Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Yes, indeed, there are traitors and mercenaries in BN!!

Indeed they are!

Interesting to read Bigcat talking about BN's worst enemy, and indeed they are from within, the most difficult to combat.
I came from a generation where I was taught loyalty at an early age; loyalty to my race, loyalty to all races living in the country, and of course loyalty to my country, loyalty to my king and my religion etc.
My father never made his riches then when he served the government covertly under Tunku Abdul Rahman and even knew Tun Razak as a friend. Once I followed my late father to a place called New Hotel, near Kampung Baru, where he met many politicians and they talked about how to protect the country against bad elements.
I once wrote Tunku's car came to pick my father to see the then PM for a very sensitive assignment. That assignment, as revealed by my father, was to destroy a counterfeit syndicate out to float counterfeit dollars to undermine the economy. I never asked my father what was the outcome.
The thing is, he did it and was probably paid a pittance for his service to the country. But he once said he could have easily manipulated his position to be rich but he said the sovereignty of the country is most paramount.
For what he did for the government, until today I did not know what it was that he did. I knew he was sent to Indonesia, many times, before the confrontation.
Today, as Bigcat alluded, too many so called people working for the government, may be even for the prime minister who knows, are actually working for their own interests, or may be for the other side.
Some are making money using their position. Well Najib you are old enough to think, and on top of that you are the prime minister of my country so please get rid of these people manipulating their positions for their own interests, and may be even working as a mole for your rnrmies, need I spell it out more for you sir!
Meanwhile, a few "poor" people like me and Bigcat, whom ever you are, I assume you are not rich, will continue to act as sentinels for this country that we care for in our own way!
Selamat Berpuasa,


Anonymous said...

So whats new bro!

Joe Blow!

Anonymous said...

Yaa laa, sour grapes season is back.

Don't eat grapes during fasting month, makan kurma-laa.

Jangan puasa lapar saje....puasa mulut, mata dan hati....


Anonymous said...

isn't the culture of UMNO is to corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Tak dapat projek ke? Naik kuda salah kut?

Kuda Mamak dah tak bolah pakai dah.

BIGCAT said...

Hi Pasquale,
it's true, I'm far from being rich. I can't even afford to buy a decent laptop for now. You can double check my story with people at the Mole. Anyway, I'm proud for being able to fight alongside you and the others for the good of this country.

Anonymous said...

Syabas Pasquale and BigCat! DS Najib should recruit mystery UMNO members to monitor the musuh dlm selimut ...

joehancl/PRAY, it works said...

Talk is cheap. Action speak louder.

Anonymous said...

You Fool!!

Najib is keeping all these people for his benefit!!

Anonymous said...

For as long as there are people like Pasquale and Big Dog and others like them, insyaallah our beloved country will be saved. Let us all pray hard this coming Ramadhan AlMubarak that the "others" will see the light and repent and desist from harbouring niat dan melakukan perbuatan yang merosak kan agama, bangsa dan negara kita yang satu satu nya ini.