Thursday, February 02, 2012

Basically, if you have no gas to heat up your home you die!

Homeless man in Poland, the government can only supply ,and his homeless friends, with coal to burn so he and the rest of the homeless can live slightly longer, but by not much!

Without fossil fuel to heat up you home, in this part of the world, you simply froze and die!
In this warm sunny country we bitch a lot over nothing, like the colour of ang pow, and the rights to read Koran so loud as to rile up the non-Muslim neighbour, or to gripe and protest over illegally erected Hindu temple! Grow up Malaysians we are so lucky here!

Warsaw, the Ukraine, St Petersburg, Corsica, Slovakia and everywhere else in Europe or the Northern Hemisphere, people die from the coldest winter spell ever.

It was widely reported the coldest winter in decades have taken many lives, with at least 28 people froze to death because they have no home during the freezing spell.

In the very near future, warm places on this planet earth will be invaded by people from the winter prone countries to make their home. They have no choice but to invade any tropical countries so they can survive.

To understand why there is a need for the western power to control, invade and down right colonised any country with known fossil fuel reserve is because: For without it you will not be able to heat up your home, and if you cannot you simply froze and die.

In North America, many homeless died every winter but was never widely reported.

So just to warn you small disunited Third World countries with a lot of fossil fuel reserve to be prepared to be invaded and bullied into giving up your reserve so that that North American and the European can maintain their high standard of living! Read more on freezing to death here!

They know that with out fossil fuel they will frozen away and die!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm... Has the Magpie Migrated to Eastern Europe to enjoy the Winter?

Anonymous said...

Talk rock talk cock, when you depends on handout what do you expect?

Anonymous said...

Disunited ???? In anyway we are screw by both side.... why bother at all . There is no humanity anymore in human ... even the good one force to be a bad one. So genius please enlighten me if we vote for BN or UMNO is it guarantee we wont be silently screwed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:09pm, why take the risk, better the devil we know, for me I would not want to dabble my children's life or this country under hypocrite Anwar Ibrahim and his Taliban!!


Anonymous said...

anon @ February 03, 2012 10:09 PM

If you vote pakatan you won't "be silently screwed"

you will be LOUDLY and obviously screwed

heh heh

Anonymous said...

To 5-sens from Ipoh and Heh-heh the clown,

If the "screwing" from PKR is to tighten and put a lid on let it be obvious and the louder the better!!

But if the Devil we know is in the form of Ah Jib Gor then...could it be that this is the first sign of 2012??

Then bring in the talibans and the Imam Mahdi to fight the jihad in PRU-13!!!

The Devil we know, konon... bullshit!

Make-some-noise - silent majority.

Anonymous said...

Amboi nak tunjuk marah konon si anon February 04, 2012 10:23 AM

tsk tsk tsk

the very word "screw" means to conjure up negative and illegal actions lah goblok

basic meaning of screw oso don't know, want to tunjuk garang eleh

salah tempat lah ooii, dah tu nak condemn kita pulak

berdebat pun tak pandai nak kasi nasehat alahai

eh you think you CAN influence the majority ke with your half-past six reasoning

jangan nak berangan lah haprak

kesian dia, dah melalot

ade ke screwing to "put a lid on corruption"

screwing tu lah corruption bahlol, try harder lah, anak abu

Anonymous said...

I am Anon 10.09 ,

I dont want to be Anus to be screw even by both side . I pray there will be a better day one day when Malay . Chinese , India and Others will live in harmony .
Dont you think so Magpie????

Anonymous said...

Screwball Anon 04, 2012 7:15,

Ok I got it now, base on your Oxfam dictionary....

"screw" means...screw (f you) la screwhead (tiga-suku) got several screw loose (you mad person)in your screwball head (again tiga-suku) !!!

And you really have screwed-up (bungle) with your poor attempt to define "screw/screwing"...

...."conjure up" itu is for the work of Magician....and if its done on evil basis then.....the "devil- you-know" Mr. Ah Jib Gor will come to mind..... what say you?.... no-screw head one?

Screwdriver - driven by the silent majority

Anonymous said...


anon February 05, 2012 12:11 AM

is really hooked on "screw" - see you took my advice and googled the meaning of screw

and hey presto, abra cadabra all the meanings are negative in nature

hee hee, so screwing to "put a lid on corruption" is still morally WRONG

yeeehaah, 3 kosong to screwlover

jangan marah ye ...

Pasquale said...

Yes one day the three idiotic and moronic races of Malay, Chinese and Indian will live together in harmony!
And for the subject on "screw" I am not entertaining it anymore in my blogsite, thank you!