Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pas and Umno must unite against racial chauvinism! Or forever hold your peace!

Najib Razak and Nashrudin Mat Isa in Mekah!

The main fear of chauvinist non-Malay political parties in the Malaysia is to actually see unity between Umno and Pas. For a brief moment under Tun Razak Hussein, Pas was in the national coalition but due to discord and mischief spread by Malays and non-Malay members of the opposition, Pas withdrew into its perennial religious cocoon, until now and I hope this will change for the sake of country and national stability. Anwar, Mat Sabu and other chauvinist members of the opposition must get heart attack when they see this picture! Read here.....!
Pemimpin pemimpin Arab Saudi pula sedang mengalu alukan Malaysia di bawah kepimpinan Najib Tun Razak! Read here.


Anonymous said...

Relax relax, why are you so concern?

This country is doing fine, let others work for us. See how they can deliver Olympic medals where as we can just sit under the coconut tree ?

Anonymous said...

what's all this over-glorifying olympic medals?

egomaniac on the loose