Wednesday, April 25, 2012

He is tri-sexual - he will try anything that moves!


Trisexual \ˈtrī-sek-sh(ə-)wəl \ A person who has absolutely no sexual preference and readily partakes in all forms of sexual perversion. The "tri" of course is the fact that a trisexual's attraction (although gender blind) ranges from human, animal, or inanimate object. Live, dead, or grotesquely disfigured/unattractive --it doesn't matter in the eyes of a trisexual. They have an "If it feels good --do it" philosophy when it comes to fulfilling their sexual needs.


We know it's him, we saw him on U-tube, allegations against him are countless and now found to be true.

A wife of his close associate bore him his child, and a once close associate of him presented a video clipping to the police of this woman giving a bl@w job to this notorious man who wants to be king, and this man's son refused to acknowledge him as a father. This son had some serious nervous breakdown and residing in a foreign country where he lives incognito.

His entire family, including his political daughter is in serious denial......and yet there are still people supporting this trisexual of a man who will have sex with anything moves and that he feels like doingit with!

My other issue is not that this man is immoral and a trisexual who wants to lead the country, but for Malays who still are blind enough to support him!

I can see the non=Malays, especially the DAPs and the DRAFs, supporting him even though he may be fuck#%g animals, but as long as he destroys Malay unity and to take over governing the country...but the Malays?? These Malay supporters must be morons! Open your eyes!!!


Anonymous said...


I believe his followers and coalition partners know him for what he is.

But for the sake of political power, chose to look the other way.

His monumental source of funds is what makes him influential.

Once his sponsors see the jaded pawn that he has become, he will be rendered a permanent wannabe.

As for the gullible PAS kampong supporters, UMNO must turun padang and spread all manner of assistance in order to create enlightenment among these potential voters.

The "support israel" issue must be fully exploited to turn them against this "pengkhianat bangsa, agama dan negara".

Anonymous said...

Slander and lies with cooked up stories ain't going to convince anyone, la. Stop wasting time, la.

Unless the man himself confesses like the MCA President or someone comes out with undoctored proof the only ones who will believe all these stories are those who spin it themselves.

What morons go around spinning such filth and expect others to be morons too.


Anonymous said...

Anwar is a has been... oredi so old... face like nyanyuk some more.

its better spend your last few days in PatPhong or along the Streets in Vietnam.. I hear many services available and vely2 cheap!

Stay out of Malaysian politics la... PGayR is dead! So will you and your PR clowns soon. But youre still allowed to dream of Putrajaya.

anwar= Pro- Gay, Pro-Israel, Pro-Street Demos, pro-Pluralism, Anti-Development, Sex-addict.... but the most important is.... Bapak Rasuah since his days as an UMNO leader.

Trisexual... LOL!

Anonymous said...

He is a F*CKER.

He f*cks anything, male, female, or indeterminate, moving or static, in bed, in the car or anywhare else, his driver, his aide, his wife. other people wives, other children's mothers or call girls,.....hell I wouldn't be surprised if he has done it to himself (go ahead and imagine the worst kind), with inanimate objects or animals.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:40 PM

Morons like you would believe any conspiracy against the government as the holy truth no matter how flimsy it is.

However the reverse is true when it comes to your idol, the drama queen Anwar. He could be sodomizing you right now but you will still say it is not him. Betcha you will ask for a second round..wakakakaka

Anonymous said...

hullo anon @ April 25, 2012 6:40 PM

anwar cannot admitlah goblok - otherwise all his sponsors will AXE him, already spent huge amounts of money on him

and he still has not delivered Putrajaya on a silver platter to his foreign masters

Anonymous said...

All Anwar haters,

How does it taste to devour a dead person's flesh??

Di akhirat nanti, orang yang menabur fitnah akan diseksa kerana ia adalah dosa besar. Allah turut menjelaskan betapa buruknya perbuatan mengumpat dan fitnah itu menerusi firmanNya: ...dan janganlah kamu mengintip atau mencari-cari kesalahan dan keaiban orang dan janganlah sesetengah kamu mengumpat setengah yang lain. Adakah seseorang dari kamu suka makan daging saudaranya yang telah mati?...(al-Hujurat: 12)

Ameen Ya Rabbil Allamin

Anonymous said...

Dengan Nama Allah,

Tolong beri saya bukti yang jelas, semua ini sekarang tiada yang jelas, kalu video biar jelas, kalau anak, biar jelas. baru saya tolak. sekarang samar, pasal samar saya beri benefit of doubt.

saya sayang anwar dan saya sayang barking magpie.



Pasquale said...

Dengan nama Allah, saudara Amin Melor!

Anwar ini ada lah makhlok perosak, guna kan akal ya, kita bukan bangsa zalim mengutuk dia dan keluarga dengan kutokan yang paling hina ya, semua nya yang di lapurkan dan dalam video ada lah benar! Terima Kasih1

Anonymous said...

'What's wrong with EC duo being Umno members?' by Bapak of Destruction Malaysia.

Now I know why Malaysia has been so much damaged by this mamak.

Anonymous said...

The Election Commission top two men have been cheating the KING and contravening the Election Act for their membership with UMNO

Anonymous said...


Terima Kasih(1) pun ada 1Malaysia punya brand?

Jangan guna "akai"....guna ayat Al-Quran lebih tepat.

Tiap2x satu perkataan yang disebut akan ditulis.....jawab diakhirat!!


Anonymous said...

anon@April 29, 2012 4:37 PM

Sigh in case you've been under a coconut shell all these years or your brains are a mushy jello

let me educate you a bit - your modus operandi of using quotes from the Quran does not work with enlightened muslims anymore.

Not all Muslims are like the PAS lembus.

Anwar is the KING of fitnah who BITES the hand that feeds him, he is also the EMPEROR of rasuah, the MAHARAJA of tipu, the CZAR of korupsi, the CALIPH of zina ....

Nauzubillah minzalik

P.S. go upgrade your tactics of brainwashing Muslims thru the Quranic quotes - ineffective already lah

Anonymous said...


Just spreading the words of the Quran...nothing to be ashame of.

I guess you have all the proof Sodomy 1 & 2 wanted on Anwar?, how come you sit around picking your nose???

Education?....look in the mirror fren(kenstein)!!


Anonymous said...

anon@May 02, 2012 6:23 AM

really if you wanna khutbah go to masjidlah, don't act alim alim one

here no jalanlah and please stopusing the Quran for political mileage

it's sinful ... ooopps I forgot according to nik aziz just reject UMNO and you can go to heaven guaranteed one

Anonymous said...

You're right....this place is only for najis like you!!!

Correction I think Nik Aziz refers to the "fake" UMNO Baru (post 1981), do you read history?

Don't be afraid of the Quranic verses despite it being the TRUTH....

Islam is not secular.


Anonymous said...

We only despise people who exploit Islam for political mileage - sounds familiar?

People who are without genuine intelligence will resort to exploit religion to compensate for a lack of influencing factors.

Nik Aziz and his ardent followers like you give Islam a bad name when you aim to exert political influence by throwing out sermons.

Act macam alim! Wrong place and wrong audience. Go back to school or madrasah of your choice.

Leave the sanctity of Islam out of your political ambitions.


Anonymous said...

Anon @May 05, 2012 12:34 AM

Jangan takut kepada ayat Quran.....semua nya benar, no room for exploitation!!!

Ramai orang baca Al-Quran tapi tak tahu maknanya!!

Hidup-hidup hidup Al-Quran

Anonymous said...

What a Disgrace, Anon@May 05, 2012 12:34 AM

Islam is not secular...ever heard of Prophet Allah (SAW) leaving out the Hadis and Al-Quran from his daily sermons???

....lest of course you prefer to live in Turkey...and become a Turk(ey)?


Anonymous said...

anon@May 06, 2012 9:12 AM

kesian kat hang amat amatlah kesian

pucuk pangkal - bukanlah takut kepada ayat Quran

hanya manusia yg iman tak kuat, terpaksa JAJA ayat Quran demi kepentingan kuasa politik macam hang nilah

adake jaja ayat suci Quran dlm blog politik - ish ish ish - taktik murahan

jangan marah ye, hee hee hee

Anonymous said...


hey anon@May 06, 2012 6:59 PM

ooohh are you referring to your leader, the one who RAN to the turkish embassy claiming fear for his life

after Saiful Bukhari made a police report against him for sodomy2

oohh ya he looks like a turkey, sounds like one too and definitely will end up as main course on someone's table

and oh his followers also look and sound like turkeys

P.S. they THINK like that too - Gobble-gobble-gobble @ May 06, 2012 6:59 PM