Thursday, August 02, 2012

Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim: One man evil quest to rule......Part Two!

This man is evil reincarnated!

"Anwar Ibrahim does not trust Sabahans and think most are intellectually deficient."
This is a line I took from Hantu Laut to begin this posting. HL is stating what everyone in the know, knows about what Anwar Ibrahim thinks of East Malaysians!!! Read here...
Indeed, Anwar Ibrahim also wants Sarawak Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, whom he describes as "kayu mati", when he was in Umno and the Government.
He once called S.SamyVellu "keling pukimak ni, melampau sangat nak mintak kuil lagi" , or in English and roughly translated "this bastard Indian he wants more Hindu temple to be built".
He once said, probably will not remember it for a person with split personality, Chinese can be easily told off and are able to be controlled "when I am the prime minister, Francis Yeoh (of YTL) dan Vincent Tan ( of Berjaya) dan Lim Goh Tong (from Genting Resort) ni kita ajar bila saya jadi perdana menteri" or loosely translated 'I will teach these Chinese bastards a lesson when I become the prime minister."
And said if given a chance Lim Kit Siang and the DAP should not be allowed even "to breath". The DAP, he said, would destroy the Malays and take over the country and would allow more pig rearing, and he said this when he was in power and when he was with Umno.
Well, Anwar there must be a good reason that you are what you are today, a man with forked tongue, a liar, a braggart, untrustworthy, a homosexual, a wife cheater, a bearer of a child out of wedlock (ask Azmin or Shamsidar) and an ex-con!
You do know your days are numbered and when that happens I would love to see the government of the day to confiscate all the money (in billions) you have squandered when you were in power! Then throw you back in where you jail!
Selamat Berpuasa kepada semua pejuang negara!


Anonymous said...

How you know what he said so many years ago?

Ada Watergate tape ke?

Slandering another man without proof is a serious crime and a big civil offence.

Berpuasa tak ni?

Anonymous said...

DAP dh tau lama psl ni...tujuan mereka bersama anwar psl diorg tau anwar je yg boleh pecah belahkan org melayu utk undi dap

Anonymous said...

Yes I agree with first poster, we need verified sources!

probably enough to make a sequel to 50 Dalil!

Anonymous said...

barking of a mad magpie..hehehe..dah kecut teloq ke mcm boss kamu tu...

Anonymous said... people said about slandering another man without prrof is a seriuse crime...How about Anwar Penipu..fitnah about altathuya....even PKR Phua admit photoshop photo najib with althatuya. how about fitnah about rosmah...shooping about Anwar lie, about bellion investment waiting to invest in Permatang Pauh if he won the Election there....How about Anwar label negetive Nik this lie.....16sept....take over government..this not just lie..but bullshit...end yet...many supporters who has brain but can't think still support this bigger liar in Malaysian history.....Who welcome BN MP jump to his side..but curse his MP who jump other side....All this even PIG can judge who is the liar..but yet got human who keep enjoying listening and smelling Anwar Bullshit...shit deirect to the face all so still believe..

Anonymous said...

"Pukimak" in English is "mother's vagina". So, "Keling pukimak" is "Indian mother's vagina".

Anonymous said...

idiot..apa yg anwar evil?tunjuk bukti dia rasuah?khianat?curi wang rkyat dll ada?15 tahun lgsung tkde kes..yg ada liwat3 dan dua2 kes bebas..blogger bodoh yg mengangkat penyamun agar terus menyamun..

Anonymous said...

anon @ August 03, 2012 5:11 PM

wahhh ... your brain just left the washing machine is it? baru kena soaked, scrubbed and spin dry ha??

Anonymous said...

Hope the first Oluympic gold can be won by a Melayu from Perkasa or UMNO so that we can make history as the race that is most Boleh in Malaysia.

Who contribute most to Malaysia will truly make Malaysia proud, be it in Sports, Education, Tax or development. They are the most valuable people to our country.

Anonymous said...

Bila tuduh anwar mesti ada bukti. Bila tuduh BN tak perlu bukti? Inilah sikap hipokrit orang orang pakatan. Sedarlah sikit. Suka dipergunakan oleh al juburi.

saiful kantoi said...

this blog is still alive? it doesnt match rpk credibility at all

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:18

When it comes to talking about anwar you want verified sources. When it comes to others you believe blindly. And you say there is no fairness in this country! Who is not being fair?

Anonymous said...

haiya saifuk kantoi

rpk got no balls to face the music ... he ran away like a yellow-bellied coward

anyway he writes against BN then flipflop and writes against anwar and pakatan

one suspect he's paid - got no principles or morals

amazingly gullible retards still thinks he's the bible

ish ish ish pathetic lembiks

Anonymous said...

saiful kantoi,

you still visiting this blog eh? case of benci tapi rindu hahahahaha

atuk ko said...

most of the stuffs u posted here are hearsay. be original n reliable la, beb..