Saturday, June 02, 2012

Yes where are the damning proof or evidence, bring them out now opposition or you are just an empty drum?!!

Another badly done composite picture produced by the opposition!

This is a badly done composite picture of Razak Baginda, the late Altantuya and Najib, produced by the opposition thinking to actually tricked Malaysians!

A respected blogsite Stop the Lies saya "If we are to believe the Pakatan Rakyat-linked Suaram group, they would be releasing serious expose with details of what they termed as “damning evidence.” That’s the words, they chose, or maybe it’s the words of Malaysiakini, another Pakatan Rakyat outfit." Read more here!

When the opposition accused the wife of the prime minister being at the scene of a murder and supervising it when in fact she was, at the very moment attending a function at Tabun Haji with proof, the opposition did not want to know and did not want to apologise.
Their accusations were and still are baseless!!
When the opposition accused the prime minister of being involved in a billions ringgit Scorpene submarine deal, it was just that no concrete proof but instead of making a lame ones as they the opposition goes along through their lies.
This is what I as a citizen believe! What if the brutal murder of a foreign woman here, which the opposition tries implicate the prime minister, is being perpetrated by the opposition by using his supporters in the police force, possibly a high ranking officers even in the opposition Special Task Force Unit (UTK) and from those serving or those who have resigned.
Innuendos and suppositions are what make Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) thrived in his quest to wrest control of the country, well he can just dreams on!
I just wish our Malaysians to come out of their zombie-trance like conditions and be rational and think of the future of the country before believing all the lies spread, by the Opposition.
In a high stake game the opposition can now stop assuming Malaysians are easily duped and taken in by charm and sweet talking snake oil salesman anymore.
And in a high stake game the opposition is so desperate enough to hurl accusations but without proof.
So stop treating us like a little child to be easily controlled with your lies!


Anonymous said...

There seems to be lots of evidence outside of Malaysia. Could it be that the evidence in Malaysia were suppressed to protect the elite? Let's hope the named witnesses will present themselves in the French court.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry be happy,

You want the evidence???

Maybe, just maybe we approve the French lawyers request for visas to 1Msia, huh??

Be patient....PM will soon be having an all-paid for trip (for some croissants)to Paris...courtesy of the French courts!!!


Remy said...

If there's any evidence, like the one RPK put up about Azmin Ali, Pakatan Rakyat would've put them up already.

The thing is, they keep going around in circle, and recycling old stories.

Worst still, there are people who listen to their stories.

wayan5 said...

Its you who is not happy voila. When cornered you came up with a half baked innuendoes trying to show the world that you're on top of things. How pathetic!

Anonymous said...

the oppositions are too desperate to fault our PM till now there's no proof except for superimpose pictures of him with the murdered pathetic can they get. we dont need these kind of people to get a hand in governing our country. Is it really so difficult to get proof...or there isnt any and its just stupid lies created by anwar n the gang...

Pasquale said...

wayan5, if you can really understand English, let me repeat this again....if they are guilty bring in the proof and evidence...jangan macam tong kosong banyak bising bila ketok O!!!! Idiot!

Anonymous said...


let's assume hypothetically speaking Najib is guilty through the evidence, will you be brave enough to denounce him?

Anonymous said...

judging from the pathetic way you attempt to write in english, it is you who cannot understand the language ...

Anonymous said...

You make my day....

Shooting yourself in the foot!!! Wayan5 shot in the back and still (pathetically)happy.

O My English...repeat this again (one more time, again, repeat, again, repeat!!!)

Like your English, you are both redundant! Erti kata, tak boleh pakai.


Anonymous said...

actually anuwar is the one killing altatuya with help from mossad. the money mossad put in his bank of israel and nurul izzah also. for this purpose la.
i have solid evidence. and i will prove you before 16th sept. you wait and see.
the falldown of anuwar is sooner than you think. anuwar also try to do it to TPM too.
wait and see!!
i have contact with mossad and cia and kgb. you are going to fall anuwar.
wait la! i got millions of hard prove evidence. i will show to the world before 16th sept!!

Pasquale said...


let's assume hypothetically speaking Najib is guilty through the evidence, will you be brave enough to denounce him?

June 04, 2012 2:21 AM

Hard evidence and proof(I don't think ther eis any)? And yes I will brave to denounce anyone!!!!

Anonymous said...

anon June 04, 2012 2:21 AM, brader BABI kongkek that pelacur from china video is hard evidence right! you got balls to denounce him?

Anonymous said...

You have to understand, evidence against Fuckatan Rakayat are not evidence..that is anwar with chinadoll is conspiracy..fed-up with Pakatan already..

Anonymous said...

I oso have contact with cia - we know anwar is the one who did all bad things

he got many money in oversee banks, many many money u noe

so come sep 16, my many boxes of solid steel evidence will be opened

heh heh, my engris vely good hor

Anonymous said...

hello the truth is surfacing ( pun intended) be afraid be very afraid