Friday, May 04, 2012

MP Nicholas Xenophony is indeed an anti-Islam person!

Nikki Xenophon-y!

The New Straits Times need not have wasted five columns on a prime news page to apologise to Australian backbencher MP Nikki Xenophon-y for he is indeed an anti-Islam for he subscribes to same-sex marriage.
For Islam forbids same sex marriage and if you subscribed to it you are therefore anti Islam! Read here...
When a Perth-based Western Australia wrongly informed the world that the daughter of Malaysian prime minister who went on a spending spree, when she was not even in Australia, the paper did not apologise but instead just said the information printed on the newspaper was wrong.
NST should have done the same.
Enough already of allowing ourself to be bullied by Western politicians who came to Malaysia to preach on democracy!!


Anonymous said...

Careful black birdie he might sue you also.

Anonymous said...

pukimak balik kat Anuar bab panggil org luar kasi gaduh lagi hangat. ketawa ria bila baca tengok taik yg dia dah buat lagi.

Anonymous said...

Sue Birdie num num?.....what for peanuts?

Not worth it for this munafik!

Aussie OOi OOi OOi

Anonymous said...

They are all God's children and they are born that way. Please do not be too strident on this issue. I know of a friend who had strident views on this subject until God gave him a 'ujian' by giving him a 'son' in that group.

bru said...

Barking magpie!

I think Nik Aziz will agree with you.

Anonymous said...

anon@May 04, 2012 8:43 PM

it is clearly against Islam, how can you advocate a "non-stringent" acceptance??

how can we verify your anecdote?