Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A drama is further unfolding in Norway, one of the racist Scandinavian countries!!

He said he will do it again just to keep Norway white and free from immigrants!

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik (R) gestures as he arrives for his terrorism and murder trial in a courtroom in Oslo April 16, 2012. Breivik, who massacred 77 people last summer, arrived under heavy armed guard at an Oslo courthouse on Monday, lifting his arm in what he has called a rightist salute as his trial began. Breivik, 33, has admitted setting off a car bomb that killed eight people at government headquarters in Oslo last July, then massacring 69 in a shooting spree at an island summer camp for Labour Party youths. AFP Pictures and Caption.

He said he will do it again..Read here!
And majority of these massacred youths were of a non-white descent whose parents were probably a first or a second generations non-white Norwegian citizens.
There may even be some descendants from a third generations Norwegian whose descendants were probably Assyrians expelled from Turkey as early as the 1800 and as late as 1900. These Assyrians were successfully assimilated into the Scandinavian societies, but they were definitely not white.
On July 22nd 2011 I woke up in Canada only to hear on BBC, 77 Norwegian youths were massacred by a 33-year old blonde, white, good looking, a rightist and definitely a Neo-Nazi type Norwegian man.
His said his reason for killing was the same why the United States of America dropped nuclear bombs over Japan, to stop further escalation of Japanese expansion in Asia.
The thing that bothers me is that this Breivik will get supports from other closet racist Norwegians, including some judges who will be judging him. LIke Breivik, citizens of the Scandinavian countries are feeling the crunch of Middle-eastern and Asian, and African immigrants.
To people like Breivik, they cannot come to term with the new names of citizens of the Scandinavian countries with names like instead of Leif Ericcson or Bo Svenson or Bjorn Borg to names like Leif Papadopulous, or Bjorn Aagha, or Dagmar Abdulmoin, or Astrid Ramamurthy!!?
Racism has come a full circle and yet we in Asia are emulating or aping the West! Good luck!!!

P.S. Remember a fella by the name of Adolf Hitler?! He was supported by his people, he was responsible for the death of over Six Million Jews. When he started the campaign against the Jews the world could not imagine Six Million human can be wiped out! Ergo, people like this Breivik guy must be put to sleep, period!


Anonymous said...

Barking bitch..i hope no one ever takes you seriously. I also hope someone from Norway reads your piece and tells you off for the asshole that you are. Fuck off.

Anonymous said...

Why attack BM he or she is right in many ways, Scandanadian countries like Norway, Sweden and Denmark the people there are becoming racist especially after the influx of Arabs after the sucessive wars in Middle-East. I was married to a Swedish girlbut had a divorce after two years, she could not take pressure from her immediate surrounding for marrying and Indian originally from Brickfield.
Yes people like Breivik support openly and quietly to do his bidding for them. Not all lilly white up north, just ugly racist and Malaysians are going gaga over these white people! Many in KL are very rude because they know they can get away with being one!


Anonymous said...

C'mon lah, we know what Muslims think about these whites - dirty, too liberal, no moral value, etc..etc.. Hear this at a young age and at home. That goes for many Asians too. has all the looks, sounds and smells of.....hypocrisy, n'est pas?

Anonymous said...

The guy's a nutcase but ah...I dont have the slightest doubt whatsover if that certain group of immigrants have their way, would want the country to have the very same way of life, comfort and *democratic* laws etc..just like the country they were running from?

Anonymous said...

U know what they say about people living in glass houses.....

Anonymous said...

Gajah di depan hidung tak nampak, kuman di Barat nampak.

Anonymous said...

ye lah, kita ni bagus sangat lah!

GoldTrex said...

Tuan BM

IT is a known fact - no one country likes immigrants, except Malaysia, of course. Our history is replete with episodes of massive influx of immigrants.

Malaysians should appreciate, and even celebrate this rare human phenomenon, especially immigrants of the 1900s and of the more recent groups. How about declaring a national holiday - call it Perayaan Hari Pendatang. Pick a Sunday, please.

The Europe of the 1950s welcomed immigration. Germany accepted over 2 million Turks because they lost over 2 million men in the WW2. The rest of Europe too cannot find enough African, Arabs, Asians and Latinos to welcome into their countries. The European economy was booming. These immigrant men were needed to work in factories, sweep the streets, and do other jobs the locals were not fond of doing.

EU of today is a different story. Jobs, particularly in the private sector, are being shed at the rate of a few thousand each week.

Relatively more secure jobs are in the Government sector. The Brits who shunned these jobs as low paying, during the good times, now felt terribly
CHEATED as most government jobs, in the UK at least, had been given to citizens of Indo-Pakistan origins.

HENCE they felt resentment. Thus the tide of racism in in ever rising. The tragedy that befall Breivik and his types is that they lack the historical perspective that could have given them a good and rational understanding of their predicament. Otherwise they could have seen the big and fundamental difference between economic hardship and racial intolerance. How sad.

Economist Kampong

Anonymous said...

Hello old man ,
when chinese Dap got some power u already make noise and put some racist remarks la brother .
Maybe the killer felt the same feelings towards certain race. So u and him are equal .

Anonymous said...

Haha...yeah lah.. poor DAP... so ass!!

Anonymous said...

Dejavu - when still a minority, not so strong..very humble and *tolerant*. Once big enough starts to demand this and that, some more refuse to assimilate and even feel ever superior to host country........multiculturalism is BS!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha. white power!!!! son of hitler, indeed!

does anybody ever wonder what trigger him being as he was?

just like Malaysia. we become more and more choosy, resorting to easy way out, out of greed. we choose to leave on immigrant to conduct unwanted job such as housekeeper, hard labour etc.

as times goes by, these immigrant become big and affect on locals culture. even manage to conquered our job by offering my cheaper wage pay to employer.

soon new generation become fed up, they cant cope with school learning, and they also cant get a job @ a proper pay-day.

everyday they saw immigrant pass em' by, doing something that perhaps they could do..

so..dear my loving gov,

plzz make a really good regulation on these immigrant. we dont want something like this happened in Malaysia. and today already we can see that immigrant had taking over KL little by little..

and plzzzzzzzzzz impose minimum wage..make it by zone.. city, town, small town, rural & outback..

Anonymous said...

I have lived for decades in Scandinavia. I consider myself well-adapted and have many Nordic friends. Norway and Denmark are possibly the most racist nations on Earth. Anyone reading newspapers in these two countries cannot have any doubt about that.

Anonymous said...

I laugh at the small-mindedness in this thread. Too much elitism, too much hypocrisy. Norway and Denmark are not the most racist countries on earth, you haven't been everywhere on earth and there are lots of newspapers in those countries because the people living there are free to say and believe what they want. Unlike in some countries.

The increase of nationalism in the European states is a shame, but a natural occurrence due to the economics crisis. Considering that those countries learned more than any other that "nationalism is the last refuge of the scoundrel" it's safe to say that it's mainly due to media coverage that nationalism seems to be on an unstoppable rise. In reality, compared to how far to the right world politics can get (like in Malaysia), it is more of a moderate centre-right wing tendency in Europe at the moment.

Breivik is a unnatural, horrible murderer. He was alone in his actions and he ended the lives of 70 innocent youths. You are wrong to assume that others in those countries would share his "ideology", the most outspoken right-wingers are in shock.

Anonymous said...

Don't try to whitewash the present state of Norway. I see newspaper articles everyday in support of Breivik's views, even though they take care to distance themselves from his methods. Breivik's party, the Progress Party, after a short-lived slump, is as popular as ever. Job applications from individuals with non-Nordic names continue to end up in trash bins. And of course property owners still fight tooth and nail to avoid colored neighbors. Lessons from the Breivik incident? I don't see any.