Saturday, June 09, 2012

Islam is really not a complicated religion, but Wahabbism must be checked!!

Children from poor family being indoctrinated with Militant Islam! Many left and joined the Taliban!

We have the same problem here, due to our flawed education system!

According to Wikipedia, Wahabbism is: "Indeed, it is an Islamic doctrine which is based on the historical alliance between the political and financial power represented by Ibn Saud and the religious authority represented by Abd Al-Wahhab; the doctrine continues to exist to this day thanks to this alliance, the financing of several religious channels and the formation of several sheikhs.[8]" read more here!

It does not matter in what language it was told but the sermons -- be it in many madrassah or mosques in Peshawar, Lahore or Islamabad in Pakistan, Narathiwat or in Pattani in Southern Thailand, or in a Kompong Cham in Cambodia,or in a madrassah at Cox Bazaar between Bangladesh and Myanmar, Memali or Ceruk Tokun or in Pasir Mas or Ampang Jaya mosques in Malaysia, or in the villages situated in any valley Afghanistan - are all the same!
There is always one thing in common here: the sermons are always sponsored by the widely spread Wabbahism movement.
While we were basking under the sun and relaxing due to the demise of Communism, little do we realise that another scourge of humanity came alive in the form of the misinterpretation of Islam via Wahhabism.
Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) took advantage of the Wahhabist fund, in which we were made to understand billions of ringgit have been spent to make the people more robotically militant and to be more easily manipulated, and to go against the already working political system in the country!!
Wahabbism is not about sincerely spreading a good message of Islam but it appears that the movement is about turning law abiding Muslim citizens into Jihadist Militant. It is also about pandering to the perennial human weakness, that is money.
As I write this the blaring of the Wahabbist sermon is so bad that after listening to the wisdom of Doomsday and giving up the worldly accumulation of wealth and to think of only the hereafter, is so bad that listening to it from my balcony I wish I could do something to shut up these charlatans.
This is what Greg Mortensen and David Oliver Relin in the book they co-authored titled "Three Cups of Tea" on page 243 about Wahhabist financial involvement in Pakistan. "Many of their schools and mosques are doing good work to help the Pakistan's poor. But some of them seem to exist only to teach militant jihad".

The book also wrote by 2001, a World Bank study estimated that at least 20,000 madrassas were teaching as many as two millions of Pakistan's students an Islamic-based curriculum. It also says out of the two millions, 80,000 of theseyoung madrassas students became Taliban recruits. So there is a definite link between Wahabbist-funded madrasas education and the rise of extremist Islam!
While there is no statistics here to indicate otherwise, but one can always assume youth under Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim have been fed with Wahabbist militant teaching and money. The money is said to be delivered in suitcases or through the untraceable hawala money-transfer system!!!!
BTW, ABIM and World Assembly of Islamic Youth (WAMY) all have received funding from the Wahabbist movement, and BABI is closely linked with these two Islamic movement.
In the final analysis it is all about money, billions of ringgit of them, and not about Islam eh! Now they want power to rule so they can have all the orgies that they can think of!!


Anonymous said...

Yes magpie your Malay women are transformed into penguins!Sigh! Wahabbist plot to make muslim women subservient!!

Anonymous said...

My dear cousin,

Sometimes methinks you'd be better off commenting about Vaginas, BABIs, fat UMNO women or, if it is not too much to ask, keep on glorifying some bottled Nectar of the gods. Cos when it comes to commenting about Islam, you just go hancus everywhere with your state of misinformation.

See now, those madrasah students you portray as being potential Wahhabi people, just do not add up. A majority of the madrasahs in the Indo-Pak region TEACHES the students to be anti-Wahhabi. And the same with the pondoks here in Malaysia too.

Perhaps you can salvage what's left of your dignity by providing some data, say, on how many of those madrasah students have been metamorphosed into Wahhabis, no?

At least Bush and Blair were PrimeMinisters/Presidents when they tricked the world into bombing 2 million people by their WMD, WMD, WMD, lies. Your parroting wasn't paid, which leaves me sometimes to weep, thinking about your predicament.

Pasquale said...

Hello cousin,if you are one that is, at least you are reading my blogsite. BTW I was in Islamabad, Pakistan, and have spoken to our students who went to study at a madrassah there and they ended up joining Taliban!
As for my predication cousin! Well I am very happy with my thoughts and feelings, don't known about you, and do not bother sending any more frustrated comment from your good self for I will spike it! Cheers!

Anonymous said...

yes please check this group here in Malaysia. I heard a tiny state is strong in this doctrine, they even have Paki teacher. I think this even worse than commies becos some muslims take the Wabs teaching lock stock and barrel. Only haram haram bidaah bidaaah..where's the love? sigh.

Anonymous said...

We're training stone-age DICKHEADS over there wabs, tablighis... all the same PERVERTS!! Its the credo itself - its twisted!!