Friday, April 06, 2012

Dong Jiao Zong: The Real Danger? Or Malays should be equally chauvinist?

Muka barua setan ni sabelum kena belasah!!

Setan salepas kena belasah!Tak ada bedza nya Dong Zong ni dengan Gee Hin dan Hai San!

By: Azuardi Alias

When the British brought in the Chinese to work in the mines in Perak, they have also brought in the culture of gangsterism and secret societies to Malaysia . For over a decade, the Ghee Hin and Hai San societies had been fighting and avenging each other’s death over control of watercourse, gambling and personal matters.

As the stories were told, at one time, the Ghee Hin imported 4,000 professional fighting men from mainland China via Penang to attack the Hai Sans and for the first time, the Hai Sans were driven out of Larut. About 10,000 Hai San men sought refuge in Penang.

And time passed, these two clans grew bigger and roamed all over the country.

These secret societies may have ‘faded’ away, but their mentality remains a threat to this multi-racial country. Like a time-bomb, it keeps ticking, provoking our patience by displaying arrogance and intolerance. Read More Here!


Anonymous said...

This Prof must b crucified n sailed back to China.


Anonymous said...

They look up to harry lee and singapore and YET they still insist on chinese schools to be funded by the governent.

It takes a chinese lee kuan yew to suppress the singapore chinese such that there are no more chinese schools there.

The Malays are just too accomodating. If this arrogance and intolerance is perpetuated by the chinese schools, then it is HIGH time the government go the singapore way - ERADICATE those vernacular schools.

Put it to a national referendum and Malaysians can vote AGAINST these chinese schools.

Anonymous said...

That's Msian Ahbengs for you - they are more provincial, kunu and totok then their overseas kind. The cinabukit culture still there no matter how they cloak themselves in western attire and make their kids call them Mameeee and Dadeee ( makes one cringe everytime you here this at the mall). Muka cam babeee..naik bulu roma aku...

Anonymous said...

It is the fault of the Malays for being too accomodating. These buggers should not have been granted citizenship at all and have them repatriated to where they come from. They are a bunch of thugs, hooligans and greedy pigs.

The ONLY way out is for Malays to unite and drive them out. However with nuar braim quest for power and pas dream of running the country, all efforts will be gone.

I hope and pray that ALL Malays and Bumiputras see the game these chinese buggers are playing. Hit them back via our votes. Leave them out of our decision making process

Anonymous said...

UMNO don't know how to run schools that is why a lot of Malays are sending their kids to Chinese school.

Non of the Uni in Malaysia is ranked below 200 in the world, why Singapore's NUS and NTU are ranked below 50 in world ranking?

Anonymous said...


The bumis can start boycotting chinese owned business, see if they can survive just by chinese patronage

Juventus Loculus said...

Yup...already done so..already boycotting the chinks'

Anonymous said...

The chinese in both Indonesia and Thailand cant even use their chinese names coz assimilation into the national culture is the key.
But here in Malaysia, they insist on chinese education when they cant even speak proper BM. Enough is enough..

Anonymous said...

I prefer the Chinese in Malaysia otherwise they would become our PM just like in Thailand and Philippines.

Anonymous said...

Whose fault ? The Malays for being so accommodating and kind to these materialistic breed who are behaving so high and mighty. Usurpers all. Because of them ill treating Indon maids, we are now faced with a serious problem. Just what more do they want ? All these crap about them being second class citizens is just that - crap. They can't speak proper BM because they choose not to - yes, enough is enough.