Monday, August 06, 2012

Laws are created to protect the country and the citizens..!!

They are being cuffed and arrested and yet they are smirking, as if saying "jail me if you can". These two may think they are heroes but they broke the law big time and therefore they must pay for what they have done, or this government and its whole machinisation might just as well shut down and leave it to the dogs!

This short guy wants to play hardball, lets do it and wipe the smirk from his face once and for all, and let see if he can survive three years eating prison food!

In the case of Parti Keadilan Rakyat strategic director Rafizi Ramli and a bank employee Johari Mohamad being charged for violating the Banking and Financial Institutions Act, 1989 (BAFIA), these two must be made to pay for breaking the law, if found guilty.
A deterrent is a must in this case when you think you are above the law and that you can do what you want, Prime Minister Najib Razak said if anyone has evidence to prove any corruption of or abuse of power it must be reported to the proper authorities, for action to be taken properly.
If found guilty, Rafizi and Johari must be given the stiffest sentences, if they are found guilty it is not because they are opposition members but because they broke the rules.
This is a simple case of if the public decided not to observe that simple rules of law then the country will break down into chaos!
BTW the person or persons or company that was revealed to have misused government funding must also be investigated and if corruption is indeed involved they must also be punished accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Yeah teach this smallingrate budak Melayu a lesson,we are all for it.....

Jessica Johan!

Anonymous said...

this fatso is a hero wannabe just like his advisor pm wannabe

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Cowgate people involved will be dealt with for sure, but for now the country must not be allowed to be lawless,no one should be arrested with out reading their rights first or the law will be a joke! Rafiziand his accesory of all the people must know this, he should have given the evidence of the Cowgate to MACC, instead of publishing it in public, definitely with malice intended!

Jesse James

atuk ko said... some laws are there to protect ubn and its cronies..