Monday, May 14, 2012

Those out to destroy the country can be Damned!!

Global player: Quality of lives must be improved.

Majority of Felda settlers want improved and quality standard of living!

But twelve of them want to be live like the Prophet did during his time, these twelve are hardcore reactionary Islamists!

The closest I can think of the Malay curse Haram Jadah is Damn You, I may be wrong!
As f as I am concerned those out to destroy the social, economic and political fabrics of the country- and a couple of Malay traitors, and the twelve Felda ingrate settlers who protested over nothing over the public listing of the Felda Global Venture (FGV), after being fed lies by the opposition that their land would be lost and gobbled up, deserved to be damned for trying to stop the will of the majority for a common good and good life.
The leader of the opposition, Brother Anwar bBin Ibrahim (BABI) also deserves to be called Haram Jadah for employing an Austalian MP, Nicholas Xenophony, to destroy this country's major earning sector, the oil palm industry.
Knowing Xenophony's vicious attempt, also working for the Soy Bean producer, to make it a law in Australia by labeling palm oil as hazardous to health, BABI is a traitor, if not charged for being one he should be from now on referred as Haram Jadah of a human being.
By knowingly employing the help of the enemy of Malaysia, by bringing Xenophony to Malaysia's recent Bersih demonstration to make Malaysia looks bad, BABI again deserved to be called Haram Jadah.
In fact Tun Mahathir also short of calling him a Haram Jadah when BABI tried to sell Malaysia to the IMF and the World Bank, and to topple Tun as PM!
When Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak damned the twelve settlers who derailed the first attempt to publicly listed FGV, he reserved the rights to do so for the twelve settlers were easily duped and not thinking clearly for what is best for the country!

P/S..Two low grade Malay opposition politicians, or at least they try to portray themselves as one, tried to capitalise on PM damning the twelve Felda settlers, for these two they really have no other issue to go by! We also know now that one of the Malay opposition politician who purportedly to have written a popular blog on political issue, well he did not write these blogs, it was his niece who ghost write them...that says a lot on fakers of the world!

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Anonymous said...

Some Malays are out to take the majority of Malays for a good ride and later left them high and dry, just watch and remember what I says.