Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Am I the only one with this nagging feeling!!?

I am referring to all the lewd news regarding the leader of the opposition Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) and his late night "soiree" that came complete with raunchy videos, and now his possible squandering the country's largess while finance minister and deputy prime minister to the tune of RM3 billions.
Yet he came out of all these unscathed!
And now a credible whistle blower in a form of a bank CEO, Abdul Murad Khalid, who come forward to attest to this fact (about RM3 billion in many master accounts) in BABI's accounts!
Then when I read the news further I saw a line that says ACA could not establish the origin of the RM 3 billions?!!
Now, is he going to come out of this allegatioon still unscathed!
What kind of an agency is this ACA, if it cannot do the job of investigating such serious crimes being committed and a credible witness to go with it......and in that case as a country, its might as well close shop and wither for all I care!
On my other worries, I think I fear for the life of the witness in this new RM3 billion probe.
This bank CEO who told ACA that BABI instructed him to channel millions into unknown accounts must be protected and to be protected by government people that can be trusted.
When the late Jalil Ibrahim was sent to Hongkong to investigate the BMF scandal man many years ago he was murdered for he had surely stumbled on something incriminating that is so serious that he had to be killed.


Anonymous said...

Since you just had to mention the old BBMB case, maybe it's just another filthy rich Chinese supplying Anwar with cash as well. Or a whole bunch of them. Along with some white guys and somebody else.

He's just that good.

tebing tinggi said...

Dosen't it look perculiar that anything with Anuar coulden't be provent or purpously can't be prove.

Just as Tun Mahathir had said "the favorite is above the law"

Anonymous said...

One of them was Alan Tong of Phileo.
And recently Khazanah through UMLAND buy out Alan's shares in Sunrise for billions of RM.
Would some of this RM flowed to BABI or PR.???

Anonymous said...

GE is coming soon, please speed up the spinning of BABI if you want to collect your cheque.