Monday, April 30, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim: Evil is and evil does!

Once I labelled him as makhlok perosak or like a plague of locusts, that destroys everything that comes along his way, and that there is nothing that we can do to stop his carnage of plague.
Seeing BABI giving his cue to his boyfriend Azmin to go onwards and to break police barricade and to destroy anything along its way is like watching these locusts devouring anything along its way and that there is nothing that we can do??!
Why are we allowing these plague to spread, and this is one answer I want to know! The people are tired of BABI and his destructive tendency and capability and he must be stopped, at all cost!


Anonymous said...

I guess 100,000 (maybe more) people can give you the answer to your desperate question.

100,000 locusts quite substantial don't you agree?

Or would you rather argue with the numbers...and miss the point just like TV3!!


Pasquale said...

Maybe I am not arguing the numbers, we can also argue about the lemmings wisdom, one stupid lemming directed the rest to jump down the precipice to destruction, but I am saying one man's evil desire and to destroy the whole social fabric of the country to shred?

ayah said...

Wow! 100,000! Didn't know there were that many lemmings here! But heard what was left were maybe 30k of them; the other 70k must have already jumped much earlier!

I really pity people who overcount when making their case. It's lying really. Look at them, look at tgheir statements: lies, all lies.

And I'm sure by now more than 100,000 people (or many many more times over that by now) know who the liars really are, who the detroyers really are. And what about that disillusioned participant at BABI's press conference? Many many more like that now?

Anonymous said...

Bersih 4.0 will bring on 1 Million Malaysian.....
BN will fall like Berlin wall.

Anonymous said...

Bersih 4.0 will bring on 1 Million Malaysian.....
BN will fall like Berlin wall.

Anonymous said...

poor 1loci, so deluded he does not recognise the difference between reality and fantasy

haha you will awaken in PRU13 - the rest of Malaysians are SICK and TIRED of peliwat tua whom you desperados still wanna prop up as de facto leader

a word of advise - go cut your losses and HUG UMNO

Anonymous said...

Sure.....not maybe anymore, Bersih 4.0 next change, 500,000 (statistically exponential growth).

And you can help count....or better still just remain in your denial syndrome....WE KNOW THE TRUTH.

For the ONE disillusioned "participant" (he was there to make movies remember???), body owes you a would stick in law.

You know what?.....someone is going to compile and book all the stories/articles on Bersih 3.0 and make bundles of RM$$$ whilst you poor munafiks sit around and count lemmings!!!

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Nantang, I can't tell why I feel so good and see hope with such a large historic crowd of 250,000 people. I feel even better to see cops being beaten up by crowd.

Anonymous said...

poor bershit goodoos

the whole world could see the desperation and violence you displayed

100k?? nahhhh more like a photoshopped aerial view - kesian lah silembus

ok ok 100k lah - out of 28 million is a minute %

talk so garang but kote so small, you need to wake up dudes - bershit3 super BACKFIRED

uncle sam and auntie hillary must be fuming mad at the loss of their investment dollars

and achi ambiga needs protection against a PEACEFUL sit-in???

hahahahahahaha - JOKE of the centuries!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gundu@Goodoos?....

Sebenarnya....Astro dah apologise, Bernama dah apologise, Najib apologise, IGP apologise....Hishamuddin doesn't understand the meaning of the word,

U pulak macam mana???....categori Hishamuddin ke?


Anonymous said...

yeah yeah

only the peliwat tua have not apologised for anything huh?

and lembus like you still follow him blindly

happy to yearn for all his empty promises, his cheating ways, his lies and deceit

even in the face of solid evidence, dimwits and blockheads like you still deny - till the lembus come home


Anonymous said...

Graceless, Anon@May05,2012 12:27AM

Solid evidence??... what from the manufactured/plant DNA??

NFC abuse of RM250M duit rakyat?... is that solid enough for you??

Aku tak faham orang munafik ni...sedap benar ke makan daging orang mati?

Hang buta dan pekak ka??

Anonymous said...


marah nampak - ish ish ish, relakks lah one corner

asyik asyik NFC, NFC - yg hang sokong banduan sungei buloh hanya utk RM30 tu bukan buta dan pekak ke?


Anonymous said...

Laughing hyena,

RM30?? - munafik lagi itu, bangsa cannibal.

Lauk apa hari ni...bangkai siapa pulak???