Thursday, March 01, 2012

Indeed it was much ado about nothing... but just an inflated ego of some!

Amhari, I cannot reproduce a picture of the person who, in his drunken stupor, called you an office boy, but accept this apology on behalf of all bloggers with smaller ego! Cheers mate!

Rockybru wrote:
"Much ado, indeed. I asked around and it seems that B L O G and bloggers - anti or pro-Opposition - were not mentioned at all during the Cabinet briefing. The focus was on social media and how ministries can improve their handling of the social media. Rais Yatim did sack his press secretary the very next day but none of the other ministers did so the sacking was not likely to have been due to the Cabinet briefing. But then again, you'll never know with that dude ...
So anti-Opposition bloggers, carry on your good work. And anti-Government bloggers, hit them harder! It's back to status quo. We are all still relevant here. Hehe." read more here! Copy without permission from Rockybru, sorry bro, but he can sue me anytime.

The thing is, Rocky was right there was no where Blog or bloggers were mentioned in the so-mentioned Cabinet briefing given by Amhari, a special officer to the prime minister.
And trust me, that Amhari is no office boy, he respects bloggers, and the new alternative media that the world is enjoying now. His job is, unlike bloggers like me who just write blog when I feel like doing it, he's to coordinate and to analyse and to compute,to co-late and to calculate and then to drive backward and forward until stuff makes sense, before his finding is presented to the PM or especially to Cabinet ministers. He bis good at doing things mandated to him.
Amhari's briefing had nothing to do with Rais Yatim sacking his press secretary, but the briefing could be the reason for him to sack his office for "not doing enough", it was probably the reason why his press secretary became the scape goat, somebody has to be the "sacrificial lamb".
To you Rais, a job of a press secretary is many things and if you ex-press secretary was good at other things, it was not necessary to blame him on his dismal performance on others, such as in enhancing your personality or of the image of your office be it via the tweeter or face book or what not. You Rais should have gotten yourself a good team in the first place.
On Social Media activity reports by Amhari, other Cabinet ministers also got some bad reports but none blamed others, or sack their officers for their perceived failure.
Back to Amhari, I know him well and he is one of the most productive special officers that the PMO have ever produced.
For any blogger with a very high inflated ego to chastise him in "public", that is simply not fair!
Thank you Rockybru for putting the record straight!


Anonymous said...

Cannot or won't produce the he GOD???

Where is your conviction?

Never mind, it will take a bigger man than you....smaller ego included, that's for sure.


Anonymous said...

Bigbird some bloggers do have an inflated ego others are just plain mercenery!


Anonymous said...

What is this inflated ego?

.....can you buy it with RM or use the bicycle pump?

don't worry about inflated ego man, it's not criminal!


Anonymous said...

A tips to your which Amhari maybe didnt mention to your boss,

opposition are diverting Malaysian by creating campaign that not anti government but a campaign with a good cause for example Gay group , environment group , religous group and then the workforce they will sub divide and at the end promote their political agenda ....
so if Malaysian support their campaign means one day they will support the opposition or maybe the opposition one day will be better then current GOVT.
This will be a long term plan against UMNO ... one day maybe 5 years after u die UMNO will be not relevant anymore .
So now this so called Malays rights protector are just cashing their way out and screwing their own kind.

Even a five year old no this!!

Anonymous said...

U a day dreaming bro...!!!