Friday, June 01, 2012

We have been de-sensitised and (de-synthesised) by sex scandals... and corruptions!!??

Sad days ahead for this great and beautiful country!

Yes we have indeed been de-sensitised!! And perhap to certain degrees also de-synthesised (becoming a fake human being or just robotic)!!!
You read it almost scandals and corruptions committed by politicians that are now appearing to be a normal behaviour in this country, which prides itself for being a good country with sound and good religious values, and norms and constraints!
For example I am still perplexed as to why no further actions taken against three men who exposed Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim alleged sexual soirees in cheap and dubious apartments, frequented by sex slaves of all kinds.
Now Azmin Ali's loot of over RM30 millions amassed while he was only earning RM2,004 as a private secretary to the then deputy prime minister cum finance minister BABI.
Now we are made aware that a former anti corruption chief decided to closed Azmin'x corruption file at the behest of the then former deputy prime minister cum finance minister, as documents produced to the public have shown!?
Now the MAAC is mulling over Azmin's case when the public need the answer in light of what appears to be a genuine documents being produced online for us to see and scrutinise!
We have also been subjected to many videos depicting certain politicians in sexual romp, but yet no serious actions were taken to question the acts by these politicians if they were to be considered a credible leaders to take over managing the country!
Yet days in and days out we have these stories of Chinese and Indian and Malay politicians getting caught in a uncompromising acts as though the country is now saying " is now normal in this country for all these..."
If this our stance over such behaviours than I can say this country will have no chance in hell to live a normal life.


Anonymous said...

Bottomline is the intent to takover governance from the Malays to the chinese

nalla could have been assigned a monitor role to document anwar's wrongdoings for use later

others like the trio had personal grudges against anwar

even harry lee is interested in anwar's antics

so our PM wannabe felt indestructible and powerful enough to believe that his misdemeanours will evaporate the moment he wave his foreign sponsored wand

but his documented antics has come to haunt him even before he becomes PM

better expose now otherwise if he runs putrajaya, the Malays will forever be enslaved

Anonymous said...

I think you meant to use the word desensitized? I can relate to desensitized in the context of what you have written rather than that loud word de-synthesis. But hey, great read either way, and I think I get your meaning.

Anonymous said...

O MY ENGLISH.....I think I am so bagus!!!!