Tuesday, May 08, 2012

All those out to destroy peace and stability in the country must be arrested and detained under the new anti-terrorism law!

This scumbag named Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) is an evil reincarnates and the father of all destruction, he must be stopped at all cost before Malaysia is completely destroyed!! Top left, he is giving instruction to his deputy Azmin Ali, and after that it was mayhem and destruction!

See The Video Here...
Looking at the video of laughing and smirking face of Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), the leader of the dishonourable opposition party, giving orders to his deputy Azmin Ali to break the police barrier is an act of terrorism.
Therefore they must be arrested and detained for the good and peace of the country.
BABI is also actively campaigning trying to derail the country's economy by employing a foreign politician, Nick Xednophony, who is also a Member of Parliament of Australia to pass a Bill banning the sale of palm oil.
In his summation to the Australian senate, this MP decried the wisdom that palm oil kills. Later it was found out his summation was baseless.
This Nick Xenophony was recently in Malaysia, joining a violent demonstration against the country which saw our policemen being attacked by mobs who were ordered to attack police barricade by BABI and his deputies Azmin Ali and Chegubard.
These perpetrators were caught on video giving clear orders and instructions to destruct the peace and beating up members of our security forces.
I implore the government to arrest these people and detained them under our new anti-terrorism law for the sake of peace in the country!!

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