Thursday, May 03, 2012

George Bush Junior forced Tun Mahathir to resign in the US unabashedly trying to topple Najib's government.. and this is how..!!!

First Tun Mahathir, and now Najib?! Seriously Obama!

Like Mahathir, Chretien of Canada is from the old school of international politics, definitely they were not neo-facists like George Bush Jr, and now Obama??!!

NOC comes in different shades and colours!

This dud must not be allowed to be re-elected, he is out of control, he allows latent intervention of other people's country like Malaysia in the subtle but dangerous ways. Hilary Clinton is actually calling the shot not this Uncle Tom! America must now reject him!!!

When Malaysia refused to join George Bush Jr's Coalition of the Willing (CotW) to invade Iraq, his government through its heavy handed foreign policy, including direct and indirect intervention, forced Tun Mahathir Mohamad to resign.
The deal was if Mahathir refused to resign US direct investment into the country will be pulled out and hundreds of thousands of Malaysians would lose their jobs.
Mahathir, thinking only of the well being of the country resign unexpectedly during one Umno general where he announced his resignation and got everyone stumped.
The then Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chretien, who also refused to allow Canada to be involved in an internationally unsanctioned invasion of Iraq was also forced to resign. In Canada.
After Chretien refuse to join the CotW, hundreds of thousands of Canadian in the logging industry lost their jobs when George Bush Jr pulled back a special tariff enjoyed by Canadian soft timber industry.
The change of government between Canada and Malaysiaa then was not that similar. In Canada Chretien was replaced by a more pro-American Paul Martin, and in Malaysia Mahathir was replaced by default of a weak prime minister, Abdullah Badawi, who was easily manipulated by the US.
Both Mahathir and Chretien resigned in the same year of 2003 when the US was busy invading or trying to invade resource rich countries like Iraq and Malaysia via its stooges like Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim, read here!
And in its more latent non-military invasion of Malaysia, the US unabashedly is using anti-Malay regime organisation like Bersih, and pro US-funded newspaper online or other wise anti Malaysia-media like Malaysiakini read more here!


vinnan said...

What evil Americans. Some should tell that Pukimak Malaysian Menteri Pertahan to die for making our brave ATM warriors participate in military exercises with the US navy where I am sure our brave ATM soldiers are nothing but bent over joy suppliers to the Homo Americans who support that Homo fellow Anwar Ibrahim.

Anonymous said...

George Bush Jr tunggu hang kat US nak saman, le.

Megolamaniac blogger.

Anonymous said...

aiyoyo vinnan the vitriol

nothing wrong with exerciselah - get up close and learn all about your potential enemies

itupun tak tahu - taraf selenge

GB jr is no longer in power - he's looking after his relatives the monkeys

Anonymous said...

fairy tales

Pasquale said...

"fairy tales" I don't believe your mind is equipped with understanding "real politik"....
Yours must be a Malay mind, fresh and unused!!

Anonymous said...

to anon@May 04, 2012 7:33 AM

FAIRY means = a male homosexual (Disparaging and Offensive)

TALES means = a narrative that relates the details of some real or IMAGINARY event, incident, or case

so in conclusion fairytales means = anwar ibrahim conning and brainwashing his lembus, one of which is you

Anonymous said...

Anon May04, 10.43am,

Alaahhai.....sekolah Atap punya logic.

Since Cowsgate, "Lembu" is exclusively for UMNO.

Condo Mewah diBangsar.

Anonymous said...

The US will intervene in all countries that do not know how to govern themselves. When you are a muslim and point your thumb at anyone remember that four fingers are pointing at you. So you have to look at yourself four times before you blame anyone for your misfortune.

Anonymous said...

heh heh

only lembus will believe baseless allegations and downright lies

these are the pakatan clowns and zombies who will feed on their leaders fairy tales

even when evidence is clear and solid, these lembus will typically remain in a denial syndrome

they survive on dramatic garbage rather than analytical reasoning

as personified by anon @ May 04, 2012 7:34 PM

Anonymous said...

Anon @May 05, 2012 12:16 AM,

Please don't take the exclusive right of UMNO to be LEMBUS and the evidence which you are blinded is in the NFC RM250M duit rakyat.

U tak bayar income tax ke?

Lagi satu condo mewah diS'pore.

Anonymous said...

anon@May 06, 2012 9:00 AM

aisehman, lembus by definition are those who blindly follow their "leaders" instructions lah goblok

macam siamang yg rempuh pagar, khemah siang malam, yg bawak anak kecil kedemo jalanan, yg terkinja kinja saperti bangsa tak bertamadun - jijik dilihat terpekik pekik, terlari lari, merusuh macam banduan

sesiapa yg termakan hasutan dan fitnah tanpa menyelidik kebenarannya - hah itulah lembu sejati macam sianon @ May 06, 2012 9:00 AM

lembu lembu pakatan ni hanya tahu ulang ulang fitnah pemimpin yg rosak akhlak - zina sana, liwat sini, bohong dan tipu, janji kosong, pernah masuk lokap kerana salah guna kuasa, korupsi dan liwat

namun lembu lembu jenama mata bengkak ni tak makan saman - asyik turut perintah hanya utk RM30

ish ish ish takde classlah, taraf murah

tsk tsk tsk maruah bangsa, agama dan negara jadi cheap sale - barang reject kot

kesucian ISLAM dicemar oleh siamang pakatan - malunya dah tu pakai tudung, serkop konon warak dan sopan - poodahhh

Anonymous said...

anon@May 04, 2012 8:39 PM

it's so obvious your IQ is that of a dodo bird - going for extinction

you mean the US is the best govt in the world

aiyoyo minachi thambi ah lian ah beng ooiii

US gun laws have killed thousands of school children, innocent bystanders, bank employees etc

US has a high rate of obesity and all the accompanying diseases

US has a high rate of divorce, remarriage, single parents, abandoned children left to roam the streets, homeless peoples sleeping on cardboards, drug addicts, rapes, sodomy, robbers, thugs on the streets, child prostitutes, paedophiles even among church priests and pastors

US also has a highrate of abandoned parents left in old folks home

US also destroys "functioning" countries and caused MASS destruction and damage to thousands of innocent civilians - US army are also PROVEN to abuse their "authority" by killing these unarmed civilians

They are no longer REAL heroes but they still produce fantasy heroes in tight fitting leotards

P.S. when Malays point their thumbs at someone else, the other 4 fingers (when done PROPERLY) point to the right lah bahlol

"So you have to look at yourself four times before you blame anyone for your misfortune" - you mean after looking at myself 4 times, it becomes LEGAL and ETHICAL to start blaming others???

typical DODO bird statement - kesian ...

Anonymous said...

Asyik asyik NFC, condo mewah disana sini - tapi BUKTI takde pun

asyik ulang ulang macam record rosak

BOSAN lah takde bahan bijak pun

Anonymous said...


each time Tun Dr Mahathir, the great statesman is mentioned, you can expect vinnan the vitriol to comment

perhaps vinnan's eternal wish is for Tun to have been a champion of ketuanan tamil

poor neglected descendant of the caste system

Anonymous said...

Yang Melalak pagi buta, Anon@May 07, 2012 3:58 AM (suffering from insomnia!!)

Don't go against the law of nature....

Umno Baru (1981) has earned the right to be LEMBU thru' courtesy of Kak Zat and please don't take this away.

Zzzzzzzzz (Snore)

Anonymous said...

fresh, unused Malay brain hehe....excellent and nicely put!

that is why the Malays are priceless..much better than a USED corrupted whiter than white chinese christians anglican brains!

get what i mean?...they even fart on the buddhist chinese

dont believe me?....go 2 their blogs and look 4 Wesak wishes...NONE!!!

by the way...PRU13...we dont need your votes

u can keep em

-UMNO 66 Tahun-