Friday, July 27, 2012

People also need to be reminded of the nasty stuff!

Show the movie for God sake! A good depiction of how two leaders averted further bloodshed from escalating!

It started like a normal Bersih demonstrations!

As I write this the 2012 Olympic is London, England, is just about to begin.
US Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney has just committed a major faux pas when visiting England, when he said, to paraphrase, the UK has not got enough security people to ensure safety for everyone.
Romney also announced to the world he had a secret meeting with the head of the British MI6...phew! This moron is going to be the next US president? I hope not, mainly he cannot keep his mouth shut when needed, such as keeping a simple secret!
British PM David Cameron retorted at another function saying that his country is proud to have organised one of the world largest sporting events in one of the world's busiest cities.
I was in Munich in 1972 when eight Palestinians from a terrorist group called Black September held 11 Israeli athletes hostage and in an attempted rescue, all the Israelis were killed.
Many have sought not to even report the 1972 Black September attack during or before the 2012 Olympics, but the thing is we simply cannot sweep everything under the carpet.
Back to us, I was told by my blogger friends who attended the premier of a movie "Tanda Putra" about the May 13th tragedy and came out impressed. The thing is now the film will not be released as scheduled due to possible sensitivity on the nature of the film.
I am of the opinion that a film of such nature must be shown to Malaysians so they will understand the severity of the consequences of being politically beligirrent and the dangers of promoting racism.
It is true that many of those born after 1969 may not know but it is incumbent upon us who still remember May 13th to tell the future generations of Malay, Chinese, Indians and others that May 13th was the result of a racially and politically divided people of Malaysia.
I implore Prime Minister Najib Razak to please allow the screening of the movie Tanda Putra even before the general elections, and if nothing else people will at least understand the severity of not being able to think rationally that led to bloodshed.
I now implore Datin Paduka Shuhaimi Baba to do some research on the brutality committed by the Chinese-led Bintang Tiga which went on a rampage killing thousands of Malays, including many of my relatives, immediately after the Japanese surrender in Malaya.
One thing is for sure though, no riot will happen after the showing of the movie Tanda Putra because I have faith in Malaysians of all races to see it and to understand it, and to prevent it from re-occuring!


Anonymous said...

When Namewee produced a film that said, among others, "Suck My banana!" to a malay lady headmistress, it was OK.

When Suhaimi Baba produced this reality-based film for the benefit of our younger generations to be informed, they censor it here and there.

Perhaps Suhaimi Baba would be kind enough to re-do all the conversations therein and change all the "Melayu Matiiiiii!!!!!!" captions to "Apa kabat Pak Mat? Sulah makan kaaa?"

Marking Bagpie

q0l0p said...

Upenya amokan yang berlaku di panggung wayang Aurora Colorado bukanlah yang pertama di dunia.. dah penah jadi kat pawagam capitol pada 1969, dimana ramai orang melayu di parang termasuk dua orang Kapten tentera dan isteri mereka.
Shuhaimi should request stringent security measure during this Tanda Putra shows

tebing tinggi said...

Why the Malays only had to be sensitive to others sensitive issue,why not and was never the other way round that none Malay are sensitive to issue regading the Malay language ,custom and religon,which is getting worse at every day lite.

So much so ,what wrong with May 13 anyway !,it's a true fact it did happened ,and what course that to happened is actually a good reminder fo every one and a lassoned to be learn fo those who are not then yet.

Anonymous said...

The Pakatan 3 jahanam are too damn scared that this movie will show all Malaysian the true evil colour of Lim Kit Sial aka Big Taikor which is bloody rasist and want all the malays to 'pegi matiii'!

Only a stupid, idiot and brainless Malays like BABI, Tok Guru Selipar and Mat Sabun that adored and worshiped the DAPig which is most racist party in the history of Malaysia!

Anonymous said...

Most of you not born yet. You ever see seen people killed in front of you??? I was a small boy only 13 and I saw what happened. until today I cannot forget but to tell you this cannot happen again in this country!!!