Saturday, July 07, 2012

The man of the year!

Indeed the man of the year!

Malaysia under Tun Mahathir Mohamad was a successful country and unfortunately under his successor Dollah Badawi the country went down the drain politically, economically and socially. Substantive damages have been done to many of our established institutions and our established norms and constraints for his inability to rule, and to rule effectively.

We, the country, are still suffering. Dollah Badawi is a smudge in the Malay-Umno annals, and current Prime Minister Najib Razak is inheriting a "bad debt" that he is honourable enough to make an effort to pay. He can do it and he will do it!

In the news today I am ever proud of our Tun Mahathir Mohamad for being recognised as an honourable man, to be reckoned with nationally and internationally.

Najib once said:" This man, no one can outperformed his ability to be respected and respected he will be in our history." Indeed you have always been right Najib sir! Mahathir is again recognised for his statesman like persona and his ability to command respect.

The press release for this year’s award quoted Professor Banji Oyelaran-Oyeyinka, UN-Habitat’s Scientific Advisor, as saying of Dr Mahathir: “This is a remarkable individual who did remarkable things for his country.”

“Malaysia was on the way to considerable economic progress during Mahathir’s time. It is recognised that he significantly influenced all other developing countries to show the way how it is possible to develop in a very rapid way in a very short time,” Professor Oyelaran-Oyeyinka was quoted as saying.

Mervat Tallawy, Chairperson of the jury which selected Dr Mahathir from a field of 13 nominees, was quoted as saying: “The per capita income in Malaysia during his time increased eight times. The model of thinking to get out of problems and crisis was almost the same as that of Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.” Read more here...


Anonymous said...

Sleeping Dollah should also be awarded for his 'remarkable' job in ruining this country..

maybe 'Loser of the year' will suit him well

Anonymous said...

How come not nominated for Nobel Peace Prize?

India should give him an honourable title also because his ancestors are from India.

I thought the best PM was Abdullah Badawi for his Mesra Rakyat personality. Maybe China will give him some medals?

Anonymous said...

Syabas, semoga Allah berkati segala jasa Tun pada rakyat Malaysia khas nya dan pada umat Islam am nya.

Anonymous said...

The Sleepy Head should be thrown out of UMNO. He isnot fit to hold the post of Adviser to MAS with RM30,000 salary per months and other perks.

This disgraceful figure should be dumped in the Gombak river.

Anonymous said...

Is a joke that this mamak whose originated from Southern India who lead Malaysia 22 years into the darkest years of the country history can be called the man of the year, shame.

Anonymous said...

Saya harap ada usul untuk dibawa secara "Live" hari pada hari anugerah "Man of the year" di tabalkan pada bulan September nanti. kita harap pemimpin2, atau Pak menteri dapat usahakan pancarkan secara Live pada hari yg bersejarah itu supaya anak2 bangsa dapat berbangga sama. Yg busok hati dan hasad dengki, kalau tak suka pergi lah berambus ke Israel, Australia ataupun Cina Komunis. Kenapa nak melalak macam babi hutan, tak suka pi berambuslah.

Rusila said...

Kami sekeluarga dari yang tertua hingga ke termuda bershukur kepada Allah SWT kerana telah memberi Tun serta Tun Siti kepada kami dan negara tercinta Malaysia. Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmatnya kepada Tun berdua dan meletak Tun berdua diantara mereka yang amat disayangi dan dikasehi InshaAllah. Amin

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 8th July,

Joke aside, who are you proposing then?
Anwar? LKS? Hadi? or Wan Azizah?

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:25 8th July wants plaster mcdonald lim or amburger buttshake or multidirectional anwar


Anonymous said...

Anon 10.25

Can you tell us , what makes you so shameful of Tun ?

I wonder , I wandi