Saturday, May 26, 2012

Rahim King: The passing of an old and dear friend!

Rahim King...may you rest in peace (finally) buddy!

Datuk Rahim Dahalan aka Rahim King was a good and loyal friend all the way to the end he passed away recently and buried in Kluang, Johor, and may he rest in peace. Read here...
Although we do not have this tradition to practice, he was my daughter's Godfather, a guardian angel always there to help.
Once my daughter was having a tough time at her primary school when told by her teacher to change the colour of her hair, which was brunette yellow when sun bleached, to the original colour of what her teacher thought to be black, and Rahim told the headmistress to go back to school and to study biology!
She was told by him that my daughter's hair was her original hair and the headmistress cried and apologised and later agreed to attend a special course, under the purview of the Prime Minister"s Department, that was due for her to attend.
He was a Mahathir's loyalist, but he made one small mistake that was for allowing to be "seduced" by Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim's charisma and he fell from grace...Mahathir had never forgiven him for that.
He realised what he did but it was a bit too late and, again, Mahathir actually never forgave him for "switching" camp.
I scolded him then for switching camp and he said it was a major "fuck up" for what he did and wished he could have "undone" it.
He was well respected, and many Cabinet ministers were actually afraid of him, and he once asked the then prime minister, Tun Mahathir, in a camp to wash dishes and to swim in the sea of Langkawi early in the morning.
He shouted to them "in my camp you are all a nobody, leave your titles at home".
We called him Rahim King, for he indeed had that character of a medieval king, for if you do not listen to him you "die".
Good-bye buddy (that is what he called me, and I him) and I will see you where ever you will be!


Anonymous said...

tak seteruk anak sedara dark blonde dark blue eyes saya (sampai bulu roma halus pon blonde). Mana2 pergi d Msia ni dapat treatment *mat saleh*..kena dengar yg bukan2 dulu bab ingat dia tk faham bahasa melayu!!

Anonymous said...

Magpie he was an unsung hero and he did helped Mahathir retain his government, but yet a small mistake he made he was not forgiven, may he rest in peace!

Comrade in arms, Sungai Udang!

Anonymous said...

Magpie, he was an enigma and a very complex man and I know you are one of the few people he listened, we have no idea why he spoke of you with bewilderment and sometimes with awe!! Did you have something on him BTW! Hey cheers from us old soldiers!!!

dinbangi said...

Al-Fatihah buat Arwah. Takziah buat keluarga beliau.

I will always remember him for 'sedikit ilmu perjuangan yang diturunkan' and the midnight-morning talk in my office during the starting of the Ops Lalang.

He was one of the true soldiers that Malaysia has been fortunate and blessed by Allah to have until this moment.

Anonymous said...

Once a hero will always be a hero..he was loyal to tun mahathir and once a good fren of anwar...when he passed away not one of them pay respect to him..
Is this what umno does for sumone who sacrifice and helps umno???dis shows what umno politics is...dirty

Nordziah Mohamad Noor said...

I would like to correct you,Magpie.My hubby was loyal to Tun until his last breath! What you have said in the blog is not true and please let him rest in peace!