Saturday, May 19, 2012

Finally a book on the real Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI): The "I" Files, by Jonathan Smith!

The profile of the silhouette on the cover of this book is definitely one of BABI!

A prologue on a new book by an author, Jonathan Smith, esposed who BABI was and still is, this book detailed how for over a decade, he radicalised the peace loving youth of Malaysia, and turning Malaysians into a splitting image of the Wahabbi Saudis, where women wear hijabs and pretty soon Malaysian women will be veiled, all in decades of pre-meditated work of one evil man now dubbed as "a man with many faces". This is the prologue of this new book:

"We put it together over the years, a group of expats, old hands, if you will, who were good at comparing notes. Much of what is in here is simply documented fact that has disappeared in the mists of time. More is based on in-person interviews with principals and eyewitnesses. Some is hearsay and rumour, unreliable intimations from unreliable sources – but remarkable for how it predicted the world in which we now live, and showed us what Anwar would do and did.

This is the story of the greatest, most nimble, most articulate, and ultimately the most flawed opportunist of our times. A chameleon. A charmer. A brilliant but ultimately tragic persona. What you will read over the coming weeks is the result of collecting these stories, these interviews, these files, into a single work. I’ve always considered these to be the I-Files – though the reason I chose that name would likely surprise you.

How all of this information was gathered – who has the goods on whom, who were the narrators, who the interviewees – is so classified at Langley and at Lambeth and Vauxhall Cross that I didn’t even dare question it. That would have gotten me into far too much trouble. With Malaysia facing Anwar’s last chance at becoming Prime Minister; with the man who put in motion a decades-old plan to radicalise this tolerant and easy-going nation so keen to take power; with so much of his story untold, I knew it was time.

It is high time that this story was told.

- JS
Kuala Lumpur, April 2012

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Anonymous said...

Kalau Melayu intelek yang ingat dan dah di guna gunakan oleh Anwar sedar lah, kita memang dah lamu tahu!

ex- Yayasan Anda yang di buntut Anwar ada enam orang!!

Anonymous said...

Tak yah lah kasi muka sangat kat Americano jenis ni. Sebuk nak tulus buku perkara yg kita dah tau.They did a lot of damaged, meddling in other country's affairs , toppling govt. main Bourne Identity. The way he writes pon dah tau ada narcissistic traits.Pas tu penjilat cibai.

Anonymous said...


go play with your(dirty)self.