Friday, August 17, 2012

Bangsa Melayu: Let us not allow remnants of Kuomintang-Bintang Tiga-(DAP) to try seize power again!

Yes Chauvinist-Chinese via the Kuomintang Party have been trying to control this neck of the woods since time immemorial. A book "The Kuomintang Movement In British Malaya 1912-1949". Probably a good book to read and probably have some information on how the Chinese planned and tried to seize control of Malaya!

Chin Peng wanted to be the Supreme Leader of Malaya, a pipe dream indeed!

Wonder how many Malays they have killed!

Also bear in mind when you read this that they have already got Penang and Selangor! In September last year I posted this, and I am re-posting it again, in case you morons out there forget! (I mean to the Melayu bodoh yang paling mudah lupa dan senang di tipu).

The bloody and outrageous history involving the majority-Chinese chauvinist-cum-racist led
Bintang Tiga group (in real fact they were the Kuomintang stragglers that were left behind to do their bidding) were intentionally or unintentionally left blurred to Malaysians.
Especially to the chagrin of the Malays who seek the truth on why there are still so many chauvinist Malaysian-Chinese subscribing to an equally chauvinist anti-Malay party pretending to be a liberal one.
The darkest period, darker than the Japanese occupation it was said, was when the Japanese had surrendered and the British were late in coming to fill in the 14 days vacuum. It took British Military Administration 14 days, and for 14 days the Bintang Tiga, which disguised themselves as the Malayan People Anti Japanese Army, or Malayan Communist Party (CPM)led by Chin Peng and his anti-British and anti-Malay marauders, went on rampage killing thousands of Malays.
My own uncle was placed in a gunny sack and hung and about ready to be skewered with sharp bamboo shaft and not until my late mother had to sell some land to pay for his life.
The Bintang Tiga Chinese officer who dragged my uncle into the gunny sack to be killed was his old child hood friend from the same village, so go figure on this one, eh!
Meanwhile, the Bintang Tiga wanted to take over the country to destroy the monarchy by killing them, and to take over but were not successful, thank God!.
The late Sultan of Pahang was saved in a nick of time from being ambushed by the Bintang Tiga, and the Bintang Tiga also went into the Istana Seri Menanti looking for the father of the present ruler to be executed.
When the British came to resume power the Malays were prevented from taking revenge against the Bintang Tiga stragglers who have innocently assimilated into the rest of the Chinese population on Ipoh, Batu Pahat, in Grik and just pick any Chinese town and rest assured the murderous Bintang Tiga members were there, trying to go legit.
Today, as far as I am concerned, the Bintang Tiga has taken a different form they have regroup and they have managed to form a country down south, and controled Penang where, like how the Malays were told when Bintang Tiga was in power for 14 days that they cannot pray loudly.
Meanwhile the Malays led by power-hungry Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim (BABI) who is doing anything and everything in his power to stupid-fy the Malays and fragmenting the Malays, and while the ugly looking sarong clad PAS leaders who think they are Arabs, are trying to convince the Malays that they are in fact Arabs.
In the final analysis, the onus is on the Malays themselves to decide and to understand why they must be united and to be still supporting Umno, or they have no chance in hell to call this country their own again ever!


Anonymous said...

I was told Koh Tsu Khoon pratically gave Penang to the DAP, Koh is also an ardent Kuo Mintang admirer, he admires Sun Yat Sen and Chiang Kai Shek! They are all the same if you ask me, Chinese are united to take over form the stupid Melayus!


Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder if Islam comes from the west would this PAS leaders will be in suits with some English accent rather then using words like 'Ana'

Anonymous said...

tapi masih ramai lagi Melayu bangang. Tak reti sejarah dan sebuk nak tunjuk baik tampa mengetahui apa padah nya nanti pada anak cucu. Tak reti baca musoh. Dia ingat semua yg di depan mata dia tu lah yg betul, konon hati dia ikhlas tapi kalo ikhlas bangsa dan budaya terancam, namanya BODOH!! Nak baik ada tempat dan masanya bukan telan segala TAIK!!

Anonymous said...

Orang melayu bila nak sedar? orang cina dah berani baling kepala babi ka dalam masjid! pun tak sedar lagi.

Anonymous said...

Baru perasan bendera Kuomintang macam bendera MCA.

Anonymous said...

wow a racist...

Anonymous said...

"Baru perasan bendera Kuomintang macam bendera MCA."

Cina tu cina jugak lah....MCA+DAP+Gerakan+SUPP= CPM (Chinese Parties of Malaysia)

Dah Lam Tau!

Anonymous said...

Something is wrong with your heads or what? What stuff are you on? The pendatang hate the communists for the pain and sorrow inflicted on them from my grandpa's generation and just read your own racist spiel!

Pasquale said...

"Something is wrong with your heads or what? What stuff are you on? The pendatang hate the communists for the pain and sorrow inflicted on them from my grandpa's generation and just read your own racist spiel!"

We are not talking about the communist here my friend. Understood you grnadpa's generation was probably a Kuomintang supporter and communist-hater just like how your grandpa's generation who invaded Formosa and wiped out the Malay stock there and those who survived have been designated as aborigines. Your grandpa's generation the Kuomintang stragglers did try to take over Malaya, make no mistake about that. No I am not a racist but merely trying to remind you people to live and co-exist with people like me or more "people" like me will have no problem coming out expressing themselves like I am.
The other day I watched Lim Kit Siang lying through his teeth telling the whole world he was not involved with the May 13th riot...yeah right!

Anonymous said...

Pasquale, my granpa hated the KMT just as much he hated the bloody commies. He told us that both were inhuman blood-suckers and I carry this view of China during the era. As for any misunderstood statement, my apologies. However, look at China today, maybe their whatever sense of Communist ideology has worked in trying to make their country progress but huge pockets of poverty remain. I have been given to understand thru my job and travels with int'l cos. that the chinaman wants to keep his stomach full before anything else, which I believe applies to us all. As for our local scenario, DAP cannot rule this country on their own, period.