Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ismail Sabri Yaakob must go Mr Prime Minister!!

He must be dropped from the line-up!

This was kind of what Najib had to do to officiate an event in Bera then! During the height of the Altantuya murder and Ismail Sabri did not for a moment thought the opening gimmick was insensitive!?? And he did not know, yes we can apologise time and time again but the damage had been done intentionally or otherwise, as a minister he is deemed as not effective according to my reckoning!

I remember I was in Bera, Pahang, where the current Domestic Trade, Cooperatives and Consumerism Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob's constituency is, when Najib was then the deputy prime minister.
Some years ago Najib was invited by Ismail Sabri who was a cabinet minister (cannot remember which one may be somebody can help me here) to officiate the Hari Belia Malaysia.
At the time both Najib and Rosmah were "implicated" in the death of a foreign national who was murdered by explosive in a series of horrible rumours being spread of their involvement.
We know now that both Najib and Rosmah were no where near the crime scene and that Najib never knew this foreign national who was murdered, and they were never involved.
Now, back to the Hari Belia Malaysia opening ceremony Najib, instead of letting off doves or pigeons from a cage or even striking the gong, as a Malay tradition always warranted, Najib was asked by Ismail Sabri to push an explosive plunger to officially open the youth extravaganza. Now serioisly Ismail!
Najib and Rosmah were clearly not amused but as a leader Najib had no choice but to officiate the occasion with an explosive plunger. I can still hear glee and laughter of people who even said of Najib "Ha padan muka!" I clearly saw Ismail Sabri smiled, I believe he smiled because he had done his job as I suspect upon instruction.
Again he pretended to have a botched up event at Bukit Jalil where I found out he was "fuming mad" over a not a poorly attended event. Read here Knowing his track record, I think he planned it in such a way to make the prime minister look bad.
But threatening to sack official will even make Najib look even bad-der. His is a case of a more than one way to skin a cat.
Najib, you do know what to do right, just drop him from your cabinet line-up. Be brutal sir, people like Ismail Sabri are clearly not your loyal supporter!


Anonymous said...

Contrary to what you say,Ismail Sabri is Najib's Most Loyal Supporter...

Most people who knows him will attest to this!

You my friend is not Najib's Supporter...

Anti-Stupid Minister said...

Bro BM,I agree with u. This person is "gunting dalam lipatan". Nampak sangat sabotaj.Kalau la menteri keluar arahan, takkan la penjawat awam saja2 nak langgar..takkan dia tak sayang duit pencen ngan pangkat lepas keje puluh-puluh tahun. Orang keje kerajaan bukan boleh survive pun kalau kena campak ke private sector. BTW, it's nice to see Setiausaha Sulit Kanan dia signkan borang daftar trademark untuk Neelofa ye. Tak percaya ? Pergi aje MyIPO kat Bangsar, tanya aje app. number 2011016618,619,620 then ask for a copy of TM5. Look at the signature and you'll know. But becareful.

Anonymous said...

Eh,as far as i know,anyone can sign the form TM5 bila owner dah bagi consent. Yang org lain tak boleh sign, SD (Statutory Declaration) je kan...