Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim: One man evil quest to rule.......

I am in Kuching when I write this.
From the second floor of my hotel room at Grand Margherita overlooking the calm, peaceful and beautiful Sarawak river which personifies the state of being of this beautiful country called Malaysia and I was wondering when will the general elections be held.
Last night with few Sarawakian friends we were wondering the same thing, one said: " We must get this over with and destroy Anwar and his budak budak paling jahat (Anwar and his very bad bad boys)!"
Watson was referring to the quest by BABI to split the country into many pieces by advocating hatred to the people of Sarawak, asking them or tricking them into hating Prime Minister Najib Razak, the BN government, or any party or anyone backing the government of the day.
In his speech at Lundu and Satok in front of not that many people actually, BABi in his last act of desperation using his old tricks again tried to convince his listeners that they must vote for him and his party come general elections.
But as being said and reported, Sarawakian voters are matured voters and not easily swayed by all the promises and badmouthing made by BABI!
That says it all, at the end of the day the lies are being analysed and scrutinised and the verdict is: Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim represents that evil and dark empire that he will turn this country into if given the power to rule!
Yes, Malaysians in general are not that easily swayed and tricked anymore BABI!


Cristeen said...

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Anonymous said...


We must bury the BABI and his BABIS once and for all in the next GE!

Anonymous said...

If Dajjal really exist, BABI really suit the features

Anonymous said...

Buta ke? Tak nampak ke orang Sarawak benggang dengan orang Semenanjong?

Anwar janji bagi autonomy dan 20% royalti minyak kat Sarawak tu. Ingat orang Sarawak semua tak hendak ke?

Rasanya, Sarawak dan Sabah, dua negeri yang akan tenggelamkan BN kalau keluar pakatan BN sebelum pilihanraya nanti.

Dah terlewat nak selamatkan BN dah. "Money is King kat sana tu"

Anonymous said...

The Devil is calling UMNO and by GE13 that would be the end of BN..... Malaysian cannot have a corrupt government to kill us all. Look at Talam, the shit created by BN and how well PR is cleaning it up, the people just love PR more and more day by day.

Anonymous said...

anon @ July 17, 2012 11:11 PM is in need of a brain overhaul

KZSO said...

Pee(anu)arr cleaning talam? Joke of the year! Looks like the other way around where talam is cleaning themselves by using pee(anu)arr government! People just love pee(anu)arr day by day? Pls go down the grassroot and you'll get the right answer!

Anonymous said...

dumb ass pkr/dap/pas supporters are the real losers at the end of the day. selangor, penang, kelantan and kedah are going into drains due to inexperience, greedy, corrupted and good for nothing state PR managing these states.

everywhere you go you would see mismanagement by the PR led state government. illegal gambling net with mamak fronting, prostitution with reflexology fronting, growing dvd peddlars, what else you name it and these states can offer.

fcuk the PR led states government, their local councilors are dumb ass shit licking individuals unprofessional, unethical and no integrity at all.

last 4 to 5 years what have these PR led states did for their rakyat? nothing that can be proud of.

so, come this GE13, lets us get these PR led government into the bucket.

enough of change. enough of pkr/dap/pas and kick anwar and his honchos into the bucket.

Anonymous said...

Penang is a good example of a well managed state, in this short 4 years the Penang government under PR has done everything correct and turn around the state which was damaged by BN in the last 50 years.

Penang is now the most livable city in Malaysia, some says South East Asia. Thanks to LGE and PR, you have done Malaysian proud.