Saturday, May 12, 2012

We can have a bigger demos if we want, but we respect the Rule of Law!!

Najib says, we can have a bigger demonstration but we respect the law of the land!

A former prime minister, Tun Mahathir Mohamad, once told a belligerent MCA leader, Neo Yee Pan, that the Malays can have a bigger demonstration when threatened by MCA to demonstrate against UMNO.
Just as Prime Minsiter Najib Tun Razak said recently Umno can have a counter demonstrations that can easily overwhelmed opposition BERSIH!
"But we respect the rule of law, we are law abiding citizens, we do not want to go out and destroy properties, and beat up policemen, " he told a filled National Stadium, when over 100,000 Umno members came to celebrate Umno 66th anniversary.
Najib also regrets the fact that one policeman who coughed blood after being bludgeon with a baseball bat by a member of BERSIH!
Like Tun Mahathir, when he was the prime minister, and Najib who is the prime minister now, they both have a responsibility to keep the country safe and intact from chaos.
Like them both they have choices to make. They both chose peaceful resolutions!
Unlike BABI who signalled his cohort Azmin Ice Cream, to break police barricades and inflict extreme damage and chaos!
They have broken the law and they should be punished big time!!!


sampalrr said...

I concurr with Tunku Aziz.God opened his eyes to the true colour of Dap

Anonymous said...

ye la...tapi cakap saja nak punish. bila? Bersih dah habis setengah bulan. tapi taada action pun.


Anonymous said...

Ya betul....cakap2x kosong....seperti tin kosong.

Semua kosong takde idea....macam itu lemming jadi burung gagap la...


Anonymous said...

kalau dah perangai cam terrorist, komen dlm blog pun nak buat provokasi.

Anonymous said...

What is the meaning of demo if Mr PM said "haram jadah to its rakyat". Go to hell Najib after PRU. You digging your own grave. The video of haram jadah has spread like wildfire in the net. Your days are outnumbered. Kesian PM paling bodoh dan hodoh dari Barisan najis!