Thursday, May 17, 2012

Racial chauvinism of all shades must be stopped!!!

Racial chauvinism led to this!!

It started with a joke!

I need to explain something here, when I refer to chauvinist Chinese party I am only referring to the Democratic Action Party (DAP).
Talking about racial chauvinism, right thinking Malaysians must reject such abhorred behaviour at all cost. Malaysia does not need Chinese, Malay or Indian chauvinism we have to live as One Malaysian if we want this country to be peaceful and to prosper.Check SpellingIf naive and anglophile Tunku Aziz thought all the Chinese in the DAP are his friends, well he is not only naive but clueless and a tenderfoot in real politics.
There is nothing democratic about the DAP, where the rights to dissent within the party is forbidden and disallowed !
When chauvinist Lee Kuan Yew of Singapore planned to rule the island he made use of anything that could give him the power to rule, including giving the impression he was a good friend of all the naive and gullible Singapore Malays!
Like Tunku Aziz, he may have a couple of drinks with Lim Kit Siang and then convinced that the former is his trusted friend, well in the final analysis Malays are easily taken in by sweet talking snake oil salesmen!
I also refuse to believe if Pakatan Rakyat comes to power chauvinist Chinese like Lim Guan Eng and Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) can work and hold the country together.... for they will surely cut each other's throat!
We do know how chauvinist BABI was when he was in Umno, he was known to suppress temples applications. Go ask Samy Vellu if you do not believe me! He also rejected many applications for new churches to be built and shot down the building of new Chinese temples!!
Today, while Lim Kit Siang is well aware how chauvinistic BABI is yet they have to cooperate just so they can turned this country into a a failed and a racially divided country.
We must not allow that to happen!


Anonymous said...

To do that we got to first end all this vernacular school business which is creating a country within a country? Make one heluva great national school= with optimum curriculum. Option to learn Mandarin and Tamil.And stop religious indoctrination in schools. Can or not?

Anonymous said...

both lks and ai are chauvinistic is estabished

the problem lies with the ignorant and gullible masses including Tunku aziz

as well as the unlimited foreign funds to install puppets and to pay off agent provocateurs

Anonymous said...

little did we know whom we have opened out gates to then.......

Anonymous said...

UMNO is the world's most racist party at present. This is the FACT!!!

Butt-dancing veteran

Anonymous said...

Racial chauvinism of all shades must be stopped!!! BUT the first one must go is UMNO!!!

BDV or ex-serviceman yang tidak malu!!!

Anonymous said...

Tunku Aziz naive???? gullible???

Where has the man been all this while? behind his mother's sarong in Kg Bantal Ulu Tembeling?

and those people in Ulu Kelantan are politically savvier????

Pasquale said...

Hei dudes, just for the record I find butt dancing unacceptable!
And I also find a bunch of ex-vetrans can do better than doing almost a "home invasion" and where will it stop!!

Anonymous said...

U can call UMNO rascist but the fact that UMNO is willing to compromise and share with MCA,MIC and other non Malay parties have led to good lives and great prosperity of the Chinese community at large.
DAP is Chinese and for Chinese only and want power for themselves only.
They want to rewrite history like Singapore.They believe they are superior in all aspects and the rest incl the majority must accept what they intend to impose.
There is a Malay saying to describe the DAP....bagi betis nak peha...macam belanda dapat tanah.

Anonymous said...


The ahbengs dont understand the NATIONAL LANGUAGE,they only understand...take...take...take..all.inherited from their tongkang samseng grandfather who raped this land . Am for taking Spore back.

Anonymous said...


A known racists blogger talking about racial chauvinism.

Dah mabuk ke?

Anonymous said...

Anon May 18, 2012 11:59 AM

U can call UMNO rascist but the fact that UMNO is willing to compromise and share with MCA,MIC and other non Malay parties.....

Let me add one more party for you, Gerakan. All parties mentioned are the typical running dogs of UMNO. They have lost all the supports and hope from their own people and yet some of those moronic leaders are still holding ministerial posts without any shame.

Anonymous said...

Butt-dancing veteran @ May 18, 2012 8:55 AM

well this is a FACT that overseas chinese ALWAYS form chinatowns wherever they chose to migrate

that is a clear as crystal sign that chinese are the most racist - they care only for THEMSELVES

Anonymous said...

aiya the ah bengs got into the wrong blog to lah. this is not MALAYSIA KINI ma :P

Anonymous said...

Imagine a Malaysia without the ah bengs.....hmm, could be worse than indonesia, the philippines or even zimbabwe: forever struggling to climb out of the deep end of the 3rd world pit? But it would be a pristine, jungle filled ever so innocence country....I wouldn't mind, actually!

The muthus? Never mind...they r an insignificant lot! Haha.