Monday, May 07, 2012

Najib must be doing something right and the The Economist is also saying it!!

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI), we know you thrive on it, but you cannot seize power by violence and force!

It rarely happens but international magazine The Economist is telling it as it is when it says Prime Minister Najib Razak's credential is intact when handling the recent Bersih rally, and that opposition leader Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim is condoning violence.

Among others The Economist says: "....and Mr Anwar had some explaining of his own to do. He was caught on video near one of the police barricades talking to one of his colleagues; critics allege that he was inciting supporters to push aside the barriers. Mr Anwar himself says this is nonsense.

Either way, it is clear that Bersih won’t be able to dominate the moral high ground—at least not on the score of one weekend’s theatrics—as they did last year. The campaign for electoral reform goes on, but Mr Najib emerges from this year’s fracas with his reformist credentials essentially intact, not much worse for the wear." Read more here!


Anonymous said...

Syabas DS Najib
Syabas UMNO
Syabas BN

bershit backfired
dunia tak buta dan pekak
yg buta dan pekak adalah lembu pakatan
yg suka fitnah
suka memperalatkan agama utk kepentingan politik murahan
yg suka lagak alim tapi makan aiskrim

Yahooooo Najib+UMNO+BN

Anonymous said...


Absolutely !! He paid the Author a Phenomenal Sum Of Money....

Anonymous said...


BABI asked the crowd to "pusing kanan "(Dataran) and not "pusing kiri "

after that he shows his circling fingers to azmin

while everybody yelled masuk masuk

source video

do we want to be ruled by this crook and his family plus sidekicks? He will destroy us all

Anonymous said...

oh really? how much?

enough to buy a ferrari ka?


buy a custom made omega wristwatch?

lolipop said...

ha..ha.. sana bayar sini bayar, lu ingat semua org lembu mcm lu.

Anonymous said...

hahaha ya ya

only lembus are ever willing to be paid to act like monkeys and baboons

while the leaders are chicken that need protection from the bulldogs