Friday, March 16, 2012

It is not politically advisable for Najib to visit Aung San Suu Kyi!

A very powerful tool of an American foreign policy for regime change. NED is a very powerful non-state actor of the US foreign policy! It gives money to politicians who are willing to sell their soul! People like BABI is so indebted to this group that if he does not succeed he will be then treated by NED with extreme prejudice!

I had the "opportunity" of being a minder for two members of the International Republican Institute (IRI), a member of the NED, recently in KL when they met with a member of our ISIS. A dubious and a very amateurish meeting I must say! I left unimpressed!

I was reported that the US-based National Endowment for Democracy (NED) is not just a bipartisan agency for promoting democracy, but an agency that has connections with the CIA and Zionist powers in America. Read more here!

NED carries out secret work that had previously been carried out by the CIA to overthrow foreign countries. This happened in Honduras, Chile, Grenada and anywhere else in the South America and the world where government that are deemed not friendly towards US interest will be overthrown.

A classic case of Neo-Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism that that I have studied in school three decades ago that I thought was a stupid subject, turns out to be all true.

In the case of where any super power or big power could not simply invade a country deemed hostile to this big power it will send in a "major actor" in the form of an NGO such as the NED to infiltrate party or parties considered to be opposed to this perceived government.

In the case of Myanmar, a big country with a huge natural resources such as oil and gas and others, this country just want to be left alone to cultivate or nurture its own wealth.

The US wants Myanmar to "allow" its petroleum reserve to be managed probably by Haliburton, a big and corrupt and nasty US Multi-National Corporation (MNC). But instead Myanmar would rather deal with China, for example.

US said NO! Tries to employ its allies such as ASEAN to talk Myanmar to be reasonable, but ASEAN said "nyet"! So the next best thing is to use a force from within to force a regime change.

Thus came major actors like the NED cultivating Western-inclined politicians such Myanmar's Aung San Suu Kyi (ASSK) and her National League of Democracy (NLD), and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and his Pakatsan Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) doing the bidding for the petroleum-hungry superpower countries, such as the US via bipartisan NGOs like NED!

My advise to my prime minister is not to pay a courtesy call on ASSK during his official state visit to Myanmar, as much as he may not like Barack Obama, for example, on his state visit to Malaysia to pay a courtesy call to BABI!

This is my two cents worth for today!


ben 58 said... his capacity, with what have already happen to Malaysia since 1998, for his own survival, with a short time left to live, did he have any other choice?...sometimes i wonder, who are really in power in Malaysia?.. TA Rahman was asked to retire,TA Razak-sudden demise in London, T Hussin was asked to retire, TDM have to retire, TAAB asked to retire.. can't it happen to him after PRU13?..BABI as his name aptly called is just another pawn in this game, a country that has never face major catastrophe as long as history can remember .., even the recent japanese occupation, bintang 3 terror and 13/5 casualty is still less than the total 10 years road accident big bomb like nagasaki, no big war like US civil war, no big tsunami like acheh, no big famine like in more than 55 years of relative peace too long for us and everybody are itchy to try a big one?..

Anonymous said...

I sincerely believe that Najib must pay a visit on Ang San Syu Kyi, she is not to be compared wth Anwar Ibrahim.
Every foreign leader did pay her a visit and if Najib does not do it who knows Anwar will and that will be a Public Relations coup for the opposition!

Burmese Expat!

Anonymous said...

We want PR not because We Love PR, We just want a CHANGE !

Actually we will vote PR because We Still Love BN. After all it was started by great and honest leaders of the past.

It’s for the good of BN that we vote for PR and for better future for the people at the same time

Anonymous said...

Someone wrote "We want PR not because We Love PR, We just want a CHANGE" and this someone must be stupidly joking!
A change just for the sake of a change is not wanted by level headed Malaysians. A change for the sake of change is courting danger and chaos!
Just give Najib a chance and after him if he fucks up you all and we all can vote for anything but BN!


Anonymous said...

For the good of the country we have to vote UMNO, MCA, MIC, PBB, SUPP out....

PR might not be perfect but she is not corrupted like BN.

Anonymous said...

...."PR might not be perfect but she is not corrupted like BN." OMIGOD, you must be blind and deaf, look at the chaos in Selangor, and all the lies Ah Beng in Penang, and you dare say, is for the good of the country?

Anonymous said...

Anon March 19, 2012 3:29 PM

BN have already fucked up this country for 50 years and you still ask us to give it another chance. Let us to vote them out this time. No mercy.

Anonymous said...

If you look at the last 4 years, which state out of the 13 states has significantly improved?

The answer is : PENANG

PR can do something in 4 short years where BN can't do it in 50 years!

Anonymous said...

Poor DAP cybertroopers, always in denial.

Forthe truth about Penang, go to this link

All with SOLID facts and data, unlike the cybertroopers who spout filth with no evidence.

Anonymous said...

dude !! Haliburton IS doing contract for Petronas !! ... is in Msia since yonkers coz umno failed to produce enough engineers .. God knows what have they done or pay BN people !! Henry Gurney help created Israel and then came to Msia .. for what ?? British was almost bankrupt WW2 .. thats why they gave Merdeka .. and to ensure their interest (plantations) are taken care of after Merdeka they help pave the way for UMENO by banning and prosecuting of literally every ALL other parties !! UMENO is essensially a proxy at that time and now morph into a Monster wiling to do anything to stay in power .. in the 70s Hussein Onn declared that Freemason IS HARMLESS !!! .. so who brought zionism to Msia ?? ..

Anonymous said...

anon @ March 24, 2012 7:28 PM

it is called transfer of knowledge lah not supporting israel at all costs

Anonymous said...

As a European visiting my Malays in-laws annually I notice the Chinese are extremely successful. I can conclude that because the Malays politician in BN thinking that by giving the shorter end of the stick to the Chinese that would help the Malays to be ahead. What they didn't realise is the reverse is happening, making the Malays lazy and Chinese putting in extra effort to succeed. Poor foresight of the people who walk the corridor of power indeed.

Anonymous said...

anon @ March 25, 2012 8:06 AM

naahhh, the brits brought these poor and illiterate coolie kangs to steal the wealth off Tanah Melayu

the coolie kangs of course HAD to work hard to bring back the loot to motherland china

but life in Tanah Melayu is SO GOOD, they decided to stay as the original landlords were too gracious and generous

the chinese were hardworking coz they have no choice

but in today's world the key to success is no longer hardwork but talent real talent, european guy