Friday, March 02, 2012

No beef briyani in Yangon, and the rest of Myanmar!!

A Burmese-style mosque with an elaborately carved minaret in Amarapura during the Konbaung dynasty.

Yangon, the capital of Myanmar is famous for its nasi briyani. The city has a very, very big Muslim population, in fact the entire country of Myanmar has a big percentages of a Muslim community. You can get mutton, chicken and lamb briyani...but you can never find beef bryani anywhere in the country or the capital!!
Why?! Well, the Muslim community decided in reverence and respect of the Buddhist majority in Myanmar no beef is allowed. Yet no Muslim complaint, it is a case of c'est la vie, or such is life!!
Here in this country, we sometime take religious sensitivity for granted. If only we respect each other's belief we will go a long way. Pushing to the limit of each others religious norms, constraints and mores can only spelled disaster.
We are not asking for pork not to be sold in a Muslim majority country like Malaysia, or to not serve beef anywhere in consideration of other religious habit, but just to be patient with each others foible!


Anonymous said...

Look bro, you should know better .... Beef equal to hindu . Real buddhist is vegetarian ,pork does not equal to buddhist. You can associates pork with american , canadian and alll whites but not with buddhist. Real buddha dont eat meat.
To much alcohol make u get the fact wrong wrong wrong.

Anonymous said...

Sebab Kedai tutup...

Sekarang diMalaysia Kedai Mamak pulak nak tutup sebab...semua "DKK" sudah masuk UMNO....daftar jalani kursus "Bagaimana nak jadi Penyagak PRU-13"

Malaysia Boleh - Boleh Blah!!

Anonymous said...

Listen you idiot what this idiot is trying toi say is no beef because of the mores of not eating meat by the Buddhist is the prevalent culture. But I have seen Buddhist eating briyani there!

Anonymous said...

Apa la... Mentality org ne!?

mae said...

In a factory in shah alam, its canteen not allowed to sell beef because 50% of the workers are hindus. The malay workers and malay canteen operator don't complain.

During dasting month, the hindus eat and munch right in front of the muslims. the canteen operator serves the food for the hindus. Again, the muslims don't complain.

why that happen? bcos the muslims know that hindus don't eat beef but but the hindus don't know that the muslim fasting. It is about knowledge. or may be about which religion teach respect better.

Anonymous said...

Pasque, guess you don't eat TouHu right? TouHu is Chinese food.

Anonymous said...

1. chinese pay most of the taxes
2. chinese control the economy
3. malays are dumb lot who likes to be fed for free and don't do any work so that the indons, the mynmars, the nepals, banglas and africans can have a better life
4. it's a pahala for malays to kill or badmouth another malays then the chinese or indians
5. malays like to entertain guests in their homes as long as is not another malays
6. the best preserved ancient chinese cultures are not in china but in malaysia.
7. since chinese hold the economy, the malays should treat them as sultans

Anonymous said...

anothe piece of crap

Anonymous said...

Pork is equal to chinese, majority of malaysian chinese is buddhist, since buddhist doesnt eat pork/meat. Therefore majority of malaysian chinese is fake buddhist? Am i rite? Or simply say there are DAPIG

Anonymous said...

Anon March 06, 2012 12:23 PM

You're definitely wrong. Majority of Chinese are Taoism who believe in multiple gods. They are not vegetarian like most Buddhist.