Singapore, the National University Singapore Council, and the Singapore Exchange, as well as the president of the Singapore Water Association. She is also a member of the UNESCAP Business Advisory Council and the Singapore Green Plan 2012 coordinating committee. Lum was a Nominated Member of Parliament in the Parliament of Singapore from 2 July 2002 to 1 January 2005.[citation needed] In 2003, she was awarded the International Management Action Award, followed by the Global Female Invent and Innovate Award the following year.
On October 3rd 2008, Lum resigned her position as independent non-executive director of the Singapore Exchange and relinquished her position on the audit, regulatory conflicts and remuneration committees of the Exchange, according to the Exchange's filing. She stated this was due to her heavy work commitments in line with Hyflux's rapid expansion, and that her resignation would enable her to focus more time and resources on Hyflux's growth.

Anonymous said...

At last, I see your gun is pointing to BN to prove that you're not a blind tokkok bird. By the way, Gong Xi Fa Cai to you, Ah Pas Gor!

Anonymous said...

Slogan dan slogan lagi...Oh BN kesayanganku

Anonymous said...

Haiyo ini orang mana boleh percaya , ... but what if ur kampung have water but next kampung does not have water will u give a damn........ NO. Am i right Pasquale ???