Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim a great actor and a snake oil seller!

Talking to a man who want to be a Speaker of a house, and he, actually both, does not respect the Sultan of Perak!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim kaki bbatu api yang paling besar di Malaysia, his specialty is to mengadu domba rakyat berbilang kaum! Supaya negara kucar kacir!

The former speaker of Perak assembly has always been mocking the Malays, notice how he smirks and saying the other man on his side wearing the Zamindar costume that he is just like any other Malay, easily fooled! In fact they are fooling each other!!

Help! I am tired of captioning these disturbing pictures!

Palanivel go save your people now before they plunged themselves over the cliff like lemmings following BABI!

"I don't even like these people", says he. But he had to do it to achieve his warped sense of ambition!

"Oy Vey! I wished I did not have to do this, but they will be stupid enough to vote for me ya!" said BABI! Apparently he was singing when he was bullock-carted!

"Honestly, I don't even like these guys dei, but they do know I do look like Tamil movie star and they will vote for me .....these stupid and gullible people!" he muttered under his breath! Oh BTW!! Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is the one in the middle wearing the plastic garland!

Three picturse of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim..who did not give two-hoot about the Indian community when he was in.power is now the the the new MGRamachandran, at PKR's Ponggal festival - Kinta Valley Estate, Batu Gajah (29/1/2012)(Pix is courtesy of someone in his regular entourage!)


His penchant for melodrama and acting knows no bound! A picture of him dressed like MG Ramachandran of the old Tamil movie made me want to say : "When will this moron stop!!!"

When he cheated his way to almost becoming the prime minister of this country, and while he was the deputy prime minister he told Datuk Seri S. Samy Vellu loudly at the corridor of the old Prime Minister Office in KL: "hang datang nak mintak kuil lagi ke Samy!!!?" very loudly.

The truth of the matter is he shows a complete disdain towards the Malaysian-Tamil community and today he dressed like one (note: not that there is anything wrong with wearing a kurta or a turban!) it is just that it's wrong to be a hypocrite!! You decide!!


Anonymous said...

What I see is our future PM. Malays spend their darkest 22 years under Dr M, one of the reason why Malays are still left behind.

Pasquale said...

"Anonymous said...

What I see is our future PM. Malays spend their darkest 22 years under Dr M, one of the reason why Malays are still left behind.March 06, 2012 10:45 PM"

Listen up, you cannot be a Malay saying this, if you are, then you are totally fuc#ed up!
Who says Malays are behind we are not, unless we believe it like you do moron!!? But I don't think you are a Malay, probably from Singapore out to confuse us eh!!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Anon March 06 10;45 pm...you buta ka ??? What we see is B.A.B.I. @ aljuburi @ alyahudi... be careful n take care of ur backside because he will liwat ur ass laa ...also if u are married take care of ur wife laa cz his ostad can khalwat ur wife laa. We know laa he is the leader of Fuckatan Rakyat laa

Anonymous said...

Haha... You need to see it better man. For i see u r not a good observant. Now, what i see if DAPIG LGE were to colonized Penang for at least 2nd term... Malay will be in dire calamity.... There will be simply like hvg 2nd singapore in the north

Jiwa Paradox said...


Anonymous said...

Ask the CM of Malacca whether he's a hypocrite with election coming nearer now.

So, the pariah and keling issues also dah settle ke? Ask TPM?

How about dragging a cow's head kat Shah Alam?

What about so many Keling died in custody?

What about roboh kuil sana-sini?

At least this Anwar does no harm to anybody.

He maybe a hypocrite but definitely much much better than others.

No forgetfull fella.

Anonymous said...


Malaysians don't need a toungue-twisting-lying chracter like Anwar to be our PM. Apart from being totally politically bankrupted, he's also one of the most corrupted politician in the Malaysian political history.


Maybe not.

Besides, Malaysians have this 'thing' against homo leaders. Probably in another lifetime.

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

the malays were not left behind because of Dr M lah moron!

the malays are left behind because we have people idiot, stupid and fool like you lah anon 10.45PM!

CheWal said...


ha ha ha... is that a joke or what ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:45 PM,
Not all Malays are left behind nor all all Cinais are front of us.

My best years was during Dr. M administration and my worst when PKR/DAP rules Selangor.

Money and wealth is not everybody's KPI.

Anonymous said...

When you call someone "BROTHER" you respect him. Otherwise don't call "BROTHER" so that you can get the initial "BA--". Can a muslim call another "BA--"? Wah! in Malaysia anything can.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.01pm,

Your mentality is exactly like Anon 10.45pm. I guess you know what to do next - get of of this country. Probably Singapore will also reject you too! We had a peaceful time and the nation prosper the most during DRM tenure as PM though corruptions does exist almost everywhere for opportunists. The rakyat must vote the right people during GE13 for the nation (BABI not included). BABI must be banished by all means otherwise, we will be bankcrupt by his' family & cronies.

Anonymous said...

SNAKE OIL PEDDLAR......dei,only mamaks are snake oil peddlars la....mamakutti for one is top of the crop,man.

Anonymous said...

Magpie sings beautifully. Sorry, this one barks and all his machais follow. Look at the languages used. So unbecoming of someone who is a magpie.

Anonymous said...

Heh..heh...Only stupid people will believe ANwar the Liar....Perhaps many stupid around been fooled by Anwar the Liar....Anwar two sided tape....He is notthing if Mahathir didnt pick up and protect him till become DPM....List out what Anwar the Liar has did good during his tenure as DPM....Nothing..busy creating crony...make money for friends and family and now suddently he want to fight for rakyat.....Anwar you SUCK.

Anonymous said...

This fella aah! isn't he the porno actor that fuck cina doll

Anonymous said...

Hahaha...I see a pandikutty @ aljuburi @ alyahudi

Anonymous said...

Anon March 7,9:38am...if hamPAS fellas,Parti Kencing Rakyat ustad Badigol(oops Badrul) can swear and curse other muslims including MUFTIs bapak setan, dajjal and so forth, I also can maa!!!

Anonymous said...

Malaysians know anwar is a liar and a cheat.

But the opposition need him to present a "united" front against UMNO/BN.

The smiles in the photos are just a critical perceptive tool to fool the public but they are really fooling themselves.

Anwar cannot fulfill his promises as he is already a spent force.

His image as a Muslim leader has been destroyed by his israel support. So he has to resurrect his image as a Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist and Christian leader.

It is amazing he can still remember who he is, with all the masks he owns.

Anonymous said...

Anon March 08 8.34am

Show some class. If these people eat shit, you also can maa!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon March 08, 10;53...show some class... look in the mirror .. you got class meh!!...at least I am no hypocite...I dare to say out my feeling...with these type of people who cares to show class... their doing show no class maa!! If you don't suka me because I don't show some class thats your problem maa!!

Anonymous said...

Not forgetfull fella, to you and ur fellow kind maybe this pundekutty do no harm but to me and many..many malays he did lots of harm ..and more damages....Want to know ask Chandra MUzaffar..still want to know more can ask Nalla Karupan

Anonymous said...

You have no business calling anwar your brother if you write such a hateful account of himThere are many even from umno who respect DSAI for being courageous to go through what umno did to him

Anonymous said...

anon @ March 09, 2012 8:09 AM

anwar courageous????


he's got yellow belly if not for the foreign support that wants to recolonise beautiful Malaysia

have you seen the FEAR on wan azizah, nurul izzah and siblings' faces??

they are so involved/indebted there is no way out

I'm sure they know that the cina doll client is their husband and father

years of nightmares, wonder if azizah regrets not getting a divorce early

Anonymous said...

Golden opportunity for Rescue Malaysia. GE13 is coming soon. Vote PR and get rid of rotten BN and MM, the Bapak of Destruction Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Golden opportunity for Rescue Malaysia. GE13 is coming soon. Vote BN and get rid of rotten PR and AI, the Bapak of Destruction Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Kalau aku....memang malu jadi blogger ni......twisted, cheapscape and the pitsssss.

-what happen to comments on anwar and zizah??

Blogging pun nak menipu.


Anonymous said...

God forbid! This creature aka as "Kote Bengkok" to be our next PM..

Anonymous said...

Dahlah "Kote Bengkok", perut boroi, mulut celupah, muka tak seri, asyik nak saman orang tapi keccuuutt nak angkat sumpah, last last sokong israel

ish ish ish manusia jenis apa ni - dah tu nak jadi PM konon

Anonymous said...

To Anon @March11, 10.59AM ....aka "Main lobang sendiri punya" jangan jadi macam Kak Jat terus letak jawatan, jaga lembu.

1 down and a whole lot of corrupted ministers to go!!

Anonymous said...

anon March 11, 2012 10:47 PM

yea that leaves only a handful og pakatan ministers to shout in parliament, once their cover-ups are exposed

the tender exercise, the nepotism, the cronyism, zarinah is also out

soon ronnie liu, teresa kock, lim guan eng, nga, ngeh, khalid, and the list goes on

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:36

So it is Mahathir's fault for picking Anwar. He must have been blinded by anwar.

Anonymous said...