Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A severe deterrent sentence for a duo, if found guilty, is a must!

We have enough arrogant, smug and smirking guilty anti-social behaviour in this country, enough is enough teach them a lesson!!

I have great respect for our boys in blue. They have to work under abnormal situations and to operate under duress, and sometimes and maybe most of the time misunderstood.
Granted there are a few bad apples in the wholecart but in general our policemen are professional and disciplined. One visiting officer of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) equates our boys in blue as a great legacy of the British colonialism, like the RCMP.
Both our boys in blue and the RCMP try to "always get their men".
In Canada if you are found abusing policemen you will get the whole works, severe sentences meted by the law, to act as a deterrent.
These two were caught in photos beating up our boys in blue and today (11thApril2012) in the NST the picture of them at the court, smirking and one spotting a Mohawk hairdo with their devil may care attitude. They must be taught a lesson so the incident will not be repeated.
If, by chance, these two belong to powerful persons sons and are found guilty but get away scott free with a slap on a wrist...then this government and the whole system will not get my support or deserve my respect!!
If these two are found guilty beyond any reasonable doubt then book 'em! And book 'em really hard!!


Anonymous said...

A severe setences to everyone for their own wrong doings is a must

Pasquale said...

The other one looks pious with the proverbial black mark on the forehead to indicate being a religious man, but report says they were drunk during the attacks on the policemen!

Anonymous said...

I think the alcoholic drinks were sponsored by ronnie liu of dap

as an incentive to beat up Malay policemen

Anonymous said...

In court everyone will come looking decent or even pious even if he/she are chidren of Satan.
For Muslims tudungs,kopia, songkok will be worn.
When found guilty and convicted , people will say..tengok orang2 alim ni bukan boleh caya..
Syaitan !!


Anonymous said...

What do you expect?

We can now get away with knocking down and killing a soldier, biting off a policeman's ear, ramming policemen when stopped and other crimes, because ghey know the public will support them.

A policemen reacts and the parents and policitical parties go to town with it.

Ramai yang tak menghormati instituisi polis lagi.

Some thing must be done to restore thir maruah and it must not be in the form of nicities.

In the west, people get tased or shot for these.

Anonymous said...

These two idiots look like bloody Talibans from the Club of doom as described by Dato Syed. They dont even seem worried or any regret shown from their facial expression. I hope these clowns get behind bars for a long time... they're really lucky not to get shot by PDRM.

These must be the product of PAS or Arqam or maybe the Obedient Wives club... all the characteristics of the Club of Doom. Yup, they instil hatred and animosity against PDRM or authority.

Hope they find great 'husbands' in Sg Buluh. Too bad Liwat isnt there... probably soon.

Pakatan Rakyat can go to Hell. How I miss the good ol days when everyone were really good Malaysians with each other.. before all the Goons like Anbinga(i), Liwat, Dapig racist bastards and Taliban PAS were in the picture.

Alo, Menteri Amaran, what are you waiting for? Put them behind bars pls!!

Concerned Citizen

Anonymous said...

It is a planned campaign to tarnish the image of Malay-led agencies so that the intended respect is diminished.

This makes Malaysia "ripe" for regime change, to be colonised by simpson race.