Thursday, June 07, 2012

Actually, by all definitions Malaysians, Malays especially, are running amok over nothing!!

Trisha man of Jogja! Despite of being surrounded by beautiful ancient monuments life is harsh there!

I was in Jogjakarta recently and what I saw really made me feel lucky to be living in Malaysia. People there have a hard time to eke a living. A trishaman in his early 40s rained praises on me being a Malaysian and telling me how lucky I was to be from here!
This article is not about praising or being political, but rather comparing what I have now, in terms of living in a safe and an "un-harsh"socio-politico-economic environment, to what others will do to come here.
A small boat carrying economic-immigrants went belly up drowning everyone.
According to an Indonesian enforcement officer that there was nothing anyone can do to stop desperate people trying to sneak in for a better life.
I just hope Malaysians are making a conscious efforts to be totally aware of what they have here instead of hoping for something much better.
The truth of the matter is we are way much better than compared to the rest of the region.
While in a five stars hotel in Indonesia I brush my teeth using bottle mineral water, why? Because there is a sign by the tap saying water is not safe to drink. While having dinner in another hotel the power went off, and driving along the highway the potholes were so bad that we have to stop frequently to pee becasue our kidneys were harshly pounded everytime we hit a crater in the roads.
Nothing like that here we have to agree!
Economically we are still strong and still not losing our edge compared to the here!
Just let us not be fooled by anyone saying otherwise!!
Have a nice day everyday!


Anonymous said...

It's ok ma - no need to feel bad for them - we have very, very generous immigration officers who will see to that the Indons leave their misery there efficiently. They then can easily start-up biz in chow kit at a small fee to another group of very generous officers. Even own lands in the kampungs now. And our mamat dunggus are taking in Indons caddies and bibiks as their many wives. All is fine.

Anonymous said...

@Anon above,

Can you be as generous as Malays that gave citizenship to your ancestors 50 years ago? Why don't you people being generous for the new immigrants? They are the mirror of you.

Anonymous said...

spot on anon 12.59...

btw i just came back from Sydney last two week and one of the cab driver that send me back to my hotel is an accountant during 9-5
. he's from Hyderabad and becoz of his colour he said that he have to get out from the big 5...