Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The opposition has been lying all along.... almost got away with it!

This woman was brutally murdered but definitely not by Najib, or by his wife!

I read Rocky's latest piece without so much trouble uderstanding it, because what he wrote is true, Altantuya could not speak French so how could she be an interpreter. Plus the fact that this dead woman never set foot in France, this will be made public by the French authority, just wait and see! Read here.....
Rocky is right, it was all a lie and they will spinand spin a yarn for ever and ever and we know and they know they are lying. But the fact of the matter is a beautiful foreign daughter of some parents is now brutally dead and I suggest all the friendly foreign intelligence agencies, if ours cannot be trusted to do the job, to come out and shed some lights over the fact.
The death of this unfortunate young woman was planned and ececuted by none others than the opposition, just ask BABI, and how much money he spent to tell a lie and to tell a big ones and hoping people will believe...well as it is now the people are not that gullible is it!
For the record we do know BABI ordered the killing of his wife's driver whom he sodomised!
Unfortunately this driver survived the planned accident near Rawang but his pregnant wife died!
The time is now for the police and the government to close the chapter on this evil man with so much evil intention for this country, once and for all!


Anonymous said...

You can Crap on as much as you wish but the French Courts will expose ALL!!

Pasquale said...

'You can Crap on as much as you wish but the French Courts will expose ALL!! June 27, 2012 9:22 AM"

My friend, whoever you are, I am crapping almost everyday, but the thing is the French Courts have nothing on this matter, so if you can expose with proof I will support anyone who can put the guilty person or persons on "ze guillotine oui!!"
Meanwhile stop zis crapping on my blogsite!"

Anonymous said...

the french courts will expose BABI likes crap hole very much .... hehehehehe .... i like french fries

kps said...

I love French women

Moshe said...

Alo Murai,

I do not get it till now...why are there still idiots who still swallowed hook line and sinkers on what this BABI threw at them despite all the expose.

What so great about this BABI. He has done nothing meaningful nor have not left any meaningful legacies for Malaysia thus far not like all the Tuns except Slumberlah.

The longer BABI be allowed in the sty the more swill he will secrete.Just ignore him and let him and his family suffer as society's discards after all it was BABI own doing or misdeeds. Why dragged us along......

Anonymous said...


"I do not get it till now"...means what??? You still don't get it or you got it now but pretend not to understand afterall or you got screw loose in your nuthead....finding difficulty to express or tell more lies.


Anonymous said...

As long as peliwat tua's coffers aint dry yet, you will still have brain dead zombies looking for handouts and will scream and jump for the right amount of peanuts

Anonymous said...

The truth is out there, just be patient and justice shall be done even tho it may not be executed

Anonymous said...

there are prostitutes who died/killed/tortured in so many ways all over the world by the so many gang/warlords.

people especially children, women and elderly got killed in lies/deceits fabricated wars all over the world. what the people in powers do about it?

go get a life.